Dead Men Don’t Talk

The pig Jeffrey Epstein is dead.  Allegedly offed himself in a federal prison while under a 24-hour suicide watch.  Maybe another member of the DMDT club, Chris Busch, welcomed him to the other side.  A good friend of mine observed:  “Welcome to Russia.”

To Epstein’s many victims, we mourn for you but not for him.  The piece of shit was either a coward and offed himself, or knew too much about the predilections of men in high places and committed the same kind of suicide Busch did.  The message this death sends to others who might squeal is obvious.  Civil suits can still proceed against his estate.  And maybe against “Epstein associate,” Ghislaine Maxwell and others who “partied” with their pal Jeffrey.

To the recent poster who advised me to “get over it” after 40 years–this is why I still blog. Sex crimes, especially against minors, continue unabated.  Put your head in the sand if you want.  You said you have lost relatives to brutality.  Were they held captive and raped for a week before they were murdered by suffocation?  No, I won’t be quiet.  If this shit can’t be stopped or curtailed, at least we can expose the criminal freaks who do this shit.  If you don’t like it, don’t read my blog.  And I’d be more than happy to block you if you can’t help yourself.

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  1. Mary Patterson says:

    Hi Cathy,
    I have been trying to reach out to you over the last few days via your email. Not sure you are receiving. Getting odd responses.

  2. maggiep1958 says:

    Keep talking. Silence protects pedophiles. Prayers for all who have suffered violence

  3. Cecilia Brown says:

    I can’t believe someone said that to you. Does said blogger have wood where the heart is supposed to be? Shameful. We’re with you tho.

  4. Sara Snyder says:

    My first thought when hearing the news this morning was, ‘Just like the OCCK case…’ Thanks to your blog and the efforts of your family, I think about these types of cases so differently now. Victims front and center in my mind; and the potential wider scope of the perpetrators, their enablers and protectors. Keep blogging. Stay angry, because I sure am.

    By the way, is Marney Keenan going to publish her book soon?

  5. Livonia Guy says:

    Cathy, please keep up the good fight. IMO, both Busch and Epstein died at the hands of others. You can call me a conspiracy theorist but after the prominent names came out in the public yesterday I truly believe people that in power related to the Epstein case had him done him. Personally, I think neighbor Hastings (with help) knocked of Busch.

    This case can still be solved! Any update from Corey Williams on where the OCCK DNA testing stands?

  6. Mike says:

    “Get over it” is the problem. Acceptance of this kind of treatment of children is evil. Mistreatment of animals is a felony in some states but the kidnapping, rape, and murder of children should be gotten over?!

    There are still living witnesses.

    Never forget.

  7. Judi Coltman says:

    Get over it? GET OVER IT?!? Seriously, I can’t begin to articulate everything that statement conveys and perpetuates. Speak loud, speak often, seek the truth even if no one wants the truth to be told. Do it. I’ll be proud to help.

  8. barbarakski says:

    I, for one, am glad for you voice! May you continue to do it for many more years

  9. jkaneh says:

    Amen! Don’t ever stop speaking out! Ever! We speak for those who can’t because some evil monster like Epstein thinks he has the right to inflict unspeakable pain and murder on an innocent human being, especially children. If we don’t speak up who will? Get over it? Ha! How dare someone say that to you or any surviving family member! You try it, jerk! I actually had a pastor say that to me about my stepson who was murdered. The same pastor who had no problem from taking money from Ted Lamborgine. Keep it up Kathy! Don’t back down.



    • Lenise Plezia says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Your blogs have opened my eyes to the ugly truth about these predators and the more people who are aware, the better.

  10. Benjamin Wilson says:

    In a way I look at this as a bad thing because the victims never got to tell their stories in court and watch a Judge convict him. Odds are he would have told on other associates of his I’m exchange for enhanced protective custody. Glad the guys dead but wish this would have happened later. Plus he chose death because he knew it would be easier to die than spend a life time miserable in prison. I’m one of those people who oppose the death sentence because of that. Death is the easy route and is less informative for breaking down these trafficking rings.

  11. Dale Droski says:

    OMG Cathy, I can’t believe someone would have the hair on their ass to tell you to “get over it “. I’ve been wondering when Epstein would be found dead. He knew too much about people in high places. I doubt this is a suicide however.

  12. Lance says:

    Knew too much. British royalty? Oligarchs? Clinton?

    Arkancide. Bet on it.

    But Seth Rich was a botched robbery…

  13. Margaret Morgan says:

    Hi Cathy…as has been evidenced, abusers live in silence…which means until some victim opens their mouth, which is why Cathy, who continues to open her mouth, is moving the dial, unfortunately slower than we all would like. But the only reason the dial is moving so slowly is because government agencies and corporate agencies do NOT want this case solved, so they push back or do nothing and just give lip service.

    Epstein knew his days were numbered in numerous respects, for a long time, I believe. Just because you have friends in high places doesn’t mean that victims, or people with knowledge, will stay silent.

    The best book to read about whether to forgive or not is….’Forgive & Not Forgiving’ by Jeanne Safer, PhD. She explains there are situations when we definitely should NOT forgive those who commit despicable, horrendous acts against others, and Cathy’s situation is one of these. I’ve had much done to my kids that has caused me to need to read her book a few times, and I’m still working on the issues, but there is some relief in knowing not everyone should be forgiven and how to go about not forgiving in a psychologically healthy way. There is never any closure, we just live a different normal, which really shouldn’t be anyone’s normal.

  14. Joanne Faycurry says:

    Well said!

  15. GJMP JD says:

    What a fucking travesty for the victims. To Epstein, burn baby burn.

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  16. Cpt Jan says:

    Looks like he was offed to me . He deserved due process like anyone else. Others would have been exposed as well and society would have benefited. 24 hour suicide watch. Multiple cameras at multiple angles all stopped working due to a malfunction. Yeah right.

  17. AnnS says:

    Cathy, thank you so much for your courageous stand. i recently watched “Children of the Snow” on the ID Channel and totally heartbreaking and disgusted.

    I’ve been doing some extensive background on J Epstein; it’s really getting stranger by the articles I read. Some same names keep popping up from Claire Bronfman (heir to the Seagrams 7 and connected to the NXIVM cult. Seems she worked for a company owned by the Rothschild family and Lady Rothschild was seen in the same social circle with JE. Some link ties The Mega Group-an Israeli philanthropy organization. JE’s recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell’s late father had connections to the Mossad and PROMIS a sought after computer program. i can barely wrap my brain around this-way above my paygrade.

    Thanks again,


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