Finally reaching out in response to people

I have a number (as in way more than a few) of email messages and Facebook messages from people I still need to respond to.  I am trying to link one person up with an attorney and someone else who can witness the conversation.  I couldn’t deal with it over the holidays.  Most of the mail I get is very supportive and some of it involves serious information I need to get into the right hands.  That is not as easy as it sounds.  I get some hate mail and I get badgered by some people who want me to help them help me (right; I’ve heard that before).  It goes with the territory.  I still believe the majority of people who contact me are not only well-meaning, they have something of import to say to law enforcement.  They aren’t being taken seriously.  That is awfully familiar.  Some are not well-meaning, but they still have something law enforcement needs to hear.  I’m working on it.  Cut me some slack.  Image