But we can’t do that in this case.  Too bad, so sad, no semen, no tissue, no nuclear DNA.  Too much work, go fuck yourselves and please just get lost.  Nothing stored correctly or even filed properly.  Hairs in my brother’s case?  Misfiled as animal hairs, for decades, just in case you didn’t know.  You had only one of those hairs out to test against the non-suspect  David Norberg, so WTF?!  And for that matter, why didn’t you test every goddamn hair you had against a guy your tax payers paid to exhume, as well as other evidence that we now know existed, but you denied?  Because you never thought some pathetic victim-family assholes would ask to see the records you motherfuckers are responsible for.  That’s why.

Unlike the OCCK case, the above article outlines the massive scope, intricate science and sheer doggedness of the effort to catch one of the nation’s worst serial predators in the Golden State Killer case. “Initial DNA work identified distant relatives — not a suspect. [investigator and DNA expert Paul] Holes said a team of five investigators spent four months building out family trees, name by name. They pored over census records, newspaper obituaries, gravesite locaters, and police and commercial databases to find each relative and, ultimately, DeAngelo.”

That requires resources and commitment.  And a case where high-level pedophiles will not be exposed (and were in fact protected by the FBI), nor errors of higher level task force investigators, prosecutors and polygraphers, and vigilante justice exposed.  No one pursued the evidence gathered in this case because officials could not afford to charge ANYONE in this case.  Their whole deal would unravel.  You can’t charge someone who would roll on someone else and blow this shit wide open.  Shame on you.  You are in the same stratosphere as the despicable, shitty, worthless animal pedophiles you allegedly were after or protecting.  You, Jane Burgess, Larry Wasser, Ralph Cabot, many others.  Keep your mouths shut and live with it. Your mirror should reflect these four dead kids.  Imagine what they went through during their captivity.  Like animals.  How do you live with yourselves?

Rerun those autopsy kits on those four poor, dead, broken kids who were kept from their families and received god knows what treatment and then dumped in public and rerun that shit on GED Match.  You know you have to.  If you can’t afford the time or resources to do the research to figure out who is involved, I bet there are a thousand volunteers who are well-versed in genealogy out there who would get the job done.  For free.  We are watching.

And while I’m at it, let’s take another look at old David Norberg, whose corpse was exhumed in late August 1999.  Check out a Detroit Free Press article written by Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., dated September 2, 1999.  (Sorry, I am on the road and don’t have access to a scanner.)  Norberg was being looked at in connection with the OCCK murders, as well as the murders of Jane Allen and Kimberly King.

The article states that “Bone and tissue samples were taken during Tuesday’s exhumation in hopes of linking him through DNA testing to a strand of hair found on victim Timothy King.  Two additional hairs were found in another victim’s mouth, and sperm was recovered from another body, according to the warrant.  But investigators said Wednesday there was no such evidence.

‘The warrant may say that, but it’s not correct,’ said Berkley Detective Ray Anger, who has led the exhumation and testing.”  OK, SO WHY ARE YOU PRESENTING BULLSHIT AFFIDAVITS IN SUPPORT OF YOUR WARRANTS??  And now we know your shit is lies, Anger.  But you are dead now and can’t be called to account.  After receiving FOIA documents–documents you sons of bitches thought we would never see, we know two hairs were found on Tim.  One in his nasal cavity, and one on his groin region.  One is described as a head hair and one is described as a mustache hair.  These documents also say that a 2 3/4″ head hair was found on Mark Stebbins.  Documents do say that the hairs in Kris’ mouth are her own.  But we now know about that little hair on her jacket THAT IS A mtDNA MATCH TO JAMES VINCENT GUNNELS, WHO IS ASSOCIATED WITH CHRIS BUCSCH AND GREG GREENE.  So there isn’t just one goddamn hair, Anger, you liar.  Twenty-two years later you are flying this shit.  And, in spite of denials from the MSP (below), sadly, the public eats it. In spite of the following:

“Reference to the sperm and additional hair samples in the warrant came directly from original investigative documents, said Jim Halushka, Chief of Warrants for the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office.  He said that if that evidence doesn’t exist–as Anger contends, it’s news to him.”  NO KIDDING, PAL.  From FOIA document BLK 02499:  “Regarding autopsy of Mark Stebbins, performed by Dr. Patanga at O.C. M.E.’s office, s noted by a Livonia synopsis dated 4/1/77, by Det./Sgt. Varajon:  “they obtained semen from anal and oral cavities.  . . . Slides of semen obtained from Dr. Patanga to be transported to MSP crime lab.”  YOU TELL ME WTF IS GOING ON HERE??

“EITHER RAY WAS CONFUSED OR IN ERROR WHEN HE TOLD YOU THAT,” Halushka said Wednesday.”  “Steve Lorch, laboratory director for the State Police Northville Laboratory the is preparing the evidence to be sent to the FBI lab in Washington, said he’s unaware of the DNA evidence other than the one hair.”  FUCK YOU AND THE FBI, YOU LIARS!  Somebody find this fuck and interview him.  One hair?!  Lorch, you also never foresaw pathetic family members getting access to your goddamn MSP documents that reveal you all to be liars.

So let’s go further into that article, shall we Ray Anger?  For whatever reason, you and Oakland County are all over the Norberg lead in 1999.  Maybe some other disturbing stuff was bubbling up to the surface and this was a good way to squelch any questions about your devotion to the case.  Which, let’s face it, up to now, you don’t have dick on and never even ran any suspects up the flag pole to prove you were on the case before this shit hit the fan.  You never charged a single fucking person in this or a related pedophile/child porn case.   The best way to get someone to turn on someone is to charge them.  But you never do it–because you can’t risk it.  You can’t risk someone squealing on Busch and Greene who were cleared by the MSP and Oakland County before Tim King was abducted and murdered, Fox Island and that piece of shit, multi-millionaire Frank Sheldon and his attorney,  the undeniable child porn and pedophile ring that existed within GM and Chrysler, Detroit Police Chief Ike McKinnon’s bullshit undercover operation in Detroit (can you say “Richard Lawson”?), or about vigilante justice (we get it, motherfuckers, but you fucked us family members over big time).

You can’t risk this shit unraveling.  But it’s going to.  You can’t fuck us all over forever.  You cannot harass and intimidate us forever.  We won’t get closure–that’s a joke; but you will be exposed for what you did and what you hid.  You had PLENTY of DNA evidence, but you never looked into a fucking thing after you found that fat, fucking piece of shit, Chris Busch, wrapped up dead in his boyhood bed cocoon, arms tucked in, with a gun next to his rotting body.  You pussies gave in to the FBI and you fucked over those four little kids, their families and friends, all of society in that area of Michigan, and your souls and reputations.  If this was in fact done by mafia, or some shit like that, they should find a way to reassure those of us who have suffered for over 40 years.  But I doubt that.  LE, and those of you who kept your mouth shut, your day is coming.  As a good friend of mine said, I hope you all go through hell before you end up there.


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  1. For those who don’t know, the MSP cleared Busch and Greene after they were arrested by the Flint PD in the murder of Mark Stebbins because the MSP’s polygraph operator, Ralph Cabot, made a highly questionable decision in late January of 1977.

    Cabot told Oakland County assistant prosecutor Richard Thompson that Busch and Greene had “passed” their polygraph tests with “no deception.” Therefore, said Cabot, they could not be connected to the OCCK. Thompson drove home disappointed. He had driven up to Flint (in a snowstorm!) because the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office thought the murders of Stebbins, Robinson and Mihelich had been solved. It was only Cabot’s judgment that kept the OCCK case alive at that moment – only Cabot kept Busch and Greene from immediate arrest on those cases!

    Decades later, various polygraph experts (including retired MSP officers!) looked at the original data from Cabot’s session and concluded that Cabot was wrong to tell that to Oakland County. The polygraph tests did not indicate “no deception” and they clearly warranted further investigation.

    So why did Cabot say that to Thompson?

    It has long been my belief that the MSP was protecting someone, and it wasn’t Greg Greene. Greene was locked up for life and spent the rest of his miserable eighteen years wasting away in prison, complaining that his partner Busch had not served a day. (No investigator interviewed Greene while he was incarcerated, but on the day he died in 1995, officials mysteriously sprang into action.)

    Greene was right.

    Chris Busch was protected by a powerful force, one so strong that it continues to this day to make a mockery of this case. Nothing else explains the suspended sentences, the obscene reductions in bail, the kid-glove treatment. Busch was even named in a newspaper as a participant in the North Fox Islands kiddie-porn ring that we know was under active investigation by the FBI!

    How the hell could Busch be “cleared” by Cabot?

    Because Cabot did what he was directed to do by his superiors at the MSP. And they could only have taken orders from a federal law enforcement agency. And that could only have been the FBI.

    It has long been my personal belief that Chris Busch was an informant (or whatever they call them) on the North Fox Islands Ring (at least) for the FBI, and that explains the four-decades long cover up. Once the FBI realized that their informant, Busch, was probably the OCCK, they shut down Oakland County’s case by telling the MSP to lie to Oakland County.

    Busch may well have been an informant/contact for other local agencies, and he may have been in regular contact with various pedophile rings in the metro Detroit area. In short, Busch could have named a lot of names, even if he himself were the sole killer!

    Powerful incentive to shut him up, permanently.

    And at some point in 1977/78 we know Busch made his fateful admission of guilt in front of Larry Wasser (Southfield polygraph operator) and attorney Jane Burgess (personal friend of Jessica Cooper). That certainly sealed Busch’s fate back then. (Wasser in 2006 told Patrick Coffey that Busch “killed your boy” – Tim King.)

    I believe that once news leaked out to various people that Busch had confessed, then a decision was made to kill him – and other men who were very likely connected – before he said anything else or publicly implicated/embarrassed any law enforcement agency. (Because of attorney/client privilege, and the professional ethics of polygraph operators, Busch’s statement about Timothy King was unknown but for a small group of people. So the secret remained hidden for decades.)

    But a powerful agency/agencies could not take any further chances with Busch.

    And so Busch was killed in November of 1978.

    Other men, connected to Busch, will not talk. They have been intimidated into silence by a fear of something so powerful that some of them would rather rot in prison forever than risk telling what they know.

    And so, the cover up continues to this day.

  2. There is no doubt any longer that either every branch of law enforcement involved in this case is either inept beyond reproach or there is and has been a MASSIVE cover-up since the beginning.

  3. Cathy,

    On a different note, have you ever read Francis Shelden’s deposition in his lawsuit against Adam Starchild (for mismanaging Shelden’s trust while Shelden fled Michigan in 1976)? Note that Deyer Grossman called Shelden to warn him of the blackmail threat from Gerald Richards, who himself was having “severe difficulties”! (Shelden phoned his family from Canada that he had a “little problem”!) Further note that in December of 1976, Adam Starchild told Shelden that the FBI was on to him!

    Shelden was definitely involved in the North Fox Island Ring (he owned it), and I think the “procurers” for the ring somehow involved Chris Busch. I think Busch cut a deal with the FBI as they tried to close in on the ring. But I see no evidence that the North Fox Island Ring was still active after Shelden fled the country in July of 1976. We know that Busch and Greene were still active, certainly, but we don’t know for whom they were “procuring” victims.

    The highlights are paragraphs 39, 40, 41 and 42. I have linked the whole thing at the bottom.

    In July 1976 Shelden received a telephone call from Deyer Grossman who said that a mutual acquaintance by the name of Gerald Richards was having severe “difficulties” and that Richards might involve Shelden in these “difficulties”; and that Shelden might become the subject of blackmail by Richards. Shelden testified that Grossman “suggested that it might be wise for me to leave the country for awhile … to await events.” Shelden said that his immediate concern was protecting his assets, especially his negotiable stocks. He asked Grossman for advice. Grossman suggested that Shelden contact Adam Starchild, an investment counseler specializing in offshore investments. Shelden had never met Starchild but telephoned him in New Jersey and asked for his advice. Starchild recommended that Shelden bring his stock certificates to New Jersey and discuss the matter with him further.

    Shelden removed the securities from his bank safety deposit box and took them with him to New Jersey. Starchild convinced him of his alleged expertise in establishing tax shelters. He recommended that Shelden form an offshore trust with his assets. The stock certificates thereupon were lodged in a vault in the Mid-Atlantic Bank of New Jersey. A loan was obtained, secured by some of the shares of stock, and two bank accounts of between $30,000 and $40,000 were opened, one in the name of Shelden and the other in the name of Starchild. Shelden explained the purpose of Starchild’s account was “so he would have some money for administering my affairs.” Starchild indicated that he was going to form a company specifically for the purpose of administering the trust to be created by Shelden. Shelden then left his securities with Starchild and flew to Europe via Canada and the Bahamas. While in Canada he notified his family by telephone that there may have been a little “problem” and he would be away for a while.

    A meeting took place at a house owned by Shelden in Antigua, British West Indies, attended by Shelden, his brother, Alger, Jr., L. Bennett Young and Adam Starchild. There was a general discussion as to how Shelden’s assets should be managed. Starchild stated that a trust was essential and recommended an irrevocable trust. Young expressed doubt that a trust was necessary but took the position that in all events an irrevocable trust would be unwise. At the insistence of Young, a revocable trust was decided upon. The trust instrument was signed September 28, 1976 by Francis D. Shelden, Settlor, and The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands, Ltd. by Adam Starchild. The trust instrument was witnessed by Alger Shelden, Jr. and L. Bennett Young. Francis D. Shelden retained the express right to modify or terminate the trust altogether, including the power to remove the trustee and appoint a successor trustee or trustees. On October 9, 1976 Shelden, as Settlor, appointed L. Bennett Young as protector with the concurrent power to remove trustees and appoint successor trustees. Starchild, as director of The Trust Company of the Virgin Islands, Ltd., acknowledged the appointment of Young as protector of the trust. Following the execution of the trust instrument, Shelden returned to Europe.

    In December 1976 Starchild reported to Shelden by telephone that the State of Michigan had issued criminal warrants for the arrest of Shelden. Starchild indicated to Shelden that he was coming under scrutiny by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  4. Cathy,
    You are a tenacious spitfire , and rightfully so . I mean that in the most complimentary sense , as you are doing what you must do in the most difficult of circumstances. That being said , have you or any other family members considered privately jointly renouncing your rights to file civil lawsuits &c. in return for privately being given the truth ?

    Am I right in assuming that this boils down to money in the end ?

    Keep your spirits up and God bless you.

    1. Anon, it’s more than money. It’s reputations—individuals and agencies. Reputations that will never recover once the truth is exposed. The odds of any civil suit lasting past the summary judgment stage here are negligible. I don’t think for a minute we would get the truth.

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