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  1. Hi Catherine,
    I reached out to Joy Alverson, the animal hair forensic expert you had mentioned previously. She no longer does that kind of work and doesnt recall ever working on the OCCK case.
    She said that the technology to determine breed or identity of dogs from hairs was not developed until the late 1990s. The best contact she could give was to inquire further with the Veterinary Genetics Labarotory at UC Davis or Mitotyping Technologies. She said both could be found easily by Googling online.
    I don’t know if the white dog hairs were saved by investigators, (one would hops so) .
    Thanks for your diligence, I would be just like you until I knew the rotter or rotters were dead or in prison forever.

    1. That rumor about the stop of someone and then a release at a bar on 7th and woodward has been out there for along time. I remember hearinn about that at least 20 years ago. Too much to not be true.

  2. Would it still be possible to get the transcript of the FBI/Charles Busch interview?

  3. I’m really curious about the ground level reality of money payoffs. So somebody in the Busch family approaches somebody in LE and delivers ex amount of money. Does this get split among arresting officers, or just go to the top, or both? If more than one person gets some would nobody talk for 40 years? If somebody, a friend knew, and heard lots of bragging about it, would they not talk to the media? I just wonder how this could be kept quiet permanently. And it would have happened numerous times as Busch went on with his activities.

    1. People don’t even have to be bribed with money. Just the simple threat of losing your job or God forbid, something more sinister if you open your mouth, would definitely go along way in keeping people quiet. Even without getting money. People it’s a lot of power can have A LOT aid influence, of course.

      1. Ugh, autocorrect. Let me clean up the last sentence, what i was trying to say was….

        “People with a lot of power can have A LOT of influence, of course.”

  4. Unless there was more than one 14yr old white female raped and murdered (shot)January 1976 in Birmingham. Sheila’s case is being reinvestigated. M.A.P shows her case as unsolved.

    1. I thought Oliver Andrews was tried and convicted for Sheila’s murder. I believe he even confessed?

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