Decades of Deceit

Decades of Deceit

This DVD describes our understanding of and reaction to what we know about the OCCK investigation. We obviously do not have access to what investigators have (or should have). This thing is very complex and convoluted and many issues are not addressed because then it would be a 12-hour DVD. It is light on editing because that adds substantially to the cost. It is what is it.

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  1. With video:

    Trust me, you should watch this video if you are at all interested in how this case was never solved. If you can’t afford the requested $20, payable to the Tim King Fund (which was established in April 1977 after a huge and unexpected monetary response to my brother’s murder) comment here and note “PLEASE DO NOT POST” and I will get you a copy of the DVD.

  2. Hi Cathy, I apologize if its already posted someplace, but I would like to order the DVD and make a donation. Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

    1. Hi Matthew–Cost is $20, check payable to The Tim King Fund. Send with your address to The Tim King Fund, 1509 Yorkshire Road, Birmingham, MI 48009. Thanks.

        1. We are pretty low-tech. If you want the DVD set, send a check for $20 payable to the Tim King Trust (previously “fund”) and mail along with your address to: Tim King Trust, c/o 1509 Yorkshire Road, Birmingham, MI, 48009. Turn-around may not be that quick. Message me if you do not hear back. Thanks.

  3. This case has been perplexing to me since it all happened back when I was a teenager. My prayers and respect to all concerned. My check is in the mail for a copy of the dvd.

  4. i saw that stebbins kid being abducted but at the time i didn’t know he was being abducted and i tell you it was the gunnels and busch that took him i saw the kid being dragged by those two men when i was on my way to farmer jacks

  5. Is Susan Scheuermann for real? She “that stebbins kid” being dragged by two men, a kid who turned up dead a few days later, and now she’s saying something?
    Really, Susan?

    Why didn’t you say anything in 1976?

  6. To the King family and the other families that have lost their children in this unimaginable way…My heart goes out to you…I came across this case today on a podcast (True Crime Garage) and I have not been able to shake it. I can’t imagine the grief and continued suffering you all must feel. I cannot understand how that DNA evidence is being swept under the rug as ‘coincidence.’ Unfortunately, coming clean now will make the powers that be into liars and liable (financially and otherwise) for a coverup. This kind of crap happens far too often and is reprehensible. I send you all positive energy, love and light and I hope that you get the answers that you deserve. All you can do is keep this in the media as often as possible, as you have been…liars always slip up! Rest assured that you are keeping this case alive and that one way or another, those responsible will pay for what they have done. The more people that learn about this case (such as myself, just today) the better….voices are always louder when people are yelling and screaming together. If you ever need a voice to yell with you…feel free to let me know…I have a big mouth and I am more than willing to use it to help. Much Love…JS

    1. Thank you, JS. You are so right. THE ONLY WAY THIS WILL GET ANY TRACTION IS IF THIS CASE RECEIVES WIDESPREAD PUBLICITY. Police and officials have squelched this for FOUR DECADES, including disseminating intentionally inaccurate information and keeping critical information under wraps. After four decades, I no longer believe officials will ever do the right thing in this case. Many young people died in Oakland County in the 1970s. There are probably more victims in adjoining counties. Police dropped the ball and ignored these cases. Police continue to ignore tips and leads. Read this blog and other information online and you tell me why this is the case. Why after FOUR DECADES, these people continue to tell us the investigation is “so active,” no one can say shit. Check out FOIA case law and ask yourself why this is such a hush-hush deal. Watch Making A Murder and ask yourself why cops and prosecutors go dirty.

      1. Drag our family along for 10 years (not to mention the 30 we trusted your asses to do the right thing and listened to your exceedingly infrequent bullshit explanations) and still ask for our cooperation. Fuck you. If there’s never to be a final resolution, let all of this shit come out as a testament to the participants in these crimes and the cops and officials who played dirty.

      2. I have watched “Making a Murderer” and it made me physically ill. I believe you when you say that this investigation was not only botched, but covered up. This kind of abuse of power and justice will continue until we, the people stand up to it and demand it stops. This can’t happen with one family, or even a few. It can’t happen with a bunch of people listening to a podcast or watching a documentary and saying to themselves, “wow that sucks. Nothing we can do about it though.” People need to realize that this CAN happen to them. They can be the next Steve Avery..or it could be one of their children who go missing and are found the way your brother was. My heart aches for you..and I truly hope you get the answers you deserve. Maybe it will happen when Americans finally stand up, see the truth behind our so called justice system and come together to do something about it. Love and light..Jen

  7. The only reason Chris Busch and Frank Shelden got away with killing ,raping and torturing all those innocent children was because they were able to buy the criminal justice system and the legal system. Wealthy people know this! Maybe they got away with it in Oakland County and the other surrounding areas. In places that are not so wealthy, these people would have faced street justice in a dark alley, and we would have left perverts like them more dead than alive! These bunch of perverted sickos never seemed to realize that all of these innocent children belonged to somebody! How greatly missed that these kids really are. How Insensitive! Frank Shelden, probably lives underground somewhere in Europe, where pedophilia is widely accepted. I f you people ever find him, please let him know that I have something for him too. Fuck him and everybody else that protects him! Shame, shame on all of them. I know how you feel and I will never stop assisting you in any way that I can. I know in my heart that we will solve this. I am so tired of witnessing the wild goose chase that all the families have been put through. This was organized crime on a worldwide level and again, the powers that be are protecting billionaires that murder and rape children for their own monetary benefit. I am never going to let this go! Until next time, good luck with all of this always.

  8. Are these DVD’s still available? I’ve just become aware of this story through a podcast called “Crime Junkies” and after further investigation I became aware of this documentary that the King family has made. Such a horrible situation.

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