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    1. Nina,

      I can’t wait for my daughter to hook me up with a techno gadget I can stream this on. Neither my tablet nor my kindle seem to wanna let me do it so I know she has the i-pod capability. I’m so hoping for Cathy, her dad, and all the victims and awesome survivors to know we’re sick and tired and need to keep the light shining! THANKS TO YOU!

      1. Patty – Have you been able to listen? What kind of tablet do you have? I’d be happy to help you figure out if you can listen on anything you already have access to, if you’d like.

  1. Alright, a lot more research has been done. The man i thought was Johnny Metzger was really Dyer Grossman. Dyer Grossman is the Oakland County Child Killer. The entire North Fox Island child porn thing didnt stop. There is a reason nobody talked.

    When North Fox Island happened, the people involved found themselves blackmailed. They each had to participate in a murder of a child named Mark Stebbins. Stebbins may have been an early victim of the ring.

    Everyone did one little thing. Some people drove him from house to house. Some people had him over for the night. Some people called in false tips. Lots of little things.

    Once they all participated in the murders, they were into the club so to speak.

    Grossman and McConahy ran this operation from Michigan to New York. On the New York side of the operation, they drove out certain “star boys” to wealthy long island clients. They were entered into the same ring of death, which is evidenced by the Son of Sam murders (Berkowitz actually was at Grossman’s house).

    The reason this thing isn’t solved and won’t be solved is they damn near corrupted everything. People are still being murdered. They moved to adults for most of their pack murders because adults are less investigated than the death of a child, though I know they killed Nevaeh Buchanan a few years back.

    Nobody wants justice because a lot of people would be going to prison for a long time, and justice only ever sounds good when it’s for someone else.

    I saw McConahy at a Detroit party back as late as 2011. They had mentioned how difficult it was to get him all the way there. The games been being played for a long time.

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