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I get a lot of very interesting and good posts from readers.  Some people ask that I not post their comment, which I understand.  This comment was posted and it is the most cogent and on-point comment I have received.  I am therefore reposting it.  It makes a ton of sense and needs to be repeated.

mike06181 commented on Much Sickness: North Fox Island, Shelden, Grossman, Starchild, Richards, The Franklin Scandal.

This post makes alot clearer and makes alot of sense.

Follow this idea.

For a porn ring to work they must be sure that the one variable is controlable. That variable is the children victoms and the only way you can control children is by fear.

To make a pediphle ring work the kids need to be scared of death or of harm to their families. The ring would also have to be able to hush up any incidents which means police and media.

I think a kid was killed and shown in the media early on in their ring to show the kids that they better behave and be quiet about it. I also believe the OCCK was done to shut up any possible kids thinking of talking about this pediphle ring. It was a message to those kids who were victoms of this ring.

I am not saying any of these kids killed were involved in this ring. They were not victoms of the ring. They would not want to kill a kid who they make money off unless that kid was about to talk. What i think they did was tell all thier kids to watch the news because they were going to show thier power and what happens when people think about talking.

That it was boys and girls killed was just by convenience or to show they could kill both. Maybe that was a message that their siblings were not safe either.

I think the reason they did it when they did it was because info was coming out about fox island. The timing you mention in you blog post points that out. That info was coming out was a break in thier media power and thry would need to keep everyone in check.

Busch’s suicide/ murder was also a message to the finders of the kids to keep their mouths shut too.

Busch must have been a kid finder. They needed kid finders to make the whole thing work. How else would thry have product (kids). They needed people to find these kids and pick the kids up and drop them off. Greg greene was another one. The ability to show up in the kids neighborhood or be able to watch the kids by living in those kids neighborhoods would be a way to keep the kids from talking. I bet the keepers ( busch) showed up in these kids dailey lives to keep a eye on them and intimidate them to be silent.

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  1. I agree with everything except I do think the children of the OCCK were victims of this ring because they were sexually assaulted and if they were used to send other kids a message then the people in this ring were responsible for their deaths. Chris Busch did NOT commit suicide in my opinion. Nobody shoots themself between their eyes, with a rifle, and then is able to put the rifle next to them. That was a hit because he talked in his polygraph.

    That’s my opinion!



    1. Jesse,

      Yes they were victoms. But what i was saying was they were not used as meat for the johns… They were outside of that relm. But yes as that they were killed they were victoms.

      Chris busch was most definatly a hit.

    2. I dont think this reply posted so here it is again

      When i mean they were not victoms, I mean as in they were not used in the pediphyle ring. But yes as that they were held, abused and murdered they were victoms.

      Chris busch was definatly murdered. That was not a sucide.

  2. The problem with pedophiles is that an adult seeking to intimidate, frighten, or coerce a child need not resort to murder. It seems apparent that there was a loose network of pedophiles loose in Metro Detroit back in the 1970’s. It also seems apparent that more than one individual was involved in these four particular murders. After watching “Decades Of Deceit” and googling articles about Ted Lamborgine, I, frankly, have to wonder exactly what sort of existing evidence is supposed to exculpate his involvement, even if tangential, to these murders?

    A few months back, the FBI circulated still images from a video in an attempt to identify a man seen in the video. (They are currently seeking to identify individuals seen in images posted here: The images included not only the man’s face, but images of home furnishings, in an effort to better pin down the circumstances of whatever crime was contained in the unexpurgated recording. Within a day, the FBI announced that they had identified the man, but would not comment further “until their investigation is complete”. Two months later, it appears that they have not commented further.

    Is this some sort of cover-up, or merely media disinterest? What seems more likely is that, even after an arrest, publication of the man’s name would likely also indirectly reveal the identity of his victim–these guys often abuse their own children. I’m not saying that this is what happened here; I’m saying that even responsible journalists have to be careful how they report these matters.

    A Chicago Sun-Times reporter in named Jim DeRogatis, was conducting an investigation into allegations of child rape by singer R. Kelly ( During the course of his investigation, somebody mailed to him–at his newspaper–a copy of a videotape allegedly depicting Kelly having sex with an underage girl. DeRogatis viewed the tape, and upon realizing what it was, turned it over to the police. However, rather than testify to this under oath at Kelly’s trial, DeRogatis was forced to instead exercise his faith Amendment privilege to avoid possible prosecution relating to his temporary possession of child pornography. Kelly was, of course, subsequently acquitted.

    Anyway…I’m just rambling now. Just trying to make sense of this stuff.

  3. Cathy, when I was doing historical research several years ago and looking through property records at the Leelanau County offices, I noticed that Frank Sheldon owned property in Solon Township before he owned North Fox Island—for what it’s worth.

    1. I am a HUGE true crime buff and am from SW lower MI. It totally blows me away that I have NEVER heard of this case until it aired on ID! How is this possible? No one really talks about this case, that little? I can not believe it!

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