Investigative Report: The Oakland County Child Killer Case, Issued June 2012, The Cold Case Investigative Society, The University of Western Ontario.

A reader mentioned that she had contacted Michael Arntfield (To Catch a Killer) about the OCCK case. In addition to hosting and co-creating this true crime mini-series, Dr. Arntfield is an award-winning professor at The University of Western Ontario. He founded The Cold Case Investigative Society at Western Ontario in the fall of 2011 based on the previous success of his course “The Serial Killer in the Media.” Guess what case The Society tackled first? “[A] particularly disturbing and now-largely abandoned investigation: the abduction, sexual abuse, and subsequent murders of a minimum of four children in Oakland County, Michigan.”

Here is the report.


The work Dr. Arntfield’s students was reported in the Detroit area media.

Lest you think this was some little class project, consider Dr. Arntfield’s credentials. He is widely regarded as the leading Canadian authority on cold case murders and serial homicides. He was a police officer in London, Ontario for 15 years prior to becoming a criminologist and university professor. He has authored a number of books and related works, including Murder City, The Untold Story of Canada’s Serial Killer Capital, 1959-1984. (Friesen Press, 2015.)

Wait, you might say–this report came out just before the “magic hairs” press conference where Jessica Cooper tossed the Arch Sloan Bonneville. If you watched the documentary The Children of the Snow (February 2019), you will recall that Dr. Arntfield sits down with J. Reuben Appleman to discuss this case. He discusses the possibility that these murders fall into a ghastly serial killer format known as “group killings.” In other words, multiple participants. Busch and Green aren’t off the game board, but others could easily participated in one or more of the abductions, sexual abuse and murders.

This possibility was raised by a commenter on Topix, back when that site hosted discussions of crimes, including a thread on the OCCK. Check out the comment at the top of this page, posted on May 27, 2011:


While it was most certainly “way overdue” for the four victim’s cases to be investigated on their own, as well as investigations of Cass Corridor, Fox Island, the murder of John McKinney and the “suicide” of Chris Busch in 2011, I can guarantee you none of this will ever happen now.

Read The Society’s report, which concludes “that Busch, even with the assistance of others, was the main architect of these murders.”

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