Decades of Deceit


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  1. I finally figured out a way to reach you or your dad. I want to tell you something, not that it will solve your brother’s murder, but because the Oakland County Task Force NEVER followed up with my mother, which exhibits how haphazardly the case was investigated.

    The night Timmy was found, my mother went to Sav-On drugs, which at that time was located in a very small strip mall just off from 8 mile and Farmington Road on the . It was night, she needed to get some aspirin or something. She saw a BLUE GREMLIN in that parking lot and it was running. She remembered noting the kind of car (because we were all on the lookout for that car, I was 16 at that time. She went in the store, got what she needed and came home.

    Not 1 hour had passed before the news broke in saying Timmy had been found on Gill Road. I remember my mom jumped up and said I SAW THAT CAR I SAW IT and told me the above. She called the task force hotline, someone took her information down and we thought certainly they would send someone out to talk to her or even call her–nope.

    A week later my mom and I were talking and she was wondering if she should call again, and we decided she should. Called the same number, she gave the same information, and was told someone would get back to her. Nobody ever did.

    We would talk about it over the years, maybe they had another witness who put the car there, maybe they determined the tip wasn’t important? In those days, of course, there was a lot more faith that the police involved in this case knew what they were doing and the case was being worked hard by professionals. I think if we had it to do over, we would have called repeatedly or even gone to the news just to know that someone heard her.

    Mom died last April of Alzheimer’s, and since then I’ve thought I needed to try again, if only to point out something missed by the “professionals” and at least have someone know what she saw. And here I am. If they ignored my mom, they ignored other tips. If you need any other information, you will have my email since I’m posting this comment.

    • Judy D., your story is so sadly familiar. Legit tip called in and ignored. Person calls back to reiterate info and again gets dissed–sometimes multiple times. Then, it continues AFTER the state police tell the media they are asking for any and all tips in 2005. IT’S WHY I KNEW WE COULDN’T TRUST THE POLICE.

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