I will post the pleadings.


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  1. This is kind of the same thing that the Ramsey’s and former Ramsey friend Fleet White jr have gone through. A couple of years ago the major media had stalled the story with: “The Grand Jury voted to indict the Ramsey’s.” Then that report stalled and stayed that way for quite awhile. Then, eventually the actual wording was somewhat released, but only after the public was stifled about this. All along, the Ramsey’s have asked that all of the proceedings be released. In Fleet White Jr case, he’s said to be upset about the Nancy Krebs statements and claims to have been snookered by former prosecutor Alex Hunter via an interview Hunter gave the Boulder Daily Camera. Krebs came forward claiming that her mother and others were pimped her out as a child and that she was in fear for her life. To bolster her claims she was accompanied by her therapist during her statement to the cops. So, then Krebs suddenly gets some courage and tells the cops that: A) she was molested by several men, including: Fleet White Sr and Jr and also by Uncle Johnny, implying John Ramsey. B) That she thinks that the strangulation of JonBenet stemmed from being strangled till a certain look was given off by the victim, then the molester releases the noose just short of killing the victim. In other words, that her death stemmed from a “sexual accident”. I can say this with perfect certainty: “The viscous and brutal killing of JonBenet was by no means accidental, it was planned out well in advance and it was carried out with great precision”. The evidence supporting this statement is more than abundant. So, who put Krebs up to coming forward with her messages? Who put Karr up to coming forward with his similar message? The second undereducated author in the Daxis emails made several Zodiac killer, Ramsey murder and OCCK keyword and key phrase statements, several of which, Nanette Barto and I have noted on her MB. I can also state this with perfect certainty: “Most Americans have never heard of the OCCK case.” Why is that? You can bet that the major media will not allow the message that these intentional and heinous crimes are linked, unless they can somehow be compelled to do so? Again; the evidence of these crimes being linked is abundant.
    What was Chris Busch’s actual role? What was Helgoth’s actual role? Other than ending up victims of highly suspicious suicides? BTW, I almost forgot; Fleet White Jr wants to know what the cops did regarding Nancy Krebs’ statements. White and his wife are the only friends of the Ramsey’s that turned on them, or so it seems. White’s actual role is still a ongoing mystery to me.

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