Oh spare me.


“”The irony is, if we didn’t go out and dig up the Gremlin, we’d be remiss,’ said Det. First Lt. Denise Powell, commander of the task force of law enforcement officials investigating the [OCCK] murders.”  Oh, Lt. Powell, if you only knew how remiss your agency has been.  You are now stuck as the mouthpiece, following in the footsteps of men who really cared not if this thing got solved or not.  Promotion and retirement were the goals.  Are you a parent?  If you are, I will knock on wood for you.  You have a lot in front of you. 


Here you go, Denise:  “The problem is, when everyone’s focus is on a vehicle, we limit ourselves.”  Ya think, Denise??!  Maybe you should talk to Dave Robertson, Jr., of the MSP, who was assigned to the “task force,” along with then soon-to-be-retired MSP Lt. Garry Gary, to babysit and squelch this case once Livonia Det./Sgt. Cory Williams did all the fucking hard work on this case to revive it.  You are the most recent to receive the baton—congratulations.  Harold Love and all of the other predecessors to this case are your mentors.   Good luck with that.  I imagine they are much closer to retirement than you are.   And that, like a lot of men, they can live with that weird shit in their conscience that makes most females want to dig a hole and die.  Whatever.  Maybe that’s why you called my brother, and Kristine Mihelich’s sister, Erica,  to tell them the MSP was looking into this Gremlin “lead,” right before the media broke the story.  Grow a spine, for a god’s sake.  I realize it’s easier to speak with someone closer to your age, but the PARENTS OF THESE MURDERED CHILDREN, Barry King, Debbie Jarvis, Tom McAvoy, the parents of Jill Robinson, as well as the only surviving relative of Mark Stebbins, his brother Mike Stebbins, deserve a phone call from you.  I know it sucks.  But that’s what happens when an agency doesn’t solve a case, and gets passed on from person to person.  All you have to do before such a call is put yourself in another person’s place.  What would you expect?  It isn’t that hard.  And, believe it or not, the family members will appreciate your effort.  Especially in light of what has happened over the past almost-four decades.  If we asked questions that you can’t answer for whatever reason, just say so.  We aren’t that pathetic or dumb.  Jesus, is it so hard?!

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