$11,525.49, plus attorney fees

This is how much my Dad paid to obtain the documents he requested from the Michigan State Police, via the Freedom of Information Act.  Keep in mind that the FOIA request was only for documents pertaining to Christopher Busch and Gregory Green.  Also keep in mind that this amount did not include attorney fees incurred for this request.  Finally, ask yourself how much any media outlet or anyone else has paid for FOIA documents in comparison.  Realize that my Dad shared these documents with anyone willing to pay to copy them.  And some he gave away freely.  I wonder what the final tab was for Mardi Link’s FOIA requests in the the Robison case and whether the documents she obtained had all kinds of shit redacted.




13 thoughts on “$11,525.49, plus attorney fees”

    1. Thanks, as always, Joe. The shit is going to hit the fan. It just might not be as big a fan as we need, but it’s gonna hit the exposure fan. That’s all we have left, in spite of how heinous these crimes were.

  1. It’s crazy. Let that amount sink in when you think about the cops/law enforcement saying “they want to help.” “Open case”–give me a break.

  2. I pray for your family. I wish I could something/ anything to help. I’ve read quite a lot of your blogs and remember living in Oakland County during those awful years. There is something so wrong and disturbing about how these cases were and continue to be handled. Nothing is what it seems. Waiting for these cases to be blow wide open!

  3. I’ve talked to Mardi Link a few times. I bet she’ll tell you right off what she paid or didn’t pay. She is an upstanding person in my estimation.

  4. I would be interested in seeing how much is spent on this investigation every month in terms of time and dollars. A taxpayer should be able to FOIA request that information, no? It would be a tangible measuring stick for what “open and on going” really means.

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