No Surprise

Appeals of this nature are very hard to pursue due to the rigors and parameters of appellate law.  Good for my Dad for pursuing it nevertheless.  The legal system, the judicial system, media all involve being revictimized if you dare to stick your toe in the water.  I hate that I am almost 60 years old and still expect people to do the right thing.  There is one investigator who is still working the case.  There are authors who are documenting what has been discovered.  What we really need is a REAL investigative reporter who will pull all of this together.  No short cuts, no biases, no other agenda, no deference to prosecutors and corrupt agencies like the MSP and the FBI.  My Dad is right.  The legal system dropped (and/or hid) the ball and made it impossible for current-day investigations to succeed.  True investigative reporting can lay this all bare.  The case will never be “solved” in the traditional sense (unless there is some miraculous DNA hit, which is still possible but unlikely).  But it can be resolved.  And those who participated in cover ups, Dirty Harry dealings and keeping a lid on mis and malfeasance will be revealed.  What is concealed can be revealed.  Some are banking on dropping dead before the curtain is pulled back.  Some are already gone; we’ll see how your gamble works.  L. Brooks Patterson, Richard Thompson, Jessica Cooper, Larry Wasser, Jane Burgess, Ray Anger, James Vincent Gunnells, Charles Busch and others.  You’ve gotten really lucky so far.  But you don’t deserve it and you know it.  Rationalization abounds on all fronts.  Shame on all of you.

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  1. janbastian2 says:

    No words! I hope the dam breaks soon…

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  2. Bob says:

    I believe exploring the North Fox Island connection may stir a dormant nest. I also believe I have a unique perspective and opinion on why but wouldn’t be comfortable sharing publicly. My view is from the standpoint of not what happened on the island or the tragedy of the murders rather it comes under an umbrella of illegal activity or culture so to speak that many were involved in yet next to no one was held accountable for many illegal activities. What were the transportation lines to the island? Empire to Harbor Springs has long attracted great wealth and crime with some of the grandest going hand in hand often incorporating money hungry and criminally inclined locals who can generationally pass it on. I have written before, may God bless you for your commitment to your brother and your family.

    • bitamoney says:

      You are onto something. If you aren’t a writer it would be ever so great if you could put a crew together to get this expose done for all to see.

      • Bob says:

        Bita I’m uncertain if your comment was in response to mine but for the record I am not a writer though think about it and wish I were; vicariously through my wonderful parents I have a Forrest Gump life story. My perspective is ongoing not just from the past and with risks. My awareness of the story was from an article in the local paper I’m guessing was in the late 70s that in conjunction with other beneath the surface stories in a small resort community just adds to my theory.

        Were drugs part of the North Fox Island story?
        Are there any known flight originating airports?

      • Thera Koon says:

        Bob, I know Charlevoix contained the closest airport from a commercial sense, and that also happens to be where Shelden spent much of his time (coincidentally it was John Ramseys father Dudley Ramsey in charge of the aeronautics division in Michigan during this time)

        Private flights took individuals to North Fox Island who likely had flown in from Charlevoix.

        Its really quite a cluster of insanity from that point. This operation and its creators and the lawyers/accountants who covered Shelden, Grossman, and Richards tracks connected like shattered glass to a disgusting amount of operations and publications revolving around man boy love world wide.

        Its a disturbing story that got more coverage in Chicago than the state of Michigan which makes no sense unless you understood the power at hand.

        For the record I am no truther, no tin foil hat screaming illuminati type, but this conspiracy, well there is zero doubt. It is one of the few times Occams Razor settles on something most would consider completely insane.

        The fact Charles refused to talk without witness protection should say it all. The fact he wasnt OFFERED it when saying something like that should tell you first hand who’s interests are more important.

  3. Judi says:

    I’m beyond being able to apply any kind of common sense to this cluster but goddamn i’m patient and never giving up. Fight the good fight, Cathy.

  4. Amy Shuler says:

    No surprise, and yet another devastating blow.

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  5. bitamoney says:

    Cathy, The hour is getting late for your Dad. I’m not an investigative reporter. I can write. I would be happy to do anything if I can be of some help. I really don’t want to see this thing get washed under the bridge of time.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, bita–the problem is, none of us has police powers; a cursory examination won’t do it; and there were very powerful and wealthy predators involved. And let’s not forget the FBI’s “Noah’s Ark” defense to a relevant FOIA request–A catastrophic flood ate all the documents. No one is coming clean and those left at the table are doubling-down. The rats may be outed at some point. If not–rot in Hell.

  6. Nancy says:

    So disappointing – what the hell are they hiding

  7. jade says:

    a protest? a group of people writing letters? WHAT WILL HELP?? <3

  8. Bob says:

    Thera, thank you for your input. Are you aware of the Antrim County airport story during the same era? I find it interesting that it had a very advanced microwave landing system for a rural airport with no public flight service and knowing it was one of a series of airports across the country used for receiving drug shipments from Columbia by listening to 1988 Senate testimony by pilot Michael Vogel who worked with pilot Michael Palmer. Is it possible there were flights that originated from Bellaire to Fox Island? Though only one person (a decorated World War II and Korean pilot) was convicted locally other players are still around and my theory is still active in the money. Interestingly that person because of his decorated service was sentenced to 90 days with work release in county jail for being paid one time (supposedly) to not be at the airport in an international drug trafficking operation. I further wonder with child trafficking happening through the Charlevoix airport and drug trafficking happening at the Bellaire airport might there be a connection for these worldly crimes? Is it conceivable that two such grand criminal activities involving wealthy players could be going completely separate of each other? I think not. It seems like planes and pilots go hand-in-hand with trafficking anything. I can’t help but wonder if there are any money trails to the OCCK story thinking that Capone didn’t go to jail for all his crimes except for tax evasion.

    • Thera Koon says:

      Bob I am not familiar with that story. I would love for you to contact me if you could. I run a reddit on the OCCK case. . I will say this, the possibility of connection is not proof of a connection. Organized crime is widespread and more like inter secting spider webs than a flow chart.

      I will say this, organized crime definitely connected well with the auto industry during this time period (arguably it connected as far back as the twenties).

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