4 thoughts on “Blue Gremlin–1”

  1. So, what did they decide on the scrap metal they excavated? Did it turn up anything or just a promotion on someone’s part to advance a cold case for their own benefit to revise history as known to the families of the victims?

    Many of these cases are losing the limelight because of the sensationalism. They are starting to realize others do not appreciate their buffoonery as much as they do. The people that attach themselves are ghoulish and often involved in stalking-and extortion calls like your family received- and are only interested in promoting a law enforcement officer to obtain portions of the records for their own self-interest.

    Your blog reveals what it’s like to be on the other side looking in. A realist look at a terrible situation. I hope your father’s perseverance changes someone’s circumstance if not his own.
    If and only then, will there be hope for other families associated with similar crimes against humanity.

  2. It’s not easy to change direction after over 30 years of believing that all is being done. Mr. King has done a 180 and taken the system head on. He deserves answers but he is finished being patient and I think he should be commended.

  3. Your dad is doing a better job at dissecting the evidence and putting it in order! Now I think he needs to visit Ted and break him.



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