North Fox Island Pedophile Ring

A reader sent me this link about the N. Fox Island Pedophile Ring:

This information may supplement that work:




The quality of many of the copies is poor. The content is horrifying and enraging.

The state police missed a few names when they were redacting. I have redacted the names of some victims the cops left on the pages while they were busy redacting the names of grown men who were linked to the “boys farm” and the “boys nature camp,” and the names of Frank Shelden’s family members.

Note the dates on these documents. If you lived in Oakland County in 1976 and 1977, ask yourself if you ever heard about the horrors taking place on N. Fox Island, especially in the context of the OCCK crimes.

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  1. Cecilia Brown says:

    Wow, so much material here. Among the guys arrested in Chicago are two, ages about 35 and 25. They are probably still alive. If I could i would ask them to divulge anything they knew about killing kids after abusive activities.
    And John Ramsey’s father was flying boys up to Shelden’s camp? And he was a friend of a guy who was convicted of killing a little girl?
    I see a book coming on. True Crime authors, anyone? We need you.

  2. Sue W says:

    Interesting to see this picture from the link at bottom of page of the link to the Fox Island Ring.

  3. […] So now you have seen all of the FOIA documents I have seen. I previously posted the FOIA documents received from the MSP concerning the investigation into Frank Shelden and Gerald Richards and N. Fox Island. […]

  4. OCresident says:

    Did anyone else notice that Jerry Richards apparently drove a 1973 BLUE Pinto hatchback???

    (Page 10 of the first pdf file)

    Looks an awful lot like the blue vega/gremlin as well if you google the image.

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