Page three of three.

Page three of three.

Now I can get back to where I left off a few weeks ago–trying to explain how, after three decades, this case ended up back at my front door. Then this stuff will make more sense.

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  1. It already does make more sense. For every person like a Jack Kalbfleisch who cannot let these memories of this mystery go, there are probably ten others who would either just let it be forgotten or who are simply tired of hearing about it. It is sad to think that all four children were under the impression that they would all be returned to their lives, loved ones, & friends unharmed. This is probably why none of them had even tried to escape from their captors (assuming this), and that is cause each child probably still had a measure of trust in all people of this world being “good people” and not wanting to harm them. I believe that this is a “spiritual law” of crimes against a child & because of that believe that this mystery will be solved.

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