“[T]he deadliest of all sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit . . .” Erik Erikson, psychoanalyst

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These pages are from documents provided by the Michigan State Police in response to a FOIA request for files relating to the investigation into the CSC charges against Frank Shelden and allegations concerning North Fox Island. At least the MSP provided some responsive documents. I’ve mentioned once or twice before that my Dad filed a FOIA request with the FBI for files relating to the now-deceased Frank Shelden, as well as the long-deceased Chris Busch. Their response: So sorry, that batch of files was destroyed in a catastrophic (their actual description) flood of one of our filing facilities. Too bad, so sad. Gee, you would almost think a U.S. Senator was on the list of Fox Island clients, or men of similar stature.
Compare these transcript pages from the MSP file on Shelden and N. Fox Island to the bullshit testimony of Gerald Richards during the hearings held on child pornography legislation. http://archive.org/stream/protectionofchil00unit#page/n1/mode/2up The first page of the transcript, which was of an interview conducted by the FBI but a part of the MSP Shelden file, was a blank page, meaning it was completely redacted from the MSP FOIA response. The rest of this transcript contained redactions made by the MSP and I have added further redactions because it is clear the person who went to the FBI with this information had legitimate concerns for safety, not only from family members but also from members of a police department. The whited-out portions were redactions made by the MSP and my redactions are made in black marker. In spite of the redactions, I’m sure none of this will be lost on you.

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  1. I think it is so very interesting that victims often come forward only when a close friend has counseled them. (That’s mentioned in the MCP release Cathy posted above).I ask that anyone reading this blog, knowing an OCCK victim of abuse or a sexual victim of anyone else, to gently and firmly support those victims in coming forward with accounts of what happened, when and where. I have reason to believe that the porn rings and abuse clubs were huge and CAN be illuminated. All those “senators” are dead now.

  2. I’ve been reading through your blog (thank you for writing it). Something really jumped out at me.

    This is an extremely disturbing post-

    I noticed that the subject of the FBI interview said that there was an exchange of kids at a gravel pit in Dexter, MI. She was a kid and can’t remember specifics but it was circa 1975-1976.

    Your March 11, 2013 post says that Greene & Busch exchanged kids at a gravel pit in Holland, MI. in 1976.

    Dexter and Holland aren’t neighbors, but they aren’t that far away from eachother.

    I realize there were probably more sickos operating simultaneously than anyone would care to imagine- but seriously? What are the odds of two pedophile rings operating exchanges at gravel pits at the same time one hour from each other?

    I think that the subject of this interview is referring to the same event Busch & Greene described to Tom Waldron.

    1. jk81, I have to reread these entries and related documents. Not sure about two gravel pits–I think all relate to gravel pit near Dexter. But you are right–Busch talks to LE about exchanging kids at a gravel pit, as does the subject of the FBI interview. The most highly disturbing part of the FBI interview is that the subject remembers the child rapists killing an uncooperative boy and that the subject and the subject’s sister witnessed this. The subject was a child at the time and said this murder took place at a “doctor’s” office, which I believe given the description, was convicted pedophile/child pornographer Gerald Richard’s “naturopathic” clinic.

      1. Thanks for replying to my comment, Cathy.

        Something else that troubles me- the fact that no one has any access to N. Fox Island. This FBI interview ties one of the N. Fox criminals to murder.

        It looks like the DNR in Michigan really restricts access. There was even a group of light aircraft pilots who volunteered to maintain the runway on N. Fox with their own funds, and the state denied them.

        I can’t even find a picture of the island besides aerial photos. Those brilliant articles by Kathleen Firestone include the only pictures I’ve seen, and they were of construction workers posing by the airstrip and the interior of Shelden’s cabin.

        Why is this place still under wraps? With everything in these cases, it’s documents and names that stay hidden and protected. In this case, an entire island is almost off-limits.

        If everything there had been demolished and removed, there would be no issues. But that’s not the case. If you look at Google maps satellite images closely, you can see the remains of buildings and structures. I can see roofs of small buildings on the western shore, which tells me they are still standing. Who knows how dilapidated they are, but they could still hold evidence.

        It makes one wonder what evidence might still be out there in the woods. For overworked and understaffed LE of yesteryear- they nailed the culprits and issued their warrants, who has extra time and money to double check a remote island for anything that might have been missed?

        I’d love to know how thoroughly that place has been searched. Or I’d love to hear from some outdoors man who has set up camp there.

        It’s horrible to imagine, but this FBI interview shows how sick things can get. I think N. Fox Island could be a graveyard.

        1. I agree, jk. I have to get some of Kathleen Firestone’s work on my blog. It was phenomenal. I believe the lid was clamped down so hard on everything Fix Island and Frank Shelden-related because his extensive “client” list included those on the upper rungs of society, including perhaps a US Senator.

  3. Hi Cathy-

    I just found this post from some kid’s blog. Looks like a group of college kids went trespassing on N. Fox Island in 2011, (they had no idea of the island’s history).

    This link has pics of “boyscout cabins” with “creepy basements” and a surprisingly intact 70’s-era bungelow which I bet belonged to Mr. Shelden himself.

    Also of note, a cement foundation with ‘Summer 1974’ drawn into the side.


    1. Can’t be a coincidence they brought Busch beer.

      The person says “We went for a hike and found the old boy scout cabin from 1974 or what was left of it”, so the appearance is they had some knowledge of events there. The group may include a former victim or acquaintance of somebody involved.

      One newspaper clipping picture from August 16, 2007 shows the words Bertha Vos. It looks like it is about an elementary school closing “Courtade to make room for displaced Bertha Vos students”. The handwriting on the clipping is obviously adult writing, but signed ‘your paper boy’ and looks like an inside joke about something, or else poking fun at the history of the island.

      It looks like a blog written maybe by Europeans with an odd sense of humor, but the front page of the blog mainly involves infant children, so it is kind of poor taste most people would say.

      One blog by the same person also focuses on children and a religious ministry involving widows and orphans etc.

      Looks like the original blog post you mention is sort of a mix of dry humor and weirdness.

  4. I visited the purported gravel pit in Dexter today. It was hot, quiet, dusty, and lonely. I did not get any vibes like I thought I might, which I often do in certain places. I do find it ironic that it is now called Fox Science Preserve.

    1. Was thinking the same thing today. The gravel pit near Dexter is between Dexter and Ann Arbor, would have been midway for Richards in Dexter and Shelden in A2, and I think by then that pit was owned by the Fox family and not in use, according to what I have read. And, there is a gravel pit right off 75/Holly exit which is between Flint and Oakland County, which may have worked well for the losers in Flint and O.C.

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