Lou Gordon Column, March 27, 1977

I apologize for the quality of the images of Mr. Gordon’s column. I am not near a scanner and have delayed this post long enough.

A reader, who has actually helped me out a lot over the years, asked about this column and has tried, without success, to access a copy of the show Lou Gordon refers to–apparently airing that night, Sunday, March 27, 1977, where he interviews Dr. Tanay. Does anyone have an idea of how to get access to this archived show?

A couple of of interesting points–many actually. But for starters:

1. Dr. Tanay felt it was the work of a single person.

2. Experts were convinced the assailant “is a homosexual, probably not capable of performing a sexual act himself.”

3. Dr. Tanay warned that the profile picture published in the papers should not be taken too literally.

4. He further opined that the murderer is sadistic and enjoyed torturing the families by keeping the children.

5. He explained that this killer was probably some powerless person who enjoyed the tremendous sense of power over the terrorized communities.

6. Dr. Tanay wisely observed that the phenomena of this type of killer had not been studied “and present attitudes prevailing in our society prevents us from studying them.” As an aside, as late as 2006 a MSP detective working this case clearly did not understand the vast difference between homosexuality and pedophelia.

Lou Gordon’s heartfelt column was very prescient. “Time heals and people are inclined to forget.” Nevertheless, he ended with “Let no one forget these murders!”

Just ponder for a minute over how many must have done just that for this case to swim in case file obscurity for so many decades.

We would love to be able to view Lou’s show from that evening, or hear comments from anyone who remembered watching on March 27, 1977.