North Fox Island Pedophile Ring

A reader sent me this link about the N. Fox Island Pedophile Ring:

This information may supplement that work:




The quality of many of the copies is poor. The content is horrifying and enraging.

The state police missed a few names when they were redacting. I have redacted the names of some victims the cops left on the pages while they were busy redacting the names of grown men who were linked to the “boys farm” and the “boys nature camp,” and the names of Frank Shelden’s family members.

Note the dates on these documents. If you lived in Oakland County in 1976 and 1977, ask yourself if you ever heard about the horrors taking place on N. Fox Island, especially in the context of the OCCK crimes.

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  1. Wow, so much material here. Among the guys arrested in Chicago are two, ages about 35 and 25. They are probably still alive. If I could i would ask them to divulge anything they knew about killing kids after abusive activities.
    And John Ramsey’s father was flying boys up to Shelden’s camp? And he was a friend of a guy who was convicted of killing a little girl?
    I see a book coming on. True Crime authors, anyone? We need you.

      1. I saw it somewhere years ago. But it’s good to see that others are passionate enough about this case to bother emailing info. Thanks

    1. that photo is so unbearable to look at. The looks on the faces of some of the boys is heart wrenching

  2. Did anyone else notice that Jerry Richards apparently drove a 1973 BLUE Pinto hatchback???

    (Page 10 of the first pdf file)

    Looks an awful lot like the blue vega/gremlin as well if you google the image.

  3. These cases have followed me since I was a kid.

    I was born 1968 in Lubbock but soon moved to Houston, Texas, where my childhood was steeped in fear and dread, thanks I now believe to Corll and everything else that was being reported at the time – in the Tribune and elsewhere.

    I moved to Omaha in the early eighties and as a teenager went to a prep school for boys there run by jesuits. One of these jesuits was infamous among students for his ceaseless attempts to meet privately with them (I did meet privately with him and was pressured for months after that to travel an hour away for a personal retreat with him in a remote cabin owned by the school: he often carried a puppet around the school and talked to students through this strange intermediary). His MO in these private meetings was to discuss your sex life and to make sure you had no insecurities about your equipment – all very conversational, as, I took it, I was to suppose some drop-pants exchanges just must go down among jesuits. This required exposure and an exam. I didn’t fall for it and was told no one else had, but these days I wonder.

    We lived out past Boystown and I passed it every day. I left Omaha but returned in the early nineties, ahead of Franklin. I was warned about Alan Baer during that time by peers. He was infamous, too. I couldn’t believe that everyone knew this; nor that their parents did not seem to. I once dropped off an acquaintance at the house of Peter Citron, who lived nearby. I was amazed to be told by the guy I dropped off that he and many other boys were living with Citron. He was a rough kid and I thought, how does an arrangement like this happen?

    Years ago, around the late mid-nineties, an older gay man in Tennessee, where I’ve lived now for 20-something years, gave me a suitcase of his papers, hoping I would find a way to archive them. These were bar flyers and announcements and that kind of thing; memorabilia, mostly – but among them were strange photos, several letters and a brochure from a place called Boy’s Farm. I don’t know whether this man was a patron but as I learned more I assumed he must be.

    I spent hours at the library learning whatever I could. I was shocked to discover only recently about Fox Island, and its ties to Boy’s Farm, as well as Mr. Norman. Perhaps because of these formative experiences I have proceeded through all subsequently absorbed information with a firm understanding of the reality that these networks insinuate themselves into positions of authority (church, police, universities, boy scouts, government). They are organized in a way I understand to be thorough. Grooming involves surveillance and insinuation into various settings. That is a process; never a mere abrupt act. These things continue to appall me, but I’m never too surprised by the high connections. They seem like careful leg-work to me; setting a stage of protection – and. crucially, confusion (an example would be Norman naming his mail-order network Odyssey)

    Gacy was a recruiter for the Jaycees. He ran for County Commissioner. One must consider, given all we know, that part of Gacy’s possible purpose in showing porn to Jaycee recruits involved incrimination, just as it seems wise to consider Gerald’s hypnosis less as simply a tool for seduction and more part of a larger, learned philosophy of behavioral control and interrogation. It does seem that a hypnotist lurks somewhere in the margins of every sexual blackmail operation since the cold war. And duress – applying pressure, confusion, and agitation to subjects – has been a big part of research into behavioral control and modification. I think of Ted Koczynski – the experiments he was subjected to as a college student. I think of all the mental institutions and behavioral program so many of these molesters were sent to – and released into society from prematurely. And I think of Henley, who talked about the training he received from Corll, how he described this system of applied duress.

    Richards was a hypnotist and a magician (which I expect went some way toward providing context for the hypnosis). Father Ritter ran Covenant House and socialized with the GOP. Boystown isn’t an anomaly; its involvement in the Omaha goings-on (i.e. Franklin) is far less difficult for the lay person to comprehend at this point. There are many reports of Gacy trying to hire one kid to kill another. He was surrounded by his own versions of Henley and Brooks – and earlier stories posit that before them, Corll himself had other, earlier helpers. I think these are complex systems, these groups; involving many people who have or are made to have as much to lose as each other.

    I suspect it’s possible that the victims in OC were brought to a group setting. It takes more than a few people to film anything, even poorly – especially back then, before SLR and light-sensitive sensors, and nothing the men associated with this ring in any part of the country did was ever exactly solitary. Norman’s index cards illustrate the system of mutual incrimination that served as bedrock foundation for these networks: you can see that same system today after online busts of forums whose members were required to submit photos from their own “stashes” for eligibility.

    The shifts Busch and Greene were alleged to have taken would seem to me a window into how this system works – as opposed to how these two members of a larger system did. However Vermilye operated was how Shelden and others did. There was literature to set the standards and practices of setting up a group home. It’s conceivable to me that Busch would have learned various things during his time associating with Shelden and Fox Island, and could have felt emboldened by this setting to branch out on his own.

    Similarly, I don’t know why there wouldn’t have been different drivers and teams for the abductions – and I don’t know why, given the enormity and organization of these networks, it would be inconceivable that individual players broke off into their own cells to apply these learned skills independently, or were working for multiple people. Take Warzechy, who had a record of abductions: who gave this particular Henley his proverbial $200 for pick-ups? If you acknowledge that abductions were conducted by others on the behalf of a sponsor, it would seem to follow that there were quite a few sponsors in region.

    It’s clear these perps studied the family habits of their victims. Babysitters, family contacts, who knows what else. Recruitment requires observation and various mental strategies, judging by Corll and Gacy alone. Both were focused on mental dominance and coercive confusion. Foresight and preparation mean power over others. You don’t go donate a heap of money to local police, as Epstein did, because you have a passion for philanthropy. These are ducks put in rows.

    These operations were vast, with many layers carefully applied. Apologies for the info dump.

    1. talking thru ‘intermediary’ puppet is chillingly similar to Fr John Robert Thwaytes talking through “Teddy” his toy bear he carried to the end of his days and used in seduction of boys – I wrote this to an online ‘cold case’ server today – unlikely any response but readers here may find of interest – sorry I am a cracked record.
      I have uncovered decades of child sexual abuses and murder itself in India -by this man Father John Robert Thwaytes – who I have tied definitively to be a very real suspect in the Oakland County Child Killings.
      1. John Thwaytes attended Maryglade Seminary Memphis Detroit in prior years, very near geographically (but yes so what) to the OCCK 2. John Thwaytes was very closely tied to Frank Shelden a shocking known paedophile.
      3. I have evidence of murders and grave locations of murder victims of John Thwaytes in his secluded orphanage in India which very much models the North Fox island secluded abuse venue, of Frank Shelden.
      4. I have photographic evidence of Frank Shelden visiting Fr Thwaytes in Malbazar India, photos of the criminal paedophile hugging Indian orphan boys who I have witness (fellow victim) statement that Frank was sex abusing.
      5. I have evidence of witnesses that saw a group of international pedophiles (CLOSELY ALSO TIED TO DETROIT AND NAMBLA) visiting the remote Indian orphanage on sex tourism visits – I have photos of Dr Frits Bernard who was one of those.
      6. I have a collage of multipl younger images of John Thwaytes that are disturbingly alike to the OCCK photofit image (whih of course manes little but is troubling)
      7. I have the sexualised diary copy, hand written by the priest, which Swiss and UK foreign donors discoverd in 1996 when they responsed to disturbing child sx crime reports in BOys Town Malbazar –
      8. I have a copy of the authentic Indian passport that the priest held in a fake name, at the same time as he held his authentic English passport in his own name – this gives him opportunity to have been in USA where he traveled frequently because his P.I.M.E Catholic seminary was there – but also he took large donations from such as Frank Shelden in the name of some or other child welfare agency (giving Frank visiting rights which he exercised as a fugitive from justice after the OCCK and North Fox island matters led to Frank wanted for charges and/or questioning – Frank went to Amsterdam from where he traveled to Boys Town malbazar, a very remote unknown orphanage (he could only do this due to his long relationship with fellow paedophile Rev John Thwaytes)
      9. I have video testimony of a British volunteer who witnessed these paedophiles, oblivious at first, then later he reported back to UK – more details on that I have in full.
      10. of real concern is the sex diary that reflects a sick mind of the priest and is totally consistent from a forensic psychology viewpoint, with the OCCK treatment of girls. John Thwaytes had a very sick distorted view of females and recorded some sick and weird sex fantasies in the diary which I believe reflect the sexual abuses done to Fr John when he was a small by, by Catholic nuns.
      11. The same British volunteetr reported a savagely violent attack by Thwaytes who nearly killed an Indian man on zero provocation and whose life was saved only by the British volunteer putting his body on the ground to stop the Indian man’s head being smashed open on the concrete where the priest was slamming it.
      12. I have recorded Indian housekeeper (Aya) telling about a young boy allegedly ‘sick’ who died suddenly and was secretly buried – I believe this boy was a sex abuse victim – he was buried in a secret location and I have a map from this witness, disclosing that grave and another grave, concealed in the orphanage where I believe the priest has buried a woman – a woman who I believe confromted the priest over male child sexual abuses, likely of her own son. I have these maps.

      13. I believe it is vital to request DNA from one or both of the loving relatives of the priest, or for USA authorities to request a search and seizure of any DNA that may remain in the priest’s house – or even request exhumation – to get DNA
      14. Indian police and government are corrupt and disinterested. I have reported these matters since 2015 informally and formally as they grew bigger and more awful to me, as I uncovered more facts, I have lodged formal reports since July 2017 after months of direct liaison that same year with “NCPCR” national commission for protection of child rights. When I arrived in that office in July 2017 they not only had zero on file of all I had sent, they were reluctant and resisted taking my reports and evidence – India does NOT recognise male CSA readily.
      15. I have witness statement that a local District Magistrate (DM) corruptly contacted suspects at the orphanage to assure them there would be no investigation as the informant was only a foreigner and had ‘no stronghold here’ were the terms used. That DM was later removed and was heavily implicated in a local child welfare committee that were selling children !! That is on public record but no one really cares – it is India!
      16. I again compiled a new report in late 2019 under severe conditions of ill health,(and death threats) in India, and lodged these again – to local Jalpaiguri DM and to NCPCR
      17. The ‘mind-map’ drawn by Gerald Richards for Congress has significant implications that connect to John Thwaytes – while it is unlikely that “JT” on that page is referring to John Thwaytes – I see that it “could be” – but the direct reference to Teddy bear club is awfully and directly relevant to Thwaytes who named his orphan sex boys as a Teddy bear Club at Boys Town Malbazar.

      18 see this letter I sent Cathy nee KIng Broad [

      19. the raw narcissistic rage and fury in the priest and his long and ongoing ties to Detroit, to the world of pedophiles surrounding Shelden and Frits Bernard, tied to long term fellowship these men had in the 1960s (when NFI was being set up and very likely Thwaytes binded there with Shelden over some innocent kids) – and many other factors not least his disturbing sex diary comments reflecting his evil view of human sexuality and his depravity, PLUS his freedom to leave India on a fake passport – I find just too much that dsturbs me, so I must speak.
      20 what does it cost in relative terms to simply eliminate the priest’s DNA? versus ignoring the awful red flags.?
      21 – It will need a high level US official request to get Thwaytes DNA from India – the maps to graves of other innocent folk and reports of murders by a non Indian, of Indian orphan/s – and a woman – could be a ‘justification’ for a human rights abuses investigation at an international (INTERPOL?) or such level – Indian police and govt will never investigate and are more likely to move the bodies with the criminals to silence all inquiry.

      I cannot just write and write here – I need to know if anyone gives a damn and takes seriously – I have a lot of evidence but I wait to see if there is any authentic response>
      I recently had severe ill health – I cannot waste what is left of my life sending material to anyone who has not much or only self interest in the material, to sell a website or such

      I am severely concerned – thousands of kids are still in the control of paedophiles and thieves at Caesar School Malbazar and Boys Town Mal orphnage where indeed most orphans have been ejected to the street now, for convenience of the criminal trustees who cash in and lease the property illegally.
      These matters of course are beyond the interest in OCCK but the evil people in the Indian case are the same people in some aspects as I believe have highly suspect connection to the OCCK – most especially John Robert Thwaytes – he is dead but his family should be requested at the least, to supply DNA to rule him in or out by comparison to any DNA retrieved in the OCCK

      There is HUGE probable cause as I laid out above.

      signed Adrian Millane, Nambour Queenslnd, Australia
      I myself spent years at this orphanage and have personally met many victims and witnesses and filmed their statements. I believe Fr Thwaytes was a severely disturbed, psychopathic and dangerous paedophile murderer. I believe he could be (one of, if not “the”) OCCK offender.

  4. As someone who suffered the evil of Frank Sheldon it sickens me that he, and others were able to avoid prosecution due to their wealth and influence. To this day the MSP, and Oakland County officials continue to turn a blind eye to what occurred in the 70’s. I hate to think what would’ve occurred if I had gone to North Fox island when I was invited. This was around the time that Sheldon fled the country. I feel horrible for all those that suffered at his and his associates hands.

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