It could still happen in this case

This month two convicted pedophiles were charged in decades-old murder cases of young girls after more sophisticated DNA tests linked these killers to their victims. Evolving technology has triumphed over previously inconclusive or contaminated samples.  The ticking clock just might end up being a time bomb for the perpetrators of the OCCK murders as well.  Even where the medical examiner in three of the four cases was an incompetent drunk and the state lab appeared to have no interest whatsoever in making sure the evidence in this case was properly stored, filed or cross-referenced.  Rerun those autopsy kits and the kids’ clothing again.  Technology has evolved over the past few years.  Inaction is not an option.

The Oakland County Prosecutor played her hand.  They do have hairs from Mark and Tim’s bodies that allegedly match a hair from Arch Sloan’s Bonneville.  This all contrary to the cops’ wailing all these decades that there was no evidence!  None!!  Those hairs have to be rerun again given the unbelievable technological advances and the use of genetic genealogy in other decades’ old crimes.  The hairs from Tim’s body were “misfiled” as animal hairs at the state lab.  Apparently no one ever thought to compare the hairs found on Mark and Tim, or to compare those hairs to the hair recovered from the Bonneville (very soon after Mark’s murder) until the mid-2000’s.  But now we know about their existence and the alleged match.  You can’t sit on those things now.  See:

There is a good chance that DNA will not match anyone in an offender data bank.  But it will match someone who’s name has come up in discussions with police.  Even if that person is dead, living relatives could provide DNA samples.  And there could well be viable DNA on the victims’ clothing that was not previously detected, even in tests run 3-5 years ago.  Too much work?  What if California law enforcement had said that in the Golden State Killer case?

Earlier this month a convicted pedophile who ran an international child pornography ring was charged with the 1993 abduction, rape and murder of Angie Housman, a 9-year-old Missouri girl.  See:, and  Investigators got a huge break when they found previously undetected DNA on Angie’s clothing that matched a DNA profile in a national crime data base.  St. Charles, Missouri, Prosecutor Tim Lohman described the DNA match as follows:  “They were looking for a needle in a haystack without a magnet and still found the needle.”  Maybe because they wanted to find it.

A couple of very interesting things about this case.  One, this piece of shit ran an international child porn ring (“Shadowz Brotherhood”) AND he was a child rapist and murderer.  Two, police stated that this fuck was not the only suspect.  That someone else was involved.  Any of this sound familiar?  Three, he had a history of child-related offenses and was kept in custody for years after his scheduled release in 2011 after a court deemed him a sexually dangerous person likely to re-offend if set free.  I have news for you.  ANY pedophile is a sexually dangerous person likely to re-offend if set free.  But thank god this court kept him incarcerated or there would have been more victims.  Contrast this to how Chris Busch was treated by prosecutors and courts in Michigan.

And this past Friday, a 53-year-old suspect was arrested in the 1986 kidnapping and murder of 11-year-old Kathleen Flynn.  It is one of Connecticut’s most infamous cold cases.  According to court documents, this animal was a suspect from the start, “but it took years of testing evidence to find a DNA connection between him and evidence found on the young girl’s body.”

The medical examiner in this case determined that Kathleen was raped while still alive.  Believe it or not, the statute of limitations in Connecticut has run on that crime and rape charges can no longer be pursued.  Death does not toll the statute?? It is time for these antiquated and misplaced statutes of limitations on sex crimes be reevaluated with an eye toward NOT favoring the rapist (or the Catholic Church).  Let’s hope police look very closely at other crimes this man may have committed since 1986.

These and other cold cases are being solved at a remarkable pace given DNA technology advances.  It could happen in this case.  While we may have to wait for someone to find snuff films in a safe deposit box belonging to one of the men who’s name has been given to police over the years, it may happen the way it did in these two cases.

The perpetrators of the OCCK abductions, captivity, torture, rape and murders may be long gone, but people with knowledge are still alive.  And some of those people participated in one way or another.   Others with knowledge include a few people in authority who made this thing go away.  Some are dead, but some are still alive.  I hope cases like the two described above make you very nervous.  No unpunished child predator or protector of same should ever feel safe.

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  1. Bernadette McAllister says:

    Sadly, it does not appear Oakland County is as interested in solving these cases. Maybe Wayne County will.

  2. maggiep1958 says:

    I hope and pray for answers and justice, and peace for all affected by these killings.

  3. l.h. says:

    I was 11 when I was almost kidnapped by the OCCK clan, I knew what my kidnapper looked like and again I will repeat there were no more children kidnapped after our attempt, there were actually two of us he grabbed, I have a peace that we stopped him from continuing as he could now be identified by two living little 11 yr. old girls,

    I wish I still had my red coat I was wearing that day and maybe they would have found DNA on it, I know that it is possible and thanks so much for sharing how many cases have been solved from so many years ago.

    I have a peace as all your family member look down on me, they know I have tried to get my information out there and I guess it is just a waiting game as it has been since 1977.

    The detectives still have to put together the puzzle pieces that have flourished in on the hot-line, and maybe some good will come out of it, I still feel the connection of all this leads into the towns they decided to kidnap from and what the connection to Lake Orion is maybe the answer.

    I forsure think Arch Sloan looks younger that his age back in the day but I will forever say it, that perfect triangle nose gives him away he is who grabbed me, now let’s hope that he confesses someday or he is found out someday

    I reported what I know, I encourage anyone out there that saw anything that could relate to this case please do your best to be heard, as I have and I have been heard I don’t know what will be done with it.

    I wait for the day that they ask me to testify it was really like yesterday as I played it over and over again in my mind I am now 53 and still see his face staring at me, I ache and have an anguish that I survived and the other kids did not, but my peace is it stopped him from continuing to kidnap and murder anymore children.

    You never heard about the OCCK killings after my attempted kidnapping, that says something and live to tell.

    • cathybroad says:

      Thank you for posting. I have heard from others who got away from Arch Sloan. He is a MONSTER.

      • OCCK SURVIVOR says:


        I told you I would never give up and I am still waiting to hear back from Det. Street I am trying to look at the positive side of things maybe there are more tips that will close this case with-out my testimony, but I did say I would testify that the picture you posted of young Arch Sloan I would testify that was the man that grabbed me, still patiently waiting what they want me to do next I did tell them to look up if there were any family members to any of the suspects in Lake, Orion Michigan I have said and I will still say they picked my small village for a reason after the four children were killed, it is nothing like the cities Mark, Tim, Jill, and Kristine were kidnapped from, this connection is the answer I just wish they would figure it out.

  4. jkaneh says:

    Cathy. Read the last sentence in paragraph four of what you wrote. Because they WANTED to find it. Right there is the difference. Unfortunately, Oakland County doesn’t WANT to. So sad.



  5. Cecilia Brown says:

    Thank God Almighty. Even if the tragedies have compelled a divorce between you and God, justice WILL prevail. In our lifetimes.


    We can only hope the pressure mounts and the pace of the leads and facts in these other atrocities gain even more momentum to keep the cold-blooded sweating. Your day IS coming.

  7. Tom m says:

    I agree. Time answers have to come to light. Something has to break in this case for all of us to finally sigh a breath of relief. I still have hope in justice

    • cathybroad says:

      Thanks, Mike!

    • OCCK SURVIVOR says:

      Nice one Mike, and a very chilling comment from the Great Niece, well it is 10 years older than our case it for sure gives us a new hope the OCCk can also be found out dead or alive as well thx

      I’m a survivor of an attempted kidnapping by Arch Sloan I have not lost a loved one to the OCCK but it is personal with me he knows me and I have never forgotten his face in mine as he tried to pull us in his car, I almost feel like I am the only one that can get this case solved as I have seen the face and I can testify, and well I am patiently waiting.

  8. Mac Parsons says:

    If DNA can catch The Golden State Killer Joe DeAngelo, there absolutely there IS hope.

  9. Kat says:

    F.Y.I. James Vincent Gunnels paroled June 11th.

  10. B says:

    A loss for viewers & WDIV. Kevin Dietz did put a lot of hard work & time into the investigation of the OCCK.

  11. Terry B says:

    The garbage was found in my emails, but not found on these cathybroad pages: in response to Zodiac Jack 101 LoL:

    Lance ,you really should try commenting without all the foul language,rage and sexual innuendo. Were you in a bagel shop im NY yesterday ,Lance ? ( hope this (((bagel))) reference doesn’t trigger you Terry B.

    You should really read Catherine’s language sometime, snowflake.

  12. Terry B says:

    BTW, Leo Max Frank lied his way into a conviction. He tried to frame two other employees, but never mentioned his freelance employee Jim Conley. The Frank case shows how the press has criminal operatives that promote fake news lies. Big money was spent trying to clear Frank, but Frank had already hung himself with stupid lies…and they knew it! Much the same way that the rat Phil Spector lied his way into jail and the “liar for hire” Dr Werner Spitz lied to try to and save a fellow big money rat. Keywords in the “Allen letter to Dr Danto” demonstrate a references to the Frank case…and yes, it is Zodiac Jack 101. Three solid “Jack” hints are found on the Ramsey ransom note, two of which are “jack”-o-lanterns found right on the 4th written line of that document, hidden right in plain view!!!! There’s yet another “Jack” hint on that document that I’d already discovered several years ago. I know what I’m talking about, of that you can be assured.

  13. Terry B says:

    Once you realize that the image at the end of the 4th written line of the Ramsey ransom note is a figurine of two “jack”-o-lanterns, you will never again see the ransom note the way that you used to see it. The things that I’ve learned about the cases that we link is because of the tenacity and workmanship of Nanette Barto, coupled with my own tenacity and work. OCCK is something I learned about from Ms Barto, and the same goes for the other cases. However, my focus has been on a shorter list of high profile cases, even though I actually consider OCCK low profile, because of the fact that the main stream media is suspiciously muted about it. It’s my strong conviction that the pedophilia angle on these cases is a ploy meant to distract and dissuade people from seeing what these same highly organized criminals are really up to. The coverup of these crimes clearly traces back to the same network of agents…because that’s what they basically are..agents! The line that has these “jack”-o-lanterns is actually a message which easily and obviously decodes to: Jew “spooks” respect your bussiness (covet) but not the cuntry that it sercos (another hint). The word “respect” has the letter p serving as a pointer to the word cuntry, which has a diminished letter o, which is only part of the obvious evidence that the letter p’s double as male genitalia. More upsetting than that line is the line before it which decodes to: Jew are a group of individuals that represeat a smali (Somali) Foreign Faction. The ransom note is laced with “not” modifiers, which apparently help in identifying which lines are true and which lines are false. It is truly a much more sophisticated document than the public is currently aware of. It’s formulation and composition had to have take a considerable amount of time. The author probably had a template for the ransom note long before the actual murder and perhaps even before John Ramsey was the actual target.

    • Peanut butter says:

      Didn’t Cathy ask you to stop posting nonsense. Why don’t you respect her wishes. Stop trying to connect your”suspect” to this case as cathy asked.

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