No Surprise

Appeals of this nature are very hard to pursue due to the rigors and parameters of appellate law.  Good for my Dad for pursuing it nevertheless.  The legal system, the judicial system, media all involve being revictimized if you dare to stick your toe in the water.  I hate that I am almost 60 years old and still expect people to do the right thing.  There is one investigator who is still working the case.  There are authors who are documenting what has been discovered.  What we really need is a REAL investigative reporter who will pull all of this together.  No short cuts, no biases, no other agenda, no deference to prosecutors and corrupt agencies like the MSP and the FBI.  My Dad is right.  The legal system dropped (and/or hid) the ball and made it impossible for current-day investigations to succeed.  True investigative reporting can lay this all bare.  The case will never be “solved” in the traditional sense (unless there is some miraculous DNA hit, which is still possible but unlikely).  But it can be resolved.  And those who participated in cover ups, Dirty Harry dealings and keeping a lid on mis and malfeasance will be revealed.  What is concealed can be revealed.  Some are banking on dropping dead before the curtain is pulled back.  Some are already gone; we’ll see how your gamble works.  L. Brooks Patterson, Richard Thompson, Jessica Cooper, Larry Wasser, Jane Burgess, Ray Anger, James Vincent Gunnells, Charles Busch and others.  You’ve gotten really lucky so far.  But you don’t deserve it and you know it.  Rationalization abounds on all fronts.  Shame on all of you.