“[T]he deadliest of all sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit . . .” Erik Erikson, psychoanalyst

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These pages are from documents provided by the Michigan State Police in response to a FOIA request for files relating to the investigation into the CSC charges against Frank Shelden and allegations concerning North Fox Island. At least the MSP provided some responsive documents. I’ve mentioned once or twice before that my Dad filed a FOIA request with the FBI for files relating to the now-deceased Frank Shelden, as well as the long-deceased Chris Busch. Their response: So sorry, that batch of files was destroyed in a catastrophic (their actual description) flood of one of our filing facilities. Too bad, so sad. Gee, you would almost think a U.S. Senator was on the list of Fox Island clients, or men of similar stature.
Compare these transcript pages from the MSP file on Shelden and N. Fox Island to the bullshit testimony of Gerald Richards during the hearings held on child pornography legislation. http://archive.org/stream/protectionofchil00unit#page/n1/mode/2up The first page of the transcript, which was of an interview conducted by the FBI but a part of the MSP Shelden file, was a blank page, meaning it was completely redacted from the MSP FOIA response. The rest of this transcript contained redactions made by the MSP and I have added further redactions because it is clear the person who went to the FBI with this information had legitimate concerns for safety, not only from family members but also from members of a police department. The whited-out portions were redactions made by the MSP and my redactions are made in black marker. In spite of the redactions, I’m sure none of this will be lost on you.

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