It would have been particularly useful . . .

We heard about Arch “Ed” Sloan a little over six years ago when Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper released some “important new information” related to a “person of interest,” Sloan.  In a press conference on July 17, 2012, Cooper explained that DNA testing by the FBI found that a hair found on Mark Stebbins and a hair found on Tim King came from the same person.  I guess it took a couple decades for someone to think to compare the very few hairs found on the victims to try to link the crimes.

These hairs are said to match a hair found in Sloan’s 1966 Bonneville, which was searched very soon after Mark Stebbin’s body was found.  The hair did not match Sloan, so the prosecutor was asking the public to come forward with information about people Sloan spent time with and who he may have had in his car or loaned his car to.  The prosecutor asked that people with such information call a tip line, 1-800-442-7766.
Sloan is a 76-year-old pedophile who is in prison for molesting boys and was an early suspect in the child killings. Sloan of course shut his pie hole and never talked.  No surprise; see concerning officials questioning Cooper’s conduct in releasing Sloan’s name and the existence of this hair evidence.
The same day this second news story aired, another story aired about a victim of Sloan from 1976-1979.  This was a very brave act to come forward, and shed light on what these inhumane pedophiles inflict on children. The man said that Sloan “was just the friendliest guy who would do anything for anyone he could,” and was a master manipulator.  He explained that Sloan “just took away the innocence of a little child and it has just affected the rest of my life.  All these years later I never stop thinking about it.”  Notably, the man says that Sloan’s family members knew exactly what was going on.  He said that when he saw the photo of the 1966 Bonneville Sloan drove around in, “it was almost like a horrible flashback.”  When asked by the reporter if he thought Sloan was capable of killing someone, he replied:  “To me, I could see, he was the type of person to go farther and farther.”  Just like Ted Lamborgine, Chris Busch, Greg Greene—they were all deeply cruel and violent pedophiles, whose conduct most certainly escalated from the friendly neighbor/coach/Big Brother routines, to the situations one anonymous poster told me involved pedophile sex parties in the Detroit suburbs where kids were sometimes so injured, they had to be hospitalized. This person feels lucky to be alive.
It would be amazing if they find who left those hairs in the Bonneville and a hair on Mark and later a hair on Tim.  Remember, this is mitochondrial DNA, not autosomal or nuclear DNA, so GED Match isn’t going to help.  It’s a needle in a haystack.  Consider that six years later, there is no match and no more information about Sloan or his associates that has been made public.
Before you get too excited about these hairs, found after many decades to match evidence the MSP has allegedly had from the very beginning, consider the following information.
A lab report from Mark’s homicide file, obtained via FOIA, lists Evidence Received on February 20, 1976, including:
Swab from ice chest in suspect’s vehicle.  [Cat’s out of the bag as of July 2012—this is Sloan’s vehicle.]
Hair from ice chest in suspect’s vehicle.
Red fibers from suspect’s vehicle
Red fibers from victim’s pants.  [Complete list is in scanned document. These red fibers did not match those from the car.]
The report goes on to state that one human head hair, 2 3/4 inches long, was found on Mark’s blue jeans.  The author of the report explains that a dirty blanket was used to cover Mark’s body.  I don’t know who covered Mark’s body in the parking lot where he was found, or where the blanket came from.  But Charlotte L. Day, Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory Scientist, concluded her report as follows:
“It is unfortunate that the dirt and debris samples from the parking lot and the blanket used to cover the body were not made available to the Laboratory until May, 1977.  It would have been particularly useful to know that a dirty blanket had been used to cover the body and that this blanket is a probable source of trace evidence present on the clothing.”  
Furthermore, the handling of Mark’s body immediately after the scene was processed and the reasons for this will blow your mind.  When I find the notes given to me about a discussion of this, I will post.  I don’t even want to attempt to paraphrase.
Scan 2018-7-28 06.44.19
The lab report in Tim’s homicide file itemizes a paper packet identified “Head Hair,” containing numerous hairs, and a paper packet identified “Mustache Hair,” containing numerous hairs.
Scan 2018-7-28 07.04.01
Nobody has apparently thought much of the mtDNA match of the hair found on Kristine’s jacket with Vince Gunnels, victim and most certainly later, lure, for Chris Busch.  But they are all over this mtDNA match.  I hope something comes of it.  But read these few pages I am posting and ask yourself how you feel about that hair evidence now.
They announced Sloan’s name.  He didn’t talk.  People other than the man who was brave enough to go to the news and detectives with information about Sloan must have come forward.  It hasn’t gotten them anywhere.  Why won’t officials come forward and say they have hit a wall?  They need the public’s help because Lamborgine never talked (God has forgiven him for his sins against defenseless children, according to him), Sloan isn’t talking, Gunnels isn’t talking and Busch and Greene are dead.   And how about putting up photos of all the cars that might be involved—not just Sloan’s ’66 Bonneville, but also the LeMans in the lot where my brother was abducted, described in great detail by Doug Wilson; the van noted in various evidence reports and the 1975 Nova listed in evidence reports.  It’s only 41 years late.

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  1. Mac Parsons says:

    Sloan won’t talk? Seems to me he rode with the guy who’s hair was found on the victims. Apparently, the state has some soft interrogators. Bring in someone who can soften him with kindness, y’know, the same “charm” he used on the children.

    • bitamoney says:

      So funny you should write this. I’ve had visions of Spanish Inquisition in my head for some time regarding Sloan etc.

  2. Mark King says:

    The Gunnels brothers, Chris Busch’s bro Charles, that asshole Larry Wasser, Ted, Arch, what the fuck. All hangin around. While law Oakland County has thumbs far up ass. Disgusting.

  3. bitamoney says:

    Your mtDNA information was interesting. I have a fair understanding of it. mtDNA doesn’t change and it is passed on from mother to daughters and sons. But the sons can’t pass it on. So taking the mtDNA samples from the found hairs you CAN use a geneology search to identify the familial line that mtDNA comes from. Then you can see who had male children born in the late 30s, 40s, early 50s. Isn’t that possible? You will get lots of results because there should be quite a few women with that same mtDNA but I would think many could be eliminated right off. Am I thinking straight on this?

  4. Marissa Thorndyke says:

    Have you seen Sarah Ruth Ashcraft on Twitter making accusations of grooming and ritual abuse at the Roeper school (formerly Adam’s, right?) It brought to mind the anonymous Bob who had said it was many more children than Tim, Jill, Mark and Christine and it was widespread through Oakland county. I dont have any proof of a connection, but with all this info there is no explanation for not having solved the case yet. That is, unless something is being covered up…

  5. cathybroad says:

    I need to post a correction–this list of evidence is not from Arch Sloan’s car, but from the car of a guy who was seen at the VFW talking to Mark Stebbins before he left to walk home. I believe this man has also been eliminated as the source of the magic hair. I am on the road and will spend more time with this to get it right.

  6. cathybroad says:

    I wish I knew when Sloan’s name was turned into the task force. My understanding is that he is most easily associated with Mark’s case–the evening Mark went missing. If we have to shoe-horn every pedophile operating in Oakland County in that era into these cases, this will be the biggest spiderweb ever. That’s how big pedophelia and child porn was in OC. That’s part of why this investigation got shut down. Money bags back then from GM and Chrysler liked to have their cake and eat it too. When they called the prosector’s office or a cop shop, somebody returned their calls. It was open season on kids ages 8-13 in Oakland County back then. Target-rich environment doesn’t even begin to describe it. Way to protect your most vulnerable.

  7. Ang says:

    The thought has recently occurred to me that perhaps it wasn’t just one person every time that took these kids and instead they alternated who would do the kidnapping and in that sense it would help disconnect any potential evidence if in fact let’s just say Sloan kidnapped mark and green kidnapped Jill and so on and so forth

    I can’t seem to totally wrap my head around the idea of why these kids were taken if in fact the perpetrators of these crimes were and are the bush Clan these monsters as horrible as it sounds had the ability for a lack of better words to choose which kids they wanted and they didn’t have to murder them in fact they didn’t they were able to choose who they wanted when they wanted and how they wanted and then let them go so it’s hard to understand why and how it ever ask elated into murder what did it benefit these assholes to kill these particular kids and not any of the others

  8. DJS says:

    So all the DNA–from victims as well as Sloan vehicle–is limited to mitochondrial profile?

  9. Dale Droski says:

    It’s frustrating that DNA technology wasn’t up and running in 1976-77. It would have been interesting to see how differently this case would have played out.

  10. I testified Wayne county 2001. Know whose hairs on Tim Mark. Sloans Bonneville bought from my sister. Know where kim king body is.

  11. I testified Wayne county 2001. Killer arranged for friend Archie Sloan to buy 1966 Bonneville from my sister. Killer intentionally left hairs on Mark and Tim and in car. Hairs are from Nick. Nick sold carpet and got killer samples LIGHT GOLD similar shades. Possibly know where bodies Kim King and Kim Larrow are. Know a few details not released by police. Police have never listened. Just want justice for the kids. Also can link killers coworker to attempted abduction and to Kristines abduction. Killer wore brown coat brown shirt black pants had sideburns wide at bottom cut to point in front whe abducted Tim. Introduced me to Ted Lamborgine after Tim’s murder. Contact me I know details and killers sister also named him and in 2014 Les Martin ID’d killer linking him to Smentowski. Killer mentioned VINCE GUNNELS when drinking with killers sister Barb Lovett’s husband. MURDERS ARE ABOUT TO BE SOLVED!!!!!

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