How about it, Robert F. Leonard?

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Please click on the above link to see the letter dated January 9, 1978.  As happens almost weekly, someone contacts me and asks me if I have a certain document.  I then have to go through piles of papers, and sometimes I revisit certain documents that cry out to be disseminated to the public.  Like this one.  The first time I saw this stuff, it stunned.  The subsequent times are no different.

Here, Greg Greene, pedophile buddy of our pal Chris Busch (either killer or “loose end”), who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for Criminal Sexual Conduct of a Minor in Flint, Michigan, wrote to his sentencing judge asking for leniency.  I’m sure it shocked him that his buddy Chris Busch, son of one of GM’s Daddy Warbucks, got probation for the same offense they were both hauled in on in Flint in January 1977.  Greene apparently had a little difficulty parsing the different levels of criminal sexual conduct.  The judge writes Greene back at his new home in Jackson State Prison, and says “too bad, so sad,” but he will forward his information about a “ring” (read “pedophile ring”) to Genesee Prosecuting Attorney Robert F. Leonard.  How did that go, Mr. Leonard?  Did you get on that?

But either way, contrast how this judge in Flint handled Greene’s case compared to how Oakland County dealt with Christopher Busch.  You don’t see any letters in Busch’s criminal files in Oakland County that are anything like this.  No, you most certainly don’t.

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