How about it, Robert F. Leonard?

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Please click on the above link to see the letter dated January 9, 1978.  As happens almost weekly, someone contacts me and asks me if I have a certain document.  I then have to go through piles of papers, and sometimes I revisit certain documents that cry out to be disseminated to the public.  Like this one.  The first time I saw this stuff, it stunned.  The subsequent times are no different.

Here, Greg Greene, pedophile buddy of our pal Chris Busch (either killer or “loose end”), who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for Criminal Sexual Conduct of a Minor in Flint, Michigan, wrote to his sentencing judge asking for leniency.  I’m sure it shocked him that his buddy Chris Busch, son of one of GM’s Daddy Warbucks, got probation for the same offense they were both hauled in on in Flint in January 1977.  Greene apparently had a little difficulty parsing the different levels of criminal sexual conduct.  The judge writes Greene back at his new home in Jackson State Prison, and says “too bad, so sad,” but he will forward his information about a “ring” (read “pedophile ring”) to Genesee Prosecuting Attorney Robert F. Leonard.  How did that go, Mr. Leonard?  Did you get on that?

But either way, contrast how this judge in Flint handled Greene’s case compared to how Oakland County dealt with Christopher Busch.  You don’t see any letters in Busch’s criminal files in Oakland County that are anything like this.  No, you most certainly don’t.

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  1. Dale Droski says:

    It must’ve been nice, having a big shot daddy rubbing elbows at the country club with judges and lawmakers. Sure would be nice to know the truth behind all this.

  2. jkaneh says:

    Cathy, To me, the judge did not believe him about the “ring” and obviously neither did the prosecutor. They got the sacrificial lamb, so why bust their butts to go after anyone else.



  3. bitamoney says:

    To me it’s beyond amazing that nobody has come forward with the truth. The brother of my closest childhood friend became a nationally known pedophile. I KNOW that peripheral people in his life KNEW ABOUT IT. But no one spoke. And in my mind they SHARE THE GUILT.

  4. Paul Jolliffe says:

    No, there probably aren’t letters from Christopher Busch to the judge in his case asking for leniency – but why would there be? He got probation, not serious jail time!

    The real question is “what was so special about Christopher Busch?”

    Busch had some special card to play, something Greene did not have. Cathy, you have speculated that Chris Busch’s father’s money, GM position and influence was responsible for that.


    But any possible Busch family money and influence ended decades ago, yet the cover-up surrounding the bizarre handling of the Busch case continues to the present day.

    That tells me that whatever cachet GM money and influence might have once had, that pales in comparison to some other, ongoing factor.

    The MSP didn’t determine that Busch and Greene had “passed” the lie-detector test in January of 1977 because of GM.

    I am convinced that Chris Busch was some sort of informant, or source, or “PCI”, or asset, or whatever tricky label that law enforcement agencies give their snitches.

    If Busch (or any other informants in the “ring”) were involved in any way, no matter how indirectly or how tangentially, with any of the OCK cases, then the agency (or agencies) today would want the case exactly as it now is: unsolved, and with no real leads to follow anymore.

    That way, their own culpability would never come to light.

    And they would shoot people to keep that hidden.

    And you and I believe they really did just that.

  5. Dylan Lighfoot says:

    Cathy, does a copy of Green’s letter to the sentencing judge exist?

  6. cathybroad says:

    Actually, that is a good point, Dylan. I have seen the letter/ruling from the judge, but the letter by Green referred to by the judge is of course not in the file. Sorry—I got that wrong.

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