Dug deep and found the letter. Is truth self-evident?

Dug deep and found the letter.  Is truth self-evident?

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” –Arthur Schopenbauer (1788-1860)

I dug deep and found the letter I was referring to in the prior post. This letter was with a letter I received from an inmate in one of Michigan’s fine facilities. I had intended to respond to both letters much prior to this date. In fact, I segregated them out so I would pay extra attention to them. So much for that theory. In my defense, this shit totally bums me out and I deal with it when I can, or under total pressure. Tonight, it’s the latter. I want someone to read this before mid-morning tomorrow.

Readers, you are smart; make of this what you will. I will only make this observation: Berkley PD, you continue to reek in all of this.

Next up, I will try to convey the essence of the inmate’s letter without leaving any identifiers. When I clerked for a judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, I saw more than a few civil rights violations lawsuits filed by inmates. I have some idea what happens to inmates that rock the boat. And this particular guy is someone with only hypotheses (as far as I’m concerned), not demonstrable facts. So why subject him to the kind of torment that someone like, say . . . Maybe an Arch Sloan should be subjected to?

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