Call your Michigan State Representative

Ask for guidance in pressuring the Michigan State Police and/or the prosecutors office to test the available evidence in the OCCK case again using the newest DNA technology available.  And inform him/her the state police are not returning calls on this case.  Their tip line appears to be for show only.

Check out this 1978 murder case that was solved using recent DNA advancements:

I’d say it’s high time for a press conference where people working this case explain why the evidence they have is not being retested.  If you have some explanation for what makes this case different than any other case when it comes to DNA testing, let’s hear it.  If they continue to maintain there is no way they can do anything without nuclear DNA, the time has come for them to explain that their initial explanation that this was some diabolical, careful, brilliant killer was total bullshit and that the Oakland County Medical Examiner back in the day was an incompetent drunk.  Maybe also include an explanation for why, in a case of this magnitude, the evidence was not stored properly and case materials used for training future troopers.  That sounds to me like a case that they never want solved.

If nothing else, we need some accountability on the handling of the tip line.  If all the tips are bad, have a press conference and explain.  Unless you would rather do so on camera for the next documentary or podcast.