I took down the letter written by the man who thought he saw Tim while he was missing. I learned this morning that police did speak with him back in 2015 and determined the man was trying to help but was not entirely believable. The letter was sent to my Dad’s address. He opened the letter and gave a copy to police before forwarding it to me. It was, I guess, just an example of what happens in a case like this.

4 thoughts on “Letter”

  1. How can these fucks get away with this.

    I am speechless and sending you and family positive thoughts every day. Not a day in my life has gone by that I picked up my Daily Tribune bundle to deliver and saw Tim on the cover.

    Will never forget.. And this hiding BS.

    Just know I feel your pain.

  2. Unfortunately that was my thought. Some truth maybe but not believable. It sounded a little too dramatic. It’s sad what family members go through. We got news that our suspect died. So straight to Hell for him.



    1. He’s dead? I’m happy to hear that, but it’s infuriating that nothing was done. WPD would not cooperate with me either.

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