Looks like somebody did their homework . . .


Interesting Readership

Interesting Readership

This is one of the stat pages attached to my blog. Number-wise, over the past 24-plus hours, there have been over 1,700 views. I haven’t had much to say; I merely posted links to the recent media coverage of the unearthing of car parts from a blue Gremlin with a white hockey stripe. Same kind of car a witness saw my little brother standing next to before he was abducted. I’m sure a bunch of these hits were from people who happened upon my blog while trying to read up on the blue Gremlin info. But the countries, aside from the U.S. and Canada, have all shown up in the past 36-hours or so. Lots of curiosity, I guess. And this is over only one of at least four cars that are associated with these crimes. Too bad police never made any of the other car info public in a way that could have actually helped. Blue Gremlin, blue Gremlin, blue Gremlin, blue Gremlin. Don’t you think, Dick Thompson and Brooks Patterson?

Glen Robertson?

Glen Robertson worked at Ford in the 1960’s and maybe later, and also may have frequented Northville Downs (about 10 minutes from where my brother’s body was found in Livonia, MI).  Anybody know of this guy, who may have been off-the-charts shaky, according to a few witnesses, the night my brother’s body was found?  Maybe it was a coincidence.  Depends on what his mojo was, I guess.