L. Brooks Patterson dies after leading Oakland County for a generation.


With L. Brooks Patterson’s death, this leaves only Richard “No Deals/Blue Gremlin!” Thompson as the only one left of the four men pulling the strings in the Oakland County Child Killer investigation back in the day.  Captain Robert Robertson of the Michigan State Police, who headed the task force, and his #2, Joseph Krease, are long gone.  From the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office back in the day, Patterson’s #2, Dick Thompson is still alive.  Thompson apparently works for the St. Thomas More Foundation in his retirement, working on behalf of the unborn.  Too bad he and Patterson allowed so much victimization of living children and teens in Oakland County under their watch.

Robertson, Krease, Patterson, Berkley Det/Sgt. Ray Anger–all dead.  Even those with the power, influence and money, including Patterson, H. Lee Busch and Chris Busch, end up dust.  Still alive, with possible knowledge or suspicions concerning these crimes and/or cover-up:  Thompson, James Vincent Gunnels, Charles Busch, Larry Wasser, Ted Lamborgine, Arch Sloan, among others.

Never, not once, did Patterson or anyone from his office call my parents in the wake of my brother’s murder to say that they would never give up, they would stay in touch, they would work tirelessly on behalf of Tim, Kris, Jill and Mark.  Not in the wake of Tim’s murder, not in the years afterward.  Not when they went to Recluse, Wyoming to dig up that piece of shit David Norberg for DNA in the early-1990’s.  THEY NEVER TALKED TO MY PARENTS.  Frankly, I’m sure they thought “why bother.”  They knew WTF went down and had their own way of shutting it all down.  But I am quite confident they took H. Lee Busch’s phone calls over the years.

I wouldn’t have much to say, either, if I let Chris Busch and Greg Green walk a month before my brother wound up face down on Gill Road with his skate board dumped next to his lifeless body.

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  1. JH says:

    Well said, and know that you family has always had support from the many who follow this case. I always wondered why Patterson’s stock answer when asked about the OCCK case was “it will never be solved”. Because he knew the killer was already dead.

    • bitamoney says:

      “It will never be solved” is code for “You can bet your ass I won’t do anything to solve it”.

  2. Erica says:

    Another grave to piss on.

  3. Marika says:

    They never called your family? That is reprehensible and shady police work at best. And compassion? Where’s the compassion?

  4. Cecilia Brown says:

    “Thompson working on behalf of the unborn”. Just disgusts me in a way I can’t even express. Just throw them out when they do get born, is that the deal? The very height of hypocrisy. Just one of the incredibly disgusting facts and reasons why I haven’t lived in the city I was born in for 58 years.

  5. jkaneh says:

    I hope this opens new doors.



  6. Chris says:

    Hearing what a great man he was on WJR a few minutes ago, angers me so. What a disgrace that there was no communication between LBP and your family. I so hope that someone talks now. My heart continues to break for all the victims and their families. I trust in your suspicions and continue to have hope that someday this apparent coverup blows up with irrefutable proof as such. Peace to you Catherine.

  7. M S says:

    I am sorry for you and your family that you all were never allowed to get answers and the truth from him.
    Hopefully now someone from this corrupt inner circle will step forward.

  8. Malbifund says:


  9. Faye says:

    Your Dad was the first person I thought of when I heard LBP died. It is reprehensible how your family was treated…unforgivable acts by unclean hands. Wishing your family the justice you deserve.

  10. Malbifund says:

    What possible response of any meaning can one give, except to acknowledge and in a tiny way share the Hurt and anger in frustration and sadness which inevitably arises when this person enters a deeper silence than before. With the death of people connected to the cases, not only is the sad past brought back, but I’m sure a terrible sense of the injustice of corruption, or at best the inadequacy or suppression of inquiries, comes flooding back. Countless people share your grief and anger. With my respect and sympathies to you and your family.


  11. Briggs Parry says:

    My personal comments about political officials not representing or endorsing any one or entity.

    Patterson was corrupt. All knew but nobody had balls to call him out. Thompson is his first name – Dick. Dick’s successor Dave Gorcyca was corrupt, cowardly, and left the office in disgrace. Wonder if he ever paid multi million dollar judgment for misconduct in office. In a nutshell, albeit politically punies, each was guided by political optics. The problem is that, unless a first party witness to their ways, just another day in paradise. All of them sucked.

  12. lifesavers says:

    I voiced my opinion about Patterson’s botching of the OCCK case. My comments, opinionated but respectful were deleted by WDIV & the Oakland Press. They are kissing up to him and censoring any negative comments on their sites.

  13. Barry King says:

    Brooks Patterson was the Oakland County Prosecutor when my wonderful eleven year old son Tim was the fourth victim of the Oakland County Child Killer. Tim was abducted, sexually abused and suffocated in March, 1977, My family did not receive any identification of the child killer until Cathy was wise enough to provide information to Wayne County, where Tim’s body was found, in 2007. Pursuant to a Wayne County Court Order my family was advised on November 30, 2007 that the murderer was Christopher Busch, the son of H. Lee Busch, a General Motors Vice President. Shortly thereafter Mr. Patterson advised me that if he was still Prosecutor he would appoint me an Assistant Prosecutor and give me full access to the OCCK file.
    My family received no written information until December 15, 2010 when the Michigan State Police in response to my Freedom of Information law suit provided me with 3,411 pages of OCCK information at a cost in excess of $11,000. These files contained articles from the Detroit News and the Daily Tribune dated in February, 1977 in which Mr. Patterson stated that Christopher Busch was not the OCCK because he had passed a polygraph test. Interestingly on November 13, 2009 Jessica Cooper, the current Prosecutor, wrote me a letter stating that the publication of polygraph results was a crime.
    I have asked Mr. Patterson to meet with me several times after receiving the 1977 news articles without success. My latest request was earlier this year after his health status was published. I even mentioned that he had lost a son by accident with the hope this might prompt him to meet with me.
    I have instructed my family to reserve three chairs at my wake for Mr. Patterson, Ms. Cooper and Richard Thompson (a former prosecutor) with the fond hope they might finally discuss with my children why Oakland County has refused to talk with us for 42 years.

  14. maggiep1958 says:

    Really incredible that they could not meet with the families. Prayers for answers and for peace and comfort.

  15. Pw says:

    I always did and still believe that Brook’s took a payoff from Chris Busch’s dad. His dad I’m sure was terrified if it came out his son was the OCCK it would sabotage his job and big income, as well as humiliate the hell out of him. Patterson was the prosecutor at the time. Too many people in law enforcement knew exactly who did the mixers. Someone was paid to dust it under the carpet. Life has a thing called Karma and it truly does exist.

  16. weedbegone3468 says:

    Dear King Family,

    GM and Oakland County’s elite’s dirty cover-ups obviously took precedence over the rape, torture, and killings of Tim, Jill, Kris, Mark, and others. My prayers and hopes are that the deaths of these liars will open this can of nasty worms and reveal what we all know to be true.

    Justice will prevail one day.

  17. Dale Droski says:

    Cathy I would be just as livid as you. The obvious whitewash re Chris Bush et al. Money and the preservation of careers lies at the heart of it all. Your brother and Mark, Jill and Kris deserve better handling from the MSP and the Oakland authorities.

  18. Micheal Edwards says:

    This makes no sense. No offense. I get Brooks was reckless but no more than wayne county and every one else on the task force. But this man didnt kill your brother. Lack of technology. All the damn conspiracy theories. The counties playing tug a war and hiding info from you guys. You know your fathers an elderly man it is a huge disappointment all those years just shattered. But then i see other people who took what happened to their family and made it into a posative like john walsh and become the structure in the community that prevents all this. If i could count on both hands all the unsolved murders in Detroit… I mean its not just about the horrible act against children. All acts that result in unsolved crimes are a threat to everyone. Ill be honest the 1970s were sloppy investigations every where. Everything was paer filed. Much shadier police in the field. If what happened to your brother and those victims back then happened to day the crime would be solved. I see all these unsolved crimes in detroit and think with all this modern technology how…. Just how… But i think we all know whats done is done and if we cant find the aswers lets all work harder to prevet more missing people and unsolved crimes

    • weedbegone3468 says:

      No offense…but what makes “no sense” is Patterson covering rich folk’s asses for the many years he did. Patterson had a ton of clout that lined his campaign pockets for decades. He crapped all over Pontiac, Detroit, and Flint every chance he had. I last seen him in his favorite watering hole in Waterford about 3yrs ago where I’d seen him many times before. But this was the first time I’d seen him sober there; he was still cocky as ever.
      Here’s a word to the wise, don’t tell anyone that’s lost a family member to such brutality and has never found justice “what’s done is done”. Get a clue…these crimes could’ve been prevented if LE like Patterson wouldn’t have let rapists and killers free to continue.

      • Micheal Edwards says:

        1 i have lost a family member to brutality. 2 were talking about a crime thats 40 years old. 3 there are crimes that are ongoing. Id agree with you about brooks if that was even remotely relevant but ita not. Thats why the family jumps at every break through. For over 40 years there is still alot of unknown. If the break through in Dna testing is true about being able to test hairs with no root in a much more powerful way then go that route. Sure brooks was a bad guy. Then look at the other side of politics with Jessica Cooper! It goes both ways. This seemed more political than anything with the investigation. Im just trying to be as honest as possible. Mean while the only rhing posted relevant on here is other 1970s crimes nothing thst helps prevent modern crimes. Check the missing and unsolved crimes in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Las Angeles and realize we all could be influencing more people to speak up. Crime is like a grapevine. There have been numerous amounts of criminals who were caught because of other non relevant crimes even in cold cases. Im just saying bashing that mans name hadnt done nothing. Even then atleast he offered to Mr King to have the file when he was prosecutor unlike Jessica Cooper. People are as upset as they are after all these years because it remains unsolved with lots of unknown. Im sure their were other pedophiles in metro detroit too who were completely as disturbing as Busch. I’d keep my hopes in science. Like i said the 1970s was sloppy police work all over the country. Some jurisdictions got lucky and had nuclear dna evidence like in the golden state case.

  19. Micheal Edwards says:

    Im sure if the King family talked to members in Michigans law makers I bet they could address problems with the legal system that allows criminals to walk. I’m certain that if they addressed law makers they could potentially get laws placed into action named after Timmy that could prevent sick assholes from walking the streets.

  20. cstanislaw says:

    Catherine, Please contact me. I have information that is important. Thank you. C. Stanslaw

  21. Benjamin Wilson says:

    Cathy I think that you should have all the files you have copied and assembled into a full and complete PDF file and offer it to those interested. Then allow forums, blogs, and apps distribute the content. I wouldn’t even make remarks on it either. Let the forums, blogs, and apps handle that. I them would hope through sharing more people will be able to read through the investigation through their own interpretation. But above all I think the biggest thing outside of science that could help is URGING all whom were molested in the 1970s in the metro Detroit area or by someone associated with the metro Detroit area to come forward. It would be interesting what the suspects family would have to say. I’m sure family members might not be so proud of their relatives or possibly like a cousin, nephew, or niece what they remember of these people. I think in a way we can’t void all information gathered over the years but as far as new information I think investigators have to start on square 1 is before the killings and the killer or killers first victims before these tragedies. I hope your family will receive closure one from all this. I know it’s annoying hearing as shoes all the time telling you what to do or what their thoughts are. I think I am making a very valid point and fair observation. It would help give the case more recondition and possibly help get more dots connected. I hope you consider my thoughts.

    • cathybroad says:

      I agree. Let me work on this. Maybe Dropbox.

      • everyd15 says:

        They have that show called “chasing the cure” that helps solve medical mysteries. Maybe they could create “chasing the killer” and feature cold cases. Obviously crimes are very complicated and nobody can solve a crime in an hour. But it would be great to get exposure and could feature a live tip line and maybe a donation option for expensive DNA testing.

        I’m just dreaming I know. But I’d love if something could push Oakland county to do something.

  22. wromradio says:

    I totally agree with you Catherine

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