More from the FOIA documents on Chris Busch

Here is another set of documents concerning Chris Busch, submitted by the Michigan State Police in response to a FOIA request. These are documents concerned with charges of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct against Christopher Busch, filed in Montmorency, MI. The warrant for his arrest is dated January 30, 1976 (before Mark Stebbins was abducted). You will recall that Busch always was sprung from the clink by his father, Daddy Warbucks, despite the fact that first degree CSC carries a penalty of life imprisonment. In late January 1977 Busch got sprung from jail in Flint on other CSC offenses for $1,000. My brother was kidnapped on March 16, 1977 and his body found on March 22, 1977.

Sorry about the quality of the copies–the set I have is borderline illegible in places. The two “blank” pages were completely redacted/withheld by the MSP, for reasons they did not give. That level of FOIA compliance was apparently not included in their low, low price of $11,000-plus. Check out not only the substance of these documents, but also the dates.


It’s no surprise that Busch met with an untimely end. If you’ve read my entire blog, you have seen the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene. Here are photos bearing annotations by someone who was in law enforcement and clearly has more common sense than anyone on the Bloomfield Township PD or the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office.


So, how to make sense of Busch and Green and all of the many pedophiles operating in and around Oakland County during the time Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim were abducted and murdered? And why is it that no one in law enforcement has ever made sense of all of this? And who made sure back in the day that there would always be more questions than answers?

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  1. i seen that kid being kidnapped and didn’t realize what was happening..two guys on livernois each had the boys arms when i walked by they put a dark blue hat over his head and pulled a hood up over that ..

  2. So many bad guys revealed. I wonder what evidence came to light that suggests Lamborgine & Ted Miller were involved in a drop off? That’s huge…..
    Knowing that TL had a roommate, perhaps that one call to Danto was legit after all.,
    Lt Dykstra of the MSP said he feels TL knows “who”and was even there when the killings occurred.

  3. Oh, it just roils me up every time.
    Thinking about the Stebbins drawing, being an artist I can pretty much assure you this was drawn from a photo taken when S. was being abused. Don’t know if that’s anything important. Even a very good artist would not be able to draw with this much accuracy while the victim was moving and screaming. So: photo copied IMO.
    Regarding the photos shown here, I can’t locate any White Striped sheet. Don’t know where they see this.The writer says it doesn’t match the decor of B.’s bedroom. Neither does the big flowered blanket or the Leopard Cover. “Rifle Inverted” – if B. shot himself couldn’t the gun fall away in any number of positions? But that’s unimportant IMO. It’s just plain impossible that B. shot himself in that room. There just isn’t any blood spray anywhere. That can’t happen unless he covered himself with a sheet or blanket and took the rifle under the covers and shot himself under them, which he didn’t do. If he had there would have been a mess under the sheets.
    I really suspect he was killed elsewhere and brought into his bedroom, which others also suspect as well. If so it is amazing that there are not blood SMEARS on blankets, sheets etc. But if two or more people did the heavy lifting they could have done it with enough precision to prevent that.
    In Image K, on the far left, is a white rectangle above the brass leg that is part of the little stereo table. It’s not in the wide angle shot of the table. What is that? Something the photographer put there? Also, the stereo pieces have been moved.
    Where is Image L?
    Image J is the photo of the foyer desk. I think the thing on the floor on the left side is a photo/portrait. Looks like a picture of a sitting person.
    The booking photo showing the two pictures of Chris Busch have several of his sugnatures at the bottom. It would be interesting to get a handwriting analyst’s opinions.

    1. I want to stress that one of Busch’s nephews told police when interviewed that this drawing had been up on the wall in Chris’ room before he wound up dead. He had seen it and told investigators he was surprised his grandparents went along with it. Pages are missing from those annotated photos; quite a few people have gone through my documents and they are never replaced/returned the way I had them filed. Each time, I thought–hey, the case will be solved soon, so it doesn’t matter. You would think I would have caught on sooner. My purpose here is for the public to see what investigators saw and to ask themselves why the pedophiles and child pornographers won here.

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