Commissioner Taub, you are everything we have come to expect from officials in Michigan, specifically Oakland County.   Everything in the way we expect you to lie and cheat and disregard the letter and spirit of FOIA laws.  Destroy records and keep your jobs.  I’m sure you and your cronies, and your late boss all pull(ed) this stuff.  You’ve gotten away with it until now.  That’s not going to happen this time, you condescending, immoral, incompetent fool.  Misconduct in office, as described by you yourself on camera.  Wake up Oakland County residents and voters.  There has never been transparency in Oakland County government.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant.  That and criminal charges.

9 Comments on ““DELETE, DELETE, DELETE, Now!””

  1. GJMP JD says:

    Keep fighting the bunch of lying pieces of shit! May Brooks rest in Hell. Dick.

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  2. James Cain says:

    Commissioner Taub – incompetent fool – sounds about right. She’s so dumb she is exposing a pattern of cover up at a low level that proves there exists a predisposition in Oakland County government to oppose the law and exposes Oakland County’s leanings to cover up the truth. Her real superiors – the ones that are still alive – are shaking their heads with this buffoon on camera. I pray justice comes to you and your family and all the families in this case.

  3. Matt says:

    These pathetic people think they can do whatever they want, being a part of the Oakland County cocktail-circuit. Get over yourselves, because you’re about to be embarrassed by your own stupidity and sloppiness.

    That county is irritating and infuriating with their rich, Beverly Hills-wannabe attitudes and for years, people like Brooks and his cronies perpetuate the issues of cover-ups, divisiveness and of course, their f*cking up of the OCCK case/debacle.

    Anytime these people can be dragged through the mud, is a good day. Ol’ Man Brooks has left quite a legacy in the that county.

  4. B says:

    Getting off the specific “corrupter”, is it possible to file a complaint with the AGC or would there be an over sight agency over Prosecuting Attorneys over Jessica Cooper’s total incompetent press conference over her revealing the hair wasn’t Sloan’s? What a bleeping idiot ——total incompetence!!

  5. amy s says:


    What an incompetent fool. “My intent was to hide something not appropriate.” It’s OUTRAGEOUS.

  6. it is not over yet says:

    Hey all take a look at the Foster the People twitter, they believe Epstein is still alive and there is even a comment from a guard from the prison that backs them up, It ain’t over yet after you read her comment you will know he is very possibly still alive

  7. not over yet says:

    look for the anonymous writer on Foster the People twitter, this person was obviously there the night he supposedly killed himself, so glad she posted her knowledge of the incidents of this evening, let me know what you all think after reading this.

  8. wromradio says:

    They are insane. Cover up and got caught texting. So silly. Uggg i have to say Replace replace replace

  9. Clifford Hart says:

    That’s ridiculous, ought to be criminal! I am going to start calling it Joakland County.

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