“Be patient, Barry.”

Please watch this download of a speech my Dad gave to a women’s club in Oakland County this past fall.  He condenses a very complex case and the investigation into an hour talk.  It is worth watching.  My Dad is almost 88 years old.  It is appalling that he has had to spend the last decade dealing with this bullshit in Oakland County.  It is literally unbelievable.  Check it out.

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  1. Kay says:

    Bravo TCH, the Women’s Club and BCT

  2. jkaneh says:

    Cathy – you can print this.

    Wow. Just wow. How horrifying that Oakland County is so corrupt and lie with great finesse. Looks like Waterford Police was tutored by Oakland County. After all, they work so closely together. I was small peanuts compared to your dad. Police chief Dan Mc Caw from Waterford did the same exact thing to me by telling everyone not to talk to me. Including their own police officers. This angers me much that this seems to be SOP for all of Oakland County police agencies. I betcha Jessica Cooper gets re-elected too.



  3. Cecilia Brown says:

    Barry – so impressive. I think the upcoming media may finally be enough pressure to get LE to cough it all up. Cathy – please send out info on show and book dates. We are sure to watch/buy.

  4. Kathleen says:

    You did an awesome job, Mr. Barry, with your presentation. So very sad that you all are where you are in all of this . You’ve done your very best and that is all one can do. May I add, you don’t look almost 88!!!

  5. jkaneh says:

    Cathy I also want to say I am so proud of your father for not being scared or intimidated and speaking out. I feel so sad he has had to do this instead of trying to enjoy his life. What a shame.



  6. Judi Coltman says:

    They taped the victim’s family members while Jessica Cooper encouraged LE to NOT talk to them after calling them in? THEY TAPED THEM?! Be patient, Mr. King, indeed.

    • cathybroad says:

      And this only confirms my suspicions that my phone and email, as well as that of my brother Chris and a few others were tapped by the MSP and maybe others in “law enforcement” back when this hit the fan in the mid-2000’s. If so, they got an earful and an eyeful about what we thought about their little investigation. And I meant every word of it.

      • Judi Coltman says:

        Well then, I am positive my opinions are woven in as well – probably a lot of peripheral people are. Guess what? I stand by my opinion.

  7. Patty Lundgren says:

    Dear Cathy,
    Again, I can’t get over the layers of deceit. Does one prosecutor to the next leave special ‘shut your face’ notes on the OCCK case? I mean really? Enough already. The truth at this point isn’t going to tear anybody apart more than it already has. Just remember the ones keeping somebody’s old secrets are slowly tearing themselves up the longer this facade goes on. I am in total awe of your dad! This heart wrenching journey and he controls his rage and stoicly and even respectfully calls to task all the levels of government to just come clean. Can’t wait for the series, special, and book!
    Thank you for your dedication too. I was your brother’s age and have never forgotten.

  8. amy SHULER says:

    Wow. Barry did an amazing job of communicating the story, and keeps the momentum moving forward, despite all of the complex details. So glad this is on tape.

    There is no way of comprehending Jessica Coopers actions. There is something WRONG with her. Even incompetence would be less of a slap in the face- but bold face lying? We are all wondering – WHY? What reason could there possibly be for keeping the case open (and not doing shit to solve it), as well as lying about speaking to Barry? It’s EVIL on top of EVIL.

    • Patty LUNDGREN says:

      Amy, ditto AND double ditto. Captivating within the myriad of spider webs. I read KILL JAR and feel better knowing the rabbit hole is REAL and the family of these children cooberate many of the book”s inferences. If the status quo continues who’s to say anyone will ever be safe from major cover-ups like this.

  9. Gregory J Parry, Esq. says:

    The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, and expert whore Medical Examiner (Dr. Dragovic) will use all means of dishonesty, deceipt, delay and obstruction to avoid prosecuting botched or hard-to-work-cases including horrific crimes against children – it’s a cesspool of corruption.

    Driven by politics and win-loss stats, they are known by leading experts as among the worst in the nation for prosecuting severe physical child abuse. Dragovic (once used to prosecute Kevorokian) prostitutes himself in courts and cases around the nation testifying for criminal DEFENDANTS in child abuse cases (arguing major trauma or death was caused my simple accidents). His opinions are outliers or in his words, “buckets of hogwash.” Oh people of Oakland County, if you knew the truth you’d demand resignations. Godspeed King Family.

  10. Carolanne Stanislaw says:

    Catherine, Please email me. I have information on the case. Thank you.

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