Sun Stands Still; Winter Solstice

Forty-two Winter Solstices have passed since the abduction and murder of Mark Stebbins, the first acknowledged victim of the Oakland County child killers, in February 1976.  Forty-one more Christmases have passed since Jill Robinson, the second acknowledged victim of these animals, was abducted and murdered and her body dumped in the early-morning hours of Christmas Day in 1976.   Think about that.  Someone’s son, brother, friend, relative, kept an abducted child captive in the days leading up to Christmas, then murdered her on Christmas.

Winter solstice, when the night is longest and the day shortest.  There has been no daylight in these cases; darkness never seems to give way to light here. We have had only brief glimpses of what we can probably gather are some truths in this case.  As Sir Thomas More said “If honor were profitable, everybody would be honorable.”  But this case was meant to stay in the dark.  Darkness that kept getting other kids abducted, tortured and murdered.  That darkness protected those least entitled to protection, and the list includes more than just the killers.  It includes relatives, friends and acquaintances of the killers, those who chose profit over honor, and those who wanted to save face rather than do the right thing. People who kept their mouths shut and somehow managed to live with themselves for over four decades.  In fairness, some of these people did come forward, only to be shut down by those who had control of the narrative of this crime.

Yet DNA and genetic genealogy made 2018 “the year of the cold case:  ‘Biggest crime-fighting breakthrough in decades.’”  But darkness persists in these cases.   It’s no surprise, really, because back in the day DNA testing did not exist.  It’s no surprise especially because when this investigation got shut down hard by those at the top back in the day, there was no concern for evidence preservation.  The less of that stuff the better; it won’t be needed.

Where did the suitcase full of child pornography found in a search of Busch’s residence in January 1977 go?  Where are the Polaroids of children Greg Green told police about, wrapped in foil and buried in a yard (carefully described in the notes of one of his interrogations in January 1977)?  Why were hairs found on both Mark and Tim found to be from the same source only many decades later?  Did no one think to compare this evidence until after 2014? Why were hairs found on Tim missing for decades, mislabeled as animal hairs?  Why did people like Ray Anger of the Berkley Police Department and life-long, member emeritus of the “task force” continue to maintain for decades that there was no evidence—zero evidence!–in this case?

Why would the actual evidence in these cases be used, as I have been told more than once, in Michigan State Police POST training?  Why is a hair found on Kristine and matched to a teenage male victim of Chris Busch worth nothing, when a hair found in a trunk of convicted pedophile Arch Sloan’s Bonneville allegedly matching hairs found on both Mark and Tim, but thus far matched to no one, worth everything?   In a case like this, the serial abduction, captivity, torture and murder of four children, meticulous evidence preservation would have been called for, even in the dark ages of 1976-1978.  All the many reincarnations of the “task force” over the years—the many hand-offs—why did it take an outside detective to relentlessly and to his detriment force this issue on the MSP after 2005?  Because the idea was that no one was ever going to go there.  Fuck it.  We know how to end this thing.  “No comment; open case.”  Open forever.

The truth would have helped here.  Even a little bit of it.  But it’s too late for that.  Now we need the come-clean kind of truth.   The kind of truth you don’t get in a case like this unless someone comes forward.  Someone from the inside and I mean someone from or close to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office from back in the day.  Someone who is not afraid of L. Brooks Patterson or Richard Thompson, two now-old men who ultimately screwed over the victims, the families, the communities and every honest cop who ever worked on this case.  Not some shitty, god-awful, cowardly pedophile working in the prison garden and chowing his three prison meals a day.  A whistle-blower.  This case involves one of the biggest cover-ups in history.   If you think this is impossible, or that I am simply paranoid, think again.  This is exactly the kind of case where something like this would happen.  Nobody else died in this case, so who cares, right? No lawsuits are filed, no explanations or apologies are needed.  Ever.  A couple kids were sadly just collateral damage and their families will be too weakened and damaged to question a thing. For the rest, Oakland County was safe once more.

47 Comments on “Sun Stands Still; Winter Solstice”

  1. linda hallel says:

    Thanks Cathy for your dedication in this case for your entire life it seems, I am surely trying to get someone to listen to me about the description of our attempted kidnapping, pray that someone will listen as the sketch on wikipedia is good but it is not perfect and only me and the other girl know what he looks like and have lived to tell about it.
    Anyone who lived in Oakland County knows that it is a big Mafia area, I suppose it is possible for the cover- up, it disgusts me about this investigation and they are just as responsible for the killing of the four children as the murderers themselves.
    I am praying that the investigators will listen and I will be able to do a sketch or line up with them I will never forget this face I see him in my mind and I believe that there is something I know or have seen that could help this case get solved.

    I wanted to add to the families that the children did not go to him, he turned the car towards them and stopped and made it so they had no way to get away and then grabbed them, that is what he did to us in Lake Orion, Mi.

    He looked harmless just a teenager driving around, so sorry the four lost their lives, so glad we live to tell for Tim, Mark, Jill, Kristine,

    I am fighting to get my information out there, I think they are investgating the police file we made way back then, my statement is the same today as back then, occk was stopped dead in his tracks we know what he looked like, and we knew he changed the color of the car, no case reported after us.

    Thanks a determined lady who now works for Jill, Tim, Mark, and Kristine as they look down at me and know I know .

  2. Judi Coltman says:

    I seethe at the phrase, “Open and Ongoing” – it’s a cop out; it’s lazy and it is lacking any integrity. And at the base of it all is a core that chooses their actions based on covering their own asses in exchange for the lives of those 4 children, their immediate families and their extended families who also feel the legacy of victimization. The MSP vows it is, “. . . entrusted to keep sacred the traditions of my department. I will always serve honestly and faithfully. . . .” Seems those traditions of the department supersede honesty. But, it’s a new year and WE are all still here and WE want answers – MSP “Traditions” be damed.

  3. Vicki says:

    It is indeed so incredibly difficult to even begin to understand why no one has come forward; why there have been no whistle-blowers; why the horrendous abuse and murder of four innocent children goes “unsolved”; why grieving loved ones cannot attain some measure of justice; why persons who most certainly took great pains to cover up facts and bury evidence go unpunished…..
    I applaud your strength Cathy. I applaud you for never giving up on justice for Tim. Your (and Barry’s and Chris’ and Mark’s) great love for Tim and continued search for the truth is a beacon of light and hope in a very dark winter. Please know that we as members of your extended family stand with you and support you. Love always.

  4. bitamoney says:

    So consider this scenario: A letter is sent to (pick it), Detroit’s office of prosecutors, Michigan State Police, Warren P.D., various private detectives. They get the letter and perhaps some receptionist or rookie reads it. It discloses information or tips about these crimes. What happens next? Are they trained to shred them? Trained to file them? Trained to file them in the round file, headed for the dumpster?
    I refuse to believe that credible information has never come to the surface. I refuse to believe that each and every tip that’s been run down has led to zero information. I am 68 years old. I was in my early twenties when all this happened. Thank God I was already out of Detroit, that simmering cauldron of decay, lies, tragedy and shit.

  5. Bren says:

    Your amazing ! This crap goes on all the time, unfortunately. I have always been interested in the Angie Dodge unsolved case. Keep writing, I love reading your stuff. Much love, Bren

  6. amy SHULER says:

    I will continue to pray for that little flicker of light, which holds the truth, to continue to find its way through the cracks and pinholes of darkness.
    Those who know more, and either took part, or know what happened and are not coming clean are sadistic scumbags.
    We will stand by you and hold Tim, Mark, Jill and Kristine up to the light.
    XO A

  7. Lynda says:

    This case needs a Frank Serpico to come forward, someone on the inside. I have faith that will happen but then what? Who does s/he tell where it will be brought into the light? Certainly not the DA or any LE agency. It would have to be meticulously detailed info, with documentation, and I believe it would have to be bundled off to every major newspaper in the country until someone runs with it. There is no accountability under Cooper and her thug ADA. I’m slack-jawed that the people of Oakland County keep voting her in. Wake up!

  8. Mechanic says:

    The news reports I’ve been rereading from back then list early morning Sunday dec. 26 as murder date.

  9. Barry King says:

    Thanks to my children, Cathy and Chris, on November 30, 2007 Christopher Busch was the first suspect identified to me as the killer of my eleven year old son Tim in 1977. After December 15, 2010 I learned that Richard Thompson, the Chief Assistant Prosecutor in 1977 and subsequent Prosecutor, and David Gorsyca, the predecessor to Jessica Cooper the current Prosecutor since 2009, advised the revitalized 2005 Oakland County Child Killer task force that
    Busch, who died in 1978, was the primary suspect. This is directly contrary to the published statement by L. Brooks Patterson, the Prosecutor in February 1977 before Tim was abducted and the Oakland County Executive since before 2005, that Busch was not a suspect in the first three murders. Why is no one in Oakland County is willing to allow my family to examine any one under oath on the status of this case. That is how they solved the high school murders in Columbine, Colorado. Silence should not be authorized in 40 year old murder cases!

    • linda hallel says:


      I sent you an email, maybe you though I was a nut but I am very serious there are two girls, me being one of them that was almost kidnapped by the occk kidnapping teen age boy, I really don’t know why people will not listen, no one knows forsure what he looks like except us, as I have stated to Cathy I lived out the states most of my life, and never knew the occk was not caught ever, after I found that out which was only two years ago, I have been trying to do something, anything this is when I became concerned with knowing the things that I forsure know, so I have tried desperately to get someone to listen to me but yet to have anyone in law enforcement listen, all of your children are looking down at me and they know I know, I want to help your families and your children the best I can to have closure.

      None of the suspects have the nose I remember, I can see his face as I write, so it has never left me, you can’t forget when you look straight into evils eyes every detail.

      I don’t believe it is one occk it is a few of them but I saw the kidnapper for them, I guess the most important detail I can share is the age he would be now does not fit most of the suspects, this creep that tried to kidnap me was about 16-18 years old, so they have NO ONE that look like him, wrong eye color and nose shape, it just upsets me so deep, I would love to know that something I have could solve this case, but I won’t know until they listen.

      I did tell the investigator to look up the police file on my attempted kidnapping and look the time Busch died, they need to know that after we were almost kidnapped the occk stopped.

      Who knows if it all matters but the thing that makes me so mad is how this case can go through so many years and not be solved I know how it aches at your hearts daily the families involoved.

      The blonde hairs they found is the kidnapper, he had short blonde hair all the pictures and sketches are long hair IT IS WRONG!!!!!!!

      If you ever questioned why did Tim go with him, he didn’t he brought the car close to Tim and tried to talk to him, then Tim probablly got nervous and the kidnapper turned the car so close to Tim he had no where to run and the kidnapper grabbed him, we had no where to run either but I I pulled until I got us loose from his grip, I was 12 against a monster but I won, I have no idea where I got that strength from as he was extremely strong, he does not even get out of the car he grabbed us from the passenger side while he was in the drivers seat he leans over and grabs you, that should show you how close the car was to us, unreal in broad day light we were walking home from school, very gusty demon.

      LIke I said, I am not doing this to help Michigan cold case I am doing this to help Jill, Tim, Mark, Kristine and all their family members.

      I hope there is something I know that can help solve it for you.

      Sincerely a servant to Jill, Tim, Mark, and Kristine

      • Kat says:

        Linda, There was a blonde suspect at some point. If you use the search term “OCCK blonde composite sketch” you should be able to find it.

      • linda hallel says:

        Thanks Kat for your help, I seen a picture of arch sloan as a young man from Cathy she sent it in May 2018, if that really is arch sloan as a young man I am almost sure it is who tried to kidnap us, as he has the perfect triangle nose, blonde hair, slender build, and that innocent look I remember so clearly, however the old man picture of arch sloan shows a way different nose, maybe some one has busted it a few times, now who do I tell that will listen, when I saw that face I stared at it for a while and imagined him staring back at me and he has that the perfect features I remembered, now who am I going to tell that will listen I tried to call again today and only get voice mails with no call backs.

        I guess I will start with the families I believe the kidnapper is arch sloan he is in prison for crimes, but now the world should know he needs to do more time for the four precious children taken from all of you and cough up all the others that were involved.
        Why am I so sure, it is that perfect triangle nose I have been searching for and none of them had it except the young arch sloan, as I pulled and pulled to get away from him he pulled me closer and closer to the car so I stared the devil in the face and I prevailed over evil.

        I may never prove it to Michigan police and really don’t care I want the families to have closure, I want the kids looking down on me to know I would not give up for them, I want the parents to know that arch sloan has been locked up for the other crimes, I believe the world should know that the occk is arch sloan, that demon knows I saw his face and I am sure it has been on his mind his whole life, the two that got away would reveal who he is.
        Please families heal and trust me, it is the best I can do as no one will listen to me.

  10. Kathleen says:

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I can only imagine the heartache this has been over so many years and how hard it must be to see the effort in so many other cases(some finding answers) but yours keeps going on. That being said I am going to say something that probably will not be well received but I have wanted to say it for a very long time. I don’t think your insistence that Busch is the one is helpful, I feel it makes it easier for LE to continue a coverup (and I do believe there was one) they have said he has been ruled out and frankly, I can’t really imagine it being someone like him, I seriously doubt a profiler would mention many of his traits. They don’t really have to do too much more because you are convinced it was him. I’m not sure it has served you well to be somewhat tunnel visioned on this but it does serve “them” well. I feel sad saying these things. I do care about your feelings.

    • Kay says:

      This family knows this very complex case better than anyone, and has discovered testimonials and evidence on their own over the years that have lead them to offer assistance to – as well as probe – authorities. If they are met with blank stares and redacted documentation, what reasons do they have to doubt their own findings? I think they are entitled to considered authorities on the case. They are motivated by only the purest reasons that exist.

    • Judi Coltman says:

      Kathleen, from your vantage point it may appear to be tunnel vision. I don’t know what you know about these cases, where you were at the time of the murders or how old you were and how that has molded your view of them. Perhaps your opinion has formed from casual observation or maybe deep study of the investigative papers? What I do know is that the Kings have not cleared away any other suspects from their purview they just want to know WHY Busch was suddenly no longer considered a suspect. That is what they have been asking – please show the evidence that clears Busch from the roster.

  11. Kathleen says:

    I understand the points made here. I expected them and probably more to come. I’m not a young person or a newbie to this. I am 71 years old and can not shake my thoughts of a particular person. I initially spoke with Lt. Robertson the fall of 1977. I felt unheard by him and offered ,I believe, one more thought on the subject by letter. I heard nothing and pretty much gave up but continued to think of it almost daily. Around 2005 I had access to a computer and was able to research my thoughts and felt even more convinced. I admit my tunnel vision was probably comparable to others regarding Busch. I sent info to MSP but , as always, no response. About that time there was word that there was a suspect and I really thought there was action on my findings but it was Busch who I felt from the start didn’t fit. My thoughts then were that they know who it is but can’t come out with it because he is still alive and could have been recognized as the person in late 1977. I don’t want to state his name but will say a few of my reasons. He is a psychiatrist whom I cleaned his home for a few months in the fall of 1977. He gave me a different name than his and explained that was his phone name, I did find ID in the phone name. He had a journal mixed in with many other books written just before Mark Stebbins , exact words were “lately I have begun to love watching and being around children, those children 12-15 who seem to have no sense but have such a marvelous time” and another stated his feelings due to his loneliness and one was murderous.
    He was sued from a case at a private psychiatric hospital where he worked for false imprisonment , assault and battery, she won. There are a few other reasons but I’ll leave it at this. I had 3 young children at this time of my life and I can’t begin to imagine the grief. I still can’t let go, I wish I could

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you for your posts, Kathleen. I know who this piece of shit is. His name was mentioned in early Internet forums about this case. The lawsuit he was involved in as a defendant was easy to find. I believe he worked at the psychiatric facility near where Tim’s body was dumped. You, like many, describe being blown off by the state police, specifically Robertson, back in the day. Why did the MSP operate this way? Not only a cover up but possibly one of the most flawed investigations of the era. I will pull my notes on this POS and forward those currently working on shows and podcasts about this case and the investigation.

    • Judi Coltman says:

      I think I know who this person is and agree, you were blown off by MSP. Same thing happened to our family when we came forward – Robertson in particular.

      • Judi Coltman says:

        Also want to add, I appreciate you overcame your hesitation to post. This case needs people to speak up.

      • Kathleen says:

        Judi, thank you so much for your words and support. I have such a strong feeling that Polly did pass him at the drugstore that day. How difficult that thought must have been for her and if only someone listened to her.

    • l.h. says:

      Kathleen I feel your frustration, I and another girl are the only ones that knows the true identity of the kidnapper, and I have not received a call back from the investigator yet in Michigan, it is okay I told them everything I know and I know it is recorded, so it will have to be in file x for now, remember the children can look over us and see that we have tried to help solve the case, no matter what God has them and He will take care of it, our spirit can be clear, we did what we could.
      I feel the only thing left to do is to go to the prison and tell that arch sloan I am the one who got away from you do you remember me?”

      Then I would say “I have never forgotten you, I fell to the ground and you sped away in your little gremlin car and left me in the dust, yeah I wlll never forget you.”

  12. Kathleen says:

    I’d like to share a little more about my reasons for having suspicions regarding a certain person in the OCCK cases. Much of my thoughts could be coincidence but I can’t tell you how many times I have heard on TV, movies, podcasts etc., that in police work there are no coincidences. This may be somewhat lengthy but I want to state it understandably. One thing I found on line was an address within walking distance of Mark Stebbins, it is 524 withington, an apt, with him listed as a prior resident. I have no abilities to find out when this address was associated with him, this and the next item is where I would have liked to have known if it was checked out by LE. I remember telling Robertson I believed he drove a LeMans . I explained I was not good at car models but that was what I thought he drove, it was cream colored with a tan top. Much later it was known that the gremlin was probably wrong and possibly was a LeMans with a trailer hitch and some damage. I sent my info to Kalbfleisch, who did a lot of work determining the car. He was retired but was very helpful and I feel he did all he could on the subject. He dismissed him because a witness at Jill’s scene said the car was blue. I wonder did he really say that color (another red herring) or did it appear blue in the night light w/moon? Polly, who saw a car circling the Tim Kings neighborhood said she saw a light colored car. It was stated it had a trailer hitch, I only saw his car a couple of times and didn’t notice a trailer hitch but I do know he had a boat in his garage on a trailer. Also I found 2 unclaimed accident fund unclaimed money on line. Again, I have no way of researching any of this but doubt it was checked out by those who could.
    This has gotten long so I will stop for now. I have a couple more thoughts to share but may at another time. They are ones that prove nothing but are incredibly bizarre .
    To some I may seem a nutcase. I just would like to know if he actually was checked out

    • Judi Coltman says:

      Kathleen, I can confirm that Polly most definitely said it was a light colored car. And you do not seem like a nutcase to me. It takes guts to speak up especially when you have been dismissed. If I could find it right now, I’d post the email I received from Robertson – totally bogus dismissal of very concrete events that he could not be bothered with after all of these years.

  13. linda hallel says:

    I am sorry to say that no detective has called me, how patient do you think i should be, hmm I guess my patience is up, I may call back again tomorrow, what don’t they get 2 girls know what the kidnapper looked like and well I think it could help this case, but doesn’t it seem like not matter what evidence comes that way does not get revealed anyways, I don’t want to think it is a waste of time, I am sure I have done what I needed to do to clear my concsious and sleep at night, I see his face and you know the best way I can describe him as he looked like a perfect manican face, so sad to look so innocent and be so evil, All those other suspects are probablly a part of it and they sent out a innocent looking boy to kidnap children so that we would trust him.

    I am in agony to know that I was the lucky one and escaped, me and the other girl.

    All I want them to do is look up the date we were almost kidnapped and see the date of Buschs murder, so not a suicide and see if it adds up, it is not hard as I don’t remember the date I was almost kidknapped, I guess I could look it up myself and look at the details, but the only thing I know forsure is that there were no more kidnapping of children after our attempted kidnapping, I guess that does say it all.
    They all knew that someone could identify thier little kidnapping boy and it was all over for them, I never did a sketch with the police however we were both told this is who they were looking for.

  14. Why doesn’t someone get a dna composite sketch done with the unmatched hair dna?

  15. At risk of being g too obsessed with this case, I wondered if anyone has talked to this guy: Ajax Ackerman.

  16. Paul Jolliffe says:

    I just finished J. Reuben Appelman’s “ The Kill Jar” and it is a decent (if a little incomplete) summary of the state of the case as of fairly recently. It is also a personal narrative – the author wrote the book partly as a catharsis, a way to exorcise some personal demons. Honestly, I could have done without all that – I just wanted him to clarify some things about the case.

    But he didn’t. No cites, no footnotes, nothing.

    So, Cathy, can you give the details on the following:

    1. John Hastings was at the American Legion Hall in Ferndale the afternoon Mark Stebbins went missing?
    If true, that’s huge!
    What’s the evidence for that?

    2. John Hasting’s brother worked at John McKinney’s art gallery? (Was his brother named “Mike”?)

    3. Kristine Mihelich’s mother worked as a bartender at the Hartfield Lanes bowling alley in Berkley, a spot frequented by both Chris Busch and John Hastings?

    4. He claims that Jill was strangled to death and then shot later, postmortem. While possible, the autopsy would reveal the cause of death without the need for Jack Kalbfleisch’s guesswork. What did Jill’s autopsy list as the cause of death?

    5. The Berkeley witness to Kristine’s kidnapping – that guy can identify the dirty Berkeley cop. he told Chris Flynn of his suspicions, and Flynn was killed trying to unravel it?
    That Berkeley witness ( “Sebastian” in the book) is the key to solving this case today. Find him, and get him to talk.

    6. Finally, most importantly and most maddeningly, if Chris Busch was murdered (as I believe he was), then why didn’t the OCCK Task Force take the bait, and announce to the world back in November of 1978 that the killer was dead?

    Whoever shot Busch wanted him to take the blame for the murders, and probably rightly so!
    Yet his name was suppressed for decades, long after any possible influence Busch family money could have bought!

    What organization in our society has the power to co-opt county prosecutors, local police and even the Michigan State Police, even after four decades?

    Longtime readers know my answer to that.

    (And it is not the mob!)

    • cathybroad says:

      Paul, no one in law enforcement has ever really pushed that fuck John Hastings to talk for real. After the task force was re-upped in 2005 in light of the information on Ted Lamborgine, investigators went to Atlanta to interview Hastings. I read the transcript of the interview—it was in the FOIA response. They went easy on him. He agreed to, and did in fact, provide a DNA sample to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. He said he would take a polygraph and I don’t believe he ever did. As far as I know, all that has been written and said about Hastings is hearsay. I need to find and reread that interview transcript. This may be the source for some of the things you mention. Here’s what I know for a fact—he lived on Tuckahoe, a short walk from Morningview Terrace in Bloomfield Village and was around the same age as Chris Busch, who often stayed at and was found dead in his parents’ home on Morningview. Just a coincidence, I guess.

      Mike, his younger brother did work at McKinney’s art gallery. Back when this all hit the fan, you could still find stuff about him online, including a CV that listed his stint at McKinney’s gallery (Mike was still in high school). After Tim’s murder, Mike graduated from Seaholm High School many months early and moved to an Indian Reservation in Arizona. That’s right, to a location where federal, not state, law applies. Probably just another coincidence.

      I annoy independently confirm that Kris’s mom worked at Hartfield Lanes. Busch mentions that Hartfield Lanes in his January 1977 interview with police as one of three places he would go to try to find boys. I have no idea about Hastings.

      My recollection is that the autopsy lists Jill’s cause of death as hemorrhage due to the gunshot wound.

      Sebastian has talked repeatedly, up to the present day, and the cops have consistently blown him off. Back in the day, and continuing for DECADES, they made his life a living hell every chance they could. His story was always consistent. And by cops, I mean the Berkely PD, an organization I still regard with the deepest suspicions. The current investigators do not believe his story. I believe that is based in large part on police bias. If only there were body cameras on cops back in the day. I think Sebastian is telling the truth and the cops who fucked with him, beginning when he was still a KID,should rot in hell.

      Paul, #6 is the biggest question of all, and what you describe is why we know people in Oakland County are dirty. I believe part of the silence is that the Oakland County prosecutor was quoted in the newspapers in January 1977 that Busch was not the OCCK. Two weeks later Tim is abducted and six days after that, he is murdered. If Busch is involved, let go as an OCCK suspect and goes back out and kills again, the prosecutor and the MSP polygrapher have blood on their hands. I think it is more than that, but this was a can of worms the local law enforcement and the FBI were unwilling to deal with. As we see to the current day—Jeffrey Epstein being but one example—children are expendable as collateral damage.

      • Do you have the correct information in regards to Jill’s bicycle? Strangely enough, there are 2 different reports about where her bike was found – 1 being behind a hobby store on Woodward and the other behind a law office on Main Street in downtown Royal Oak. Alcove Hobby Shop was in Berkley and then moved to 29764 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI (248) 545-6237. It was owned by Bob Boyle and his kids played with me and my brothers. I remember the police being at their house, which was 3 doors down from mine on North Vermont, after Jill was found.

  17. cathybroad says:

    Cannot, not annoy.

  18. Ang says:

    I came across this newspaper article dated December 1975 .. I can’t figure out how to share the page without making you sign up for a free trial .. am I able to share screen shots on here ..?

  19. Judi Coltman says:

    Ang – this was found on and is part of a write up with author unknown. It says, “Jill’s bike was found by a neighborhood boy on the after- noon of December 27 behind the Valenti and Lieberman offices on N. Main Street in Royal Oak; no one knows whether she rode it there on the 22nd when she dis- appeared or whether it was placed there later.”

    That should not be considered definitive but it does appear on the Nation Crime Justice Reference Service which means it is in an archive concerning these cases.

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