This case still begs for exposure and answers.

The Investigation Discovery documentary about the Oakland County Child Murders Children of the Snow, which first aired in February this year on the ID channel, will air on Hulu beginning October 1.  This will be a way to reach a larger audience perhaps.  We all know all it takes is one person to come forward and tell the truth for a case to be blown wide open.

Thank you to a reader who pointed me to yet another podcast about the OCCK case.  This one is quite good.  Check out the two-part series on Crime Junkies, and  The other excellent podcast on this case is the long form podcast Don’t Talk to Strangers, by Nina Innsted.  I’ve mentioned Nina’s podcast numerous times.

Both of these podcasts stand in stark contrast to the recitation of Wikipedia “facts” and the “if you wanted the fucking facts, go somewhere else” approach of some other crime podcasts dealing with this case.  Bigger picture, which really helps.  Say what you want about Fox Island and any intersection with the OCCK, it is fairly obvious that the approach to Fox Island allowed many criminals to go free and to continue to victimize children and at a minimum affected how the OCCK case was investigated.  Police, prosecutors and judges in Michigan preferred the head-in-the-sand approach and giving rich people a Get Out of Jail Free card.  Children were simply collateral damage, even if they ended up in the morgue.  Oops.  Should have taken some of those other complaints seriously and moved on them more quickly and publicly I guess.  I will give them this; their approach gave them almost 35 years of cover.  And they still might win in the end.

As I listened to Crime Junkies today I was again struck again by the perverseness of the failures of the legal system when it came to Frank Shelden and his cronies and to Chris Busch and his family.  Relatives of these men who benefitted by way of inheritance from these monsters should be making charitable donations to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the name of all Michigan children living and dead.  Or maybe in the names of the honest cops who got fucked over by the old guard of the MSP and Brooks Patterson and Dick Thompson (who thought they knew better than everyone how to make this all go away).  Not guilt by association mind you, but Karma seems especially important here if you ask me.

People still express interest in the DVDs prepared by my Dad called Decades of Deceit.  Dissemination has always been cumbersome and my attempts to deal with that have not worked out very well.  I will point out that the DVDs are now five years old, for what that’s worth.  We need to get them up on Youtube.  I am still trying to get many of the FOIA documents accessible online as well.  Wish me luck.  As is the case with shit that is painful, everyone moves at their own pace.  My suggestions can’t really be turned into demands given the circumstances.


12 thoughts on “This case still begs for exposure and answers.”

  1. I listened to both podcasts while driving and found myself wanting to drive back to Michigan and beat the shit out of so many people, if only they weren’t dead. Unfuckingbelievable!
    I just can NOT understand why the God Damned hair left in evidence has yet to be tested via Parabon Labs!!!!! WTF is the issue here?

    1. It’s because the only people appointed or elected in Detroit are corrupt players who will go along with all the OTHER corruption. A place to stay away from for sure.

  2. Cathy, you might try getting in touch with John Lordan. He has a YouTube channel called Lordanarts. he covers homicides that need to be solved. He is extremely upstanding, with none of the brash attitudes you can easily see on other YouTube channels.
    Cathy, your funny little comment above, about never returning to Detroit, strikes me right where I “live”. I went to the renowned High School, Cass Tech, which the current city fathers deemed an excellent choice for the wrecking ball, since they do not support education.
    I got a scholarship from there and briefly attended an art school in the area. Miniskirts were extremely common at the time and I wore them too. This was apparently too much for one professor, who cornered me alone one day and said if I didn’t cooperate he could make sure my scholarship got cancelled. I was so UNBELIEVABLY ANGRY !!!!! that I collected all my artwork (ripped them off the wall) that was slated to be seen by philanthropist Delphine Dodge, went to the Registrar’s office and quit school.
    I then proceeded to LIVE. Why am I bringing this up? Just to show how deep corruption reigned in Detroit and I’m sure still does.
    But fear not, I succeeded and now my daughter is an international rock star who wrote a song about what happened to me in school. So F. You, Detroit

  3. I live in Florida and found it on Spectrum on demand. I will never forget this case since I was living in Oakland County at the time and was born in 1965. Never give up!!! You are doing great work!!!!

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