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  1. More on Jeffrey and the powers that be like FBI. This story will be buried if we, the public, allow it. Share this information with everyone who will listen and keep the pressure on the investigators to prosecute those involved for this heinous crime. While the rumors making their way around the internet seem surreal and far-fetched, there may just be some truth behind them. The story begins back in July with an anonymous FBI informant posting on an obscure image board known as 4chan.


  2. How many times does the obvious have to hit us in the face, before we notice and respond?

    The Boys Town stories in the USA stretched all the way to the White House, the North Fox Island case, undoubtedly the same. I myself have connected an orphanage, Boys Town Malbazar, in India, to the North Fox Island group, the network of powerful, politically connected, wealthy, old money (in 2 cases) with high-level church connection, that gave itself privilege to sexually abuse thousands of children, across decades, undisturbed, if not patronised, by the representatives of law and order, including government officials and elected representatives.

    I’m not suggesting a widespread acceptance by police all political people, just that there is a large spread of scum, among the goodhearted honest people. ‘Socio-economic boundaries’ do not define pedophilia, but there is no doubt the predominant incidence of pedophile crime, especially that which is enabled and concealed or barely punished, is done by the wealthy and powerful and especially privileged.

    No doubt plenty of poor men do the crime but it is at its most prevalent among the empowered wealthy and the priests of course were powerful in other ways, but also did no work for their living, so were in one sense privileged living off wealth easily gained.

    The bastards I am exposing ALL answer the description: Rev Father John Robert Thwaytes from a wealthy British Raj Brigadier-General family that married into the Caesar family (thus the name Caesar School) which was so mega wealthy they were lending to the Russian Czar (and lost millions when he was machine-gunned out in 1917 so they were only obscenely wealthy after that) and Frank Shelden in USA comes from almost identical privilege and wealth, ‘old money’ and power in the political and social spectrum, landed gentry.

    I know less of the background of Dr Frits Bernard but he was clearly wealthy as he left a foundation, and he surely was empowered as a world renowned psychologist traveling the world speaking IN DEFENCE of pedophilia, as he claimed pedophiles were a ‘persecuted minority’ not much different from gays, a harmless loving group.

    Then there were others, who I am yet to identify specifically but can name John Broger who was apparently wealthy US citizen and Philip Lucas who was a blind, private school teacher from UK.

    Then the Marists I knew, also of course from well educated and privilieged backgrounds with one exception, John Dyson, who came from modest ‘honest Irish Catholic’ stock … but I would guess he was BRED to be a pedophile probably by having had the crime done to him. Kevin Hogan (Brother Callixtus) was another, also intellgent enough (not a rocket scientist though, a bit ‘lowest common denominator’ type I thought him).

    But, I think HIGH INTELLIGENCE AND MENTAL CAPACITY seems to be a typical characteristic. These pedophiles are not conspicuous in their defects. All of John Robert Thwaytes and Frank Shelden, and Frits Bernard, and presumably the teacher and the academically qualified Marists were well educated highly intellectual people.

    Poor, ‘thick’, ‘common’ folk do this crime … yes … but this evil is the predominant plaything of the wealthy and powerful WHO ALSO USE THAT POSITION TO SANITISE THEIR CRIMES AND DISMISS JUSTICE … JUST AS THIS ASSHOLE SEEMS TO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DONE … with his token sentence of the past … hopefully now a 25 years bluestone porridge festival will follow.

    Frank Shelden used his wealth to remove himself from the internet, after he fled USA. He left long before the net was a ‘thing’ but in the 1990s (according to one writer) a lot of material that had been available online was taken down due to the financial power and reach this wealthy and connected man had.

    The “Spotlight” movie also highlighted, as do the Boys Town USA multiple stories, and the corresponding stories in other nations, the involvement of politicians and higly placed religious AS PEDOPHILES AND AS ENABLERS OR ‘YES-MEN’ FOR PEDOPHILES.

    Child rape and pedophilia knows no discrimination at all, but the predominant root of the filth is in privileged and inordinately empowered people.

    Fu*k ’em all sez I !

    If anyone wants to know about the WORLD NETWORK of pedophiles, looking backwards at what is revealed TOO LATE , will at least tell us what is still presumably the case. Pedophiles across the globe are flying to and for for their sex orgies and they are not localised at all.



    contact Ade on Facebook using keyword search for John Robert Thwaytes, as I have spent years trying to get attention, to what few seem to be interested to know.

    I THINK REV JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES IS HIGHLY CONNECTED TO FRANK SHELDEN ACROSS PRIOR DECADES AND HIS SAVAGE MENTALITY MAKES ME WONDER IF HE (Fr John) WAS TIED ALSO TO OCCK. He was a sado-masochist and very violent man although of course acted the part of the loving tender big brother. There is a report of a woman he murdered, a native Bengali woman, perhaps the mother of one of the boys John was screwing objected to his abuse of the impoverished ‘orphan’?


  3. I recommend that others study the 1913-15 case of Leo Max Frank, the only Jew ever lynched in this country. Frank got a fair trial. Read what Thomas E. Watson had to say about the murder trial of Leo Max Frank for the death of 13 year old Mary Phagan. Multiple evidence that the ‘Allen letter to Dr Danto’ in the OCCK case makes multiple and specific references to the Frank case. Frank was the president of the Atlanta chapter of B’nai-B’rith. Sorry, but it will probably piss you off.

    1. Frank was wrongly convicted. There was so much evidence against Conley and modern researchers agree. Nice conspiracy theory though and kudos for tying it in to another obvious hoax (Allan letter) from 70 years later !!!!
      Must be more ” Zodiac Jack 101 ” Lololololololzlzlzlzl.

  4. I agree with you 100% but this is awesome news I can’t wait to see who he’s going to take down with him I don’t know if it’s just coincidental but since the documentary there have been thousands of arrests across the country and thousands of kids that won’t be abused kind of makes me feel good

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  5. This is one of probably many that are connected, it will be interesting to see if this case connects to the Occk, Powerful assholes, Rich assholes ,yeah we had plenty of them in Oakland County.

    A few years ago there was a girl on Dr. Phil and she was talking about she was human trafficked since she was 2 as her mother gave her to the maniac pervert for some kind of money she owed him, the now 25 year old was still owned by this man and she says she is owned, she gets the little girls ready for them to be trafficked.

    She stated that she was flown all over the world and the men she was to have sex with were as she said, “Big, Big powerful men.”

    Dr. Phil tried to get her to tell who he was but she was so terrified of him she never said, I am sure that all of this and the Occk could connect somehow, that poor little innocent child was raped repeatedly since 2 and admitted she still have sex with her captor.

    I remember when Dr. Phil asked her, “Do you mean like government officials?

    She answered, “Yes like that and bigger and bigger men across the world.”

    I think we need Dr. Phil’s tape of this show it could hold keys to the ring all together, when I watched it, it broke my heart the way she was captive, tormented I hope that they day will come she will reveal him and all the big shots she knows from being trafficked.

  6. When Acosta made that deal, he was under the direction of…wait for it… Robert Mueller.

  7. Pizza gate was also a hoax. It hurts the chance of this case to be associated with disinfo like pizzagate.

    1. Really? Let me guess: Hillary said it was debunked. Standard MO for that cunt. Claim something has been debunked. That means Hollywood’s pedos are hoaxes. Corey Feldman’s obviously a liar. Funny. Wherever you find democrats, you find pedos getting away with it. Who was the last Republican pedo? J. Dennis Hastert. Where is he now? What’s that? Prison, you say? Noooo!

      And one more thing, if those Podesta brothers don’t look like pedos, I don’t know who does. Especially John, with that sick ‘art’ he has in his house.

  8. @Lance
    Yes Pizzagate was a hoax spun on 4chan by autists who spend 24/7 playing on the internet with nothing better to do.

    It culminated with a man approaching the pizza parlor in a self described effort to free the child sex slaves supposedly held captive there. He fired several shots with an AK47 luckily only causing property damage. He plead guilty and expressed remorse for his reckless acts and was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

    Im not a Democrat and I don’t like Hillary . That said , you do a disservice to republicans, the Epstein case and the OCCK case by implication by associating them with disinfo like pizzagate while reprsenting yourself as a Republican.

  9. So. It turns out Acosta’s ‘deal’ was the only way Epstein was going to do any time at all. Florida’s prosecutor tried to bury this shit like Chicago did with Juicy Smollett. PBPD was livid. As was Chicago PD.

    Next time a Trump official is attacked like that, remember, it’s all about getting Trump. Not justice. Epstein’s Wiki page has already been scrubbed of much democrat involvement and Trump has been added.

    You’d better believe these Hollywood democrats are almost all pedos. Whoopie and her rape-rape bullshit. Nina Burleigh promising Clinton blowjobs on his 4″ dick for keeping abortion legal. As if the President has anything to do with it. NOW it turns out notorious Trump-hater DiNero was sampling some underage poon. Guarandamntee Busch’s father was a heavy democrat donor.

    Projection. It’s what’s for supper.

  10. Let me be very clear. This is what my blog is about: https://wordpress.com/page/catherinebroad.blog/1. I posted “Finally” because it shows that pedophelia, sexual abuse and rape of minors, and child porn is prevalent in our society and that this behavior takes place at all levels of society. Victims are not acknowledged, there is very limited compassion for victims of these crimes (because everyone wants to look away, and the perpetrators who have loads of money get good lawyers and play by a different set of rules. Compare Jeffrey Epstein, Christopher Busch and Francis Shelden to Greg Green, Ted Lamborgine or Gerald Richards (and even he got a sweetheart deal if you ask me, due to his ability to rat out men in power). I don’t care about your politics, your religion or trying to weave the OCCK case into other crime sprees or cases where the tie in is tenuous and unsupportable. Get on Facebook if you want to play with that stuff. One more weird comment and I am striking all of the above and removing the comment function entirely on this blog. I don’t need phone notifications for this kind of banter. Again, go hit Facebook.

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