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  1. I would check with the stations themselves, and the local universities library’s (start with U of M as they has the biggest, and let’s face it librarians are slow work wise in the summer, this is a perfect time for a search).
    Good luck and thanks for keeping up the fight for justice.

  2. Resurrect Bill Bonds and tell him to kick Brooks Patterson and Jessica cooper’s asses.

  3. Hey buddy. If ok, you can sure call.
    Finding old vid footage is almost impossible, but I get where you’re going. I’ve tried to get some music I recorded on (Pistons during the Bad Boy thing) and even that has a clamp on it.

    I’d really like to meet one day, but I understand if you can’t. My kids keep me pretty locked in so I’m guessing it may be the same for you. Anyway, I’ve never gotten over Tim and if you need support I’m here.

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  4. The Library of Congress in DC seems to have everything on everything…might be worth the check.

  5. I think you and Appelman should do a news conference, advertised in advance by his publicity people. Wouldn’t you get some coverage? I/m pretty sure the news channels would jump all over it. Prepare your words. You should each speak. Will do his book lots of promotion and your agenda will get boosted big time. PLUS, you’ll end up with some old footage.

    1. Anyone using the Vanderbilt site will need to Search for Timothy King or Detroit Child Killer.

  6. I watched some of this YouTube video and it made me wonder about two things.
    First, if WXYZ won a Peabody Award for their coverage I would think they have archived copies of their award winning work.

    Second, Franklin. (Serious digression but stay with me please) Watching this video there is mention of Cathy Cadieux being found near Franklin. Then Kristine Mihelich is Is left in Franklin. I live in the village. I am a more recent transplant. I do remember the OCCK because of the special safe home system set up by the PTA for us kids walking to/from school in Indiana. I was on the phone in 2011 telling my mom I had a bad feeling about this pretty village. That there was a subtle sadness and an anger here and a serious dislike of strangers. Others I know have had this feeling and still others absolutely don’t get that vibe. I don’t know what to think of it. The same night I share that with my mom I had a vivid dream that there was a long kept secret about a killer that others tried to keep secret. After I got up I could not shake the awful dread and horror I felt. I had a cup of coffee and flicked on the news to a WXYZ report about the OCCK and they were talking about Kristine being left in Franklin. I googled it and found this blog and subscribed. I remembered the news as a kid and it all came together and I called my mom in CA. I tried asking a couple of people here in the village and they would just shut me down with a hard stare. Especially one neighbor who moved but never tore down his home which is slowly deteriorating. We joke that he must be hiding something because he is so creepy and gets mad if you step a foot on his property though he can’t seem to stand being there longer than it takes to cut his grass once a week.
    Could there be a connection to this village of Franklin? “The Town that Time Forgot”!
    In reading whats here and elsewherenit seems there are so many people involved in a cover up and amore than one perp. I think of you all often and hope for a break in the case and a conviction.

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