My Internet Service

This morning when I got up at 6 am, no Internet service/no cable. Tonight when I got home, same deal. Did all the trouble-shooting. Called my provider. The tests they ran show a problem with the outside line. Any digging in my hood? No. Haven’t had Internet problems I couldn’t fix myself in quite a few years. Coincidence after yesterday’s posts? Hopefully. But I plan on having a long chat with he service person who shows up for repairs. Posting this from my iPhone. And, if the problem continues I am three blocks from a public library.

6 Comments on “My Internet Service”

  1. Mary Curley says:

    That blows! Hope that makes you laugh.

  2. Shawn says:

    Nobody can shut you down…

  3. The library isn’t always the best idea either. Perhaps if you keep looking over your shoulder.

  4. Judi Coltman says:

    Or at friends houses on other people’s computers.

  5. Jessie Kanehl says:

    Someone cut your lines?


  6. bitamoney says:

    What a bitch. But they’re not going to stop you!

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