Call your Michigan State Representative

Ask for guidance in pressuring the Michigan State Police and/or the prosecutors office to test the available evidence in the OCCK case again using the newest DNA technology available.  And inform him/her the state police are not returning calls on this case.  Their tip line appears to be for show only.

Check out this 1978 murder case that was solved using recent DNA advancements:

I’d say it’s high time for a press conference where people working this case explain why the evidence they have is not being retested.  If you have some explanation for what makes this case different than any other case when it comes to DNA testing, let’s hear it.  If they continue to maintain there is no way they can do anything without nuclear DNA, the time has come for them to explain that their initial explanation that this was some diabolical, careful, brilliant killer was total bullshit and that the Oakland County Medical Examiner back in the day was an incompetent drunk.  Maybe also include an explanation for why, in a case of this magnitude, the evidence was not stored properly and case materials used for training future troopers.  That sounds to me like a case that they never want solved.

If nothing else, we need some accountability on the handling of the tip line.  If all the tips are bad, have a press conference and explain.  Unless you would rather do so on camera for the next documentary or podcast.

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  1. Danielle Kencik says:

    Did you know that a child molester named Gary Black lived on royal in the block behind Hartfields bowling alley ? He was ex military or a former cop, he molested my brother , my best friend growing up and a set of trwins one street over. He practically did it in plain veiw of his nieghbors .Gary Black died in 1992, he was bald with a thick black mustach allways wore cutoffs no underwear and a white wife beater, he had a slim build and smoked a pipe

    • concerned4thechildren says:

      Thanks for sharing you never said if they got him and put him in prison before he died, I hope all the boys you mentioned recovered from this dramatic experience. There are just too many people in this world that turn and look the other way that is why so many adults got away with it, so sad I hope that we all learn from what happens if we don’t speak up, they get away with it for 43 years like the Occk.

  2. bitamoney says:

    The WordPress Comment icon is giving me problems so please forgive if there are two identical comments from me. I was just saying, it’s weird, I was JUST THIS INSTANT emailing you, which I think I’ve done maybe three times in ten years. And then I returned to my email to find your post immediately after. ESP? Yes, we need to communicate your unwavering interest in solving these cases.

  3. mms says:

    Done, hope it will help — I sent one to my rep Darrin Cammelari and one to my friend who is running for mayor of Ferndale, Melanie.

  4. lola2004 says:

    Yes. As I suspected it was bullshit. The tide will change on this it just needs pushing.

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  5. marya1976 says:

    Hi Cathy, I just discovered my email for this blog site had been blocked???!! Please email me as I may some answers to questions you asked?

  6. Arch Sloan identifier says:

    I was already on this after I hung up with Channel 7, I recalled the tip line so it is on file, now get ready for this.

    I called Debbie Stabenaw’s office I made the complaint about the occk tip line, everything was going good, I asked if we could get confirmation from the Senator that action had been taken her clerk said, “Sure I gave my email and then she asked me for my zip, because I do not live in Michigan I can not get a letter from the Senator action has been taken, which is nutzzz because they were going to send it to the email.
    I asked all the right question, this is a Michigan issue this is not another state issue, butt oh so sorry we can’t correspond with you you are not from Michigan, okay I will go through the proper channels, the good thing is she is going to report it to Debbie, now we need someone that still lives in Michigan to get confirmation that something is getting done, such crap they were sending it to an email not a mailbox grrrrrrrr.
    All you Michiganders out there get calling 202-224-4822 and keep the complaints coming, us outside of the state can’t get much done, this is Debbie Stabenaw’s phone number.
    I did finally ask if I was allowed to call back and see if anything was done, I was told that would be alright.
    So I will try again, I did make it clear that I would report to Channel 7 I reported this to this phone number, hopefully that will put a rush order on it, as we could use we tried to go this avenue as well.

    I won’t stop still trying for Jill, Tim, Kristine, and Mark to have justice and the families to have peace.

  7. maggiep1958 says:

    Have you reached out to Attorney General Nessel …she is doing good work in multiple areas that were sluggish in the past.

  8. cathybroad says:

    No help.

  9. maggiep1958 says:

    I contacted my representative Brenda Lawrence in Southfield.

  10. janbastian2 says:

    If I’m not a resident of Michigan, can I call them anyway?

  11. B says:

    Cathy, can I send you an e-mail?

  12. wromradio says:

    I so agree. The tip line is all full and if you do get to leave a message no follow up or actually any care for any true evidence. I given them a ton and they never bothered to even talk to me. Im pretty much upset with the state/county/ and local officials and investigators.

  13. 001marya says:

    I have reached out to both US Senators Gary Peters and Debi Stebanow regarding an active 63 year old child predator suspect in 2015. It went no where. I think both the new Governor Whitmer and State Attorney General Nessel are the best hopes. I recently was informed, evidence I submitted was lost.

  14. 001marya says:

    Has anyone heard about the evidence found last week in Macomb County? And it’s possible ties to convicted child rapist and murderer Arthur Ream? A known, local 1970’s and 1980’s child predator and murderer.

    Initial reports are some family members of the victims were contacted about personal items.

    What prompted this excavation? Ream was an active local child predator during the time of the OCCK case? These pedo freaks had to know of each other. Hopefully the informant, suspect, etc. knows about these rings and can assist with the OCCK case.

  15. weedbegone3468 says:

    Done deal!

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