March 24, 2014



FROM: Barry L. King
DATE: March 24, 2014
RE: Oakland County Child Killer (“OCCK”)



  1. In late 2006 or early 2007, I had a telephone conversation with Detective Sergeant Garry Gray of the Michigan State Police (“MSP”). Gray advised me that the OCCK Task Force had received its first hard lead because a suspect, Theodore Lamborgine, had failed a polygraph examination. This was confirmed at a meeting shortly thereafter attended by Donald Studt, now the Birmingham Chief of Police, my son Chris, and me.
  2. In response to my Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) suit against the MSP on December 15, 2010, I received 3,411 pages confirming that Christopher Busch was cleared as a suspect in the murder of Mark Stebbins, the first victim, in late January 1977 because he had passed a polygraph examination (see Tip 369).
  1. The MSP reports indicated that the 1977 Busch polygraph examination was reviewed by three subsequent polygraphers, but the results were redacted.
  2. Another suspect, a companion of Busch named James Vincent Gunnels, was also polygraphed, but the results were redacted in the MSP report.
  3. The Oakland County Circuit Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals both ruled that I was not entitled to this polygraph information.
  4. On October 30, 2012, I mailed a FOIA request to the Oakland County Prosecutor (“OCP”) requesting her files on Gunnels. In her response on November 20, 2012, the OCP provided me with the unredacted copy of the second Gunnels polygraph which reads in part as follows:

    “Other that the control questions, Gunnels was asked three specific questions regarding the Child Killing Investigation. Due to his DNA, hair being discovered on Kristine Mihelich, he was asked the following:

    “1. Did you participate in any way in the killing of Kristine Mihelich?

    “2. Do you know for sure, who killed Kristine Mihelich?

    “3. Did you have any physical contact with Kristine Mihelich?

    “(See attached Exam report for all questions asked)

    “Lt. Dykstra after reviewing the three separate charts involve in the polygraph of James Vincent Gunnels, concluded that Mr. Gunnels, ‘Completely’ failed all aspects of said examination DPD officer Dan who is a polygraph trainee of Dykstra also concurred with the findings.”

If this information was improperly provided to me, did Jessica Cooper discipline her assistants who mailed it to me?

  1. On April 1, 2013, the 48th District Court finally gave me access to the Search Warrant files on the former Busch residence dated October 28, 2008. The Affidavit in support of the Search Warrant states as follows regarding the subsequent reviews of the original Busch polygraph examination:  “Y. Affiant further states that the polygraph charts from Christopher Busch’s polygraph test administered by Ralph Cabot were recently reviewed by three polygraph examiners, Lt Robert Dykstra of the Michigan State Police, Tim Larion of the Livonia Police Department and former State Police polygraph examiner John Wojnaroski. Affiant was told by the three examiners that the polygraph charts do not indicate truthfulness, and that at best, the result should have been deemed inconclusive.”
  2. The OCP disclosed the results of the three subsequent polygraphs to the court in October 2008 and prohibited my access until April 2013, more than four years later.
  3. Lamborgine flunks a lie detector test and it is the first hard lead the Task Force had received.
  4. Busch passes a polygraph test and is released in 1977. The OCP publicly announced the result of this 1977 polygraph in the 1977 newspapers.
  1. Gunnels fails a polygraph examination and unlike the Lamborgine result, I am denied this information.
  2. Law enforcement should not be able to pick and choose on the publication of polygraph examination results. The law should be clarified by the legislature or the courts.


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  1. Please post

    Wow! I know all three are connected in their own ways to these murders! I hope the truth really comes out! The key person is Ted Lamborgine who I believe is a ring leader. He sits in prison playing the innocent “born again” Christian. When in fact, there is absolutely no new life in this monster. He orchestrates nothing but death.



  2. I am an oustider and am not privy to perfect information. That said, here’s my view.

    As the supply of kids (and let’s be honest, this is a pederast skin trade) dries up from Fox Island, Busch has to seek other sources. Regardless of whether Busch had a pre-existing relationship of Lamborgine and Sloan, he gets into their circle (maybe with Greene) to find a new supply or use an established supply–the Cass Corridor. Lamborgine adventures out of the Cass Corridor to gain access to a, perceived, better supply north of 8 mile.

    Maybe one of the problems in turning to this new supply (whether exclusively or increasingly) is that there is an increased risk of the children reporting upon their return to their daily lives as compared with Fox Island or the Cass Corridor. Fox Island was perpetrated under the guise of boys’ retreats with religious backing, and the Cass Corridor scenario involved, arguably, lower middle class or poor kids, and barriers to children reporting (less likely they would be believed, economics of their partial “consent”* in exchange for money/favors, etc.). *Obviously, there is no such thing as legal consent with a minor–I would define this here as some sort of going along due to disparity of power.

    Busch begins increasingly using supply from his own backyard (southern Oakland County) and the family cabin in Ess Lake becomes his own personal Fox Island. The danger of being caught materializes as he is charged and convicted of several pederast crimes. Busch could have had pressure from others–leaders from the Corridor who shared supply, his father, former Fox Island perpetrators–to clean up the situation. Or threats of violence to vicitims before they returned home–possibly one of his and others’ common methods of ensuring secrecy from victims–showed signs of weakening. Some of Busch’s victims squeal (he was charged and convicted for pedophilia). Perhpas Busch and others became panicked. The OCCK murders were so heinous, chilling and calculated that the motive could have been to create strong disinentives for freed victims (those released after being passed around like chattel) to tell parents, or–for those who did–to avoid going to the police. Would a child victim of 10-12 years old be afraid of coming forth if they received a threat of abduction and murder before returning home?

    What information does the OCP have that leads her to believe there is no link between Busch and the murders?

    I recently re-read the the Lamborgine story from the Cleveland Scene (See Is it not undisputed that Lamborgine knows something?

    Can’t more pressure be put on Lamborine, Lawson, Sloan, Gunnels, Charles Nels Busch, the Busch nephews that Chris Busch molested?

    Have the two Lamborgine victims that presented in court for Lamborgine’s sentencing be questioned for leads?

  3. I just wish that there was better evidence out there than polygraph evidence.

    What I find strange about this case is that despite the fact that several of the suspects appear to have ties to one another, if not to the murders, none of them (as far as I know) ever tried to rat out any of the other suspects, with the exception of Gary Greene–although it is not clear from the police reports I’ve seen whether Greene was attempting to implicate Busch to cut a better deal for himself, or if he did so because he was either crazy and/or stupid. (Was Greene ever polygraphed? I think I need to go back and reread all of that stuff about him.)

    I suppose one must at least give the MSP credit for one thing: even though Busch was supposedly cleared by the 1977 polygraph test, in 1978 the MSP lab still attempted to see if they could tie the ropes found at the Busch suicide scene to these murders. I agree–it’s strange how the police seem to have been inconsistent over the years in their attitude towards polygraph results. Different policies among different agencies, or among different agency departments?

  4. Dear Mr. Barry King;

    In the fall of 2012 I did take some time off from my busy schedule to come and hear your news presentation in Troy. I was hoping that there would be a chance to meet and to talk without reporters around so that I could let you know the truth over a matter that may relate to this case. The opportunity for us to talk was all too brief as reporters came back in the room and started to ask questions.

    The fact of the matter is that I heard and saw a portion of what has became an internet myth about a discussion that took place in my hometown in the early 90s. It may be a myth to most people but the problem with that is that it really did take place!

    Although through the years I have talked to many people from law enforcement over this matter, I was hoping to clear the air with you personally as far as where the truth really sits about this event that I personally witness on December 26, 1991. I was hoping to at least share with you my frustrations with law enforcement over this matter. In 2006, I took a day off from work to drive to Birmingham to talk to Mr. Donald Studt over this matter. He did sit down and talk to my wife and I, but unfortunately even someone in his position falls short of telling the truth completely. At the start he told us he interviewed people from the Big Boy staff back in the day and confirmed that the discussion took place. When I told him that my wife here worked at the very same Big Boy many years before, the subject was quickly changed! From that point on, when we went back into town and through our own personal contacts tried to find whom they interviewed from that Big Boy staff. There was never anyone interviewed! They never talked to anyone from that restaurant or the other Big Boy in town. How they ever conducted any type of investigation without it, is beyond me. If you ever run across any paperwork on record that tells otherwise, I would like to see it.

    So from where I stand, anyway. It appears that no one involved with this OCCK investigation can tell the truth on anything for that matter. So it’s not just the Busch side of this investigation where the truth is not being told accurately but seems to stem to anything touching the OCCK investigation.

    You personally told me that John was cleared but I sure would like to know from whom and from how he was cleared exactly. I’m sorry to say but people’s opinions don’t count as there has to be something more behind it than just that.


    Reasoning / Alpena Witness

  5. I am of the opinion your brother’s death had to do more with terrorizing an area than just children…my view:
    1) the science factor
    2) the street name and signs
    3)the faulty journalism associated with the coverage of the death
    4)Jill Robinson killed near police station…and around Christmas

    The calendar of events, mileage, and timing all coincide with what appears to be a terroristic tradition.

    So, what ever became of the fiber samples? Somewhere in a far-away FBI lab awaiting analyse?

    1. Thinker Belle,

      Can you elaborate on your view? We can try to make educated guesses as to what you’re hinting at but it would be easier if you explained your view in detail. I’m sure everyone is interested and curious.

  6. Kristine’s death says alot about what was going on: Found near Telegraph Road (101010 coding to press)
    Stebbins death (Last seen at American Legion Hall play8ing pool)
    Jill’s death: under a road sign and near a police station (like the Jack The Ripper scenario of long ago)
    Tim: (Near a road sign, color coding used in description of pants (Green) and winner of science project (which would have been useful in Kristine’s autopsy) and found in another county (great for writers which can go where local police can’t)
    Bushe death (another holiday doom, cigarette lighter found on desk as pictures depict someone picking up a cigarette pack near a crime scene not to mention the Rabbit photo.

    Paint on Stebbins shoes…did it match blue paint in photos with ropes or did it match AMC paint?

    Had to have been someone with a military background in Psyops and/or a journalist. (or, someone that was near schools such as a photographer, health official, or food inspector that may have had an extra ordinary interest in serial killers (seems the journalists fit that bill by the articles)

    The goal: constant paranoia! A distraction for drug drops nearby like in that group living next county over.

    When you read about it, the federal agents are more interested in the rolling schizophrenic topics that connects all the dots and pins it on one person. Maybe they caught someone in a financial crime by the paranoia? They certainly would not have been interested in the children as it wouldn’t have furthered their careers. They would have wanted the limelight…the hero status associated with doing nothing.

    Who wrote a memorable poem or jingle to commemorate the event?

    1. Thinker Belle,

      Maybe I’m just daft, but I cannot decipher what the nexus is between thinks you are saying and the events in question. Maybe you or others can explain it to me.

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