2 thoughts on “More from the MSP file on Frank Shelden and N. Fox Island”

  1. Ms Broad,

    My heart is so heavy for you and your family.This is beyond any kind of normalcy anyone can justify,and is evil yet is tolerated, and this could have been stopped and deaths could have been prevented!. How so many people knew so many things, yet they looked the other way, is beyond anything you should ever have had to endure and ever been exposed too. As I follow all your blogs everything is so obvious, yet NO one seems to care. Well, I care, and you have exposed many people and those people that are in a position of authority should know that we are disgusted and angry as to what they have done to your family, as well as the others. Speak up and give these families some peace! We will never forget the OCCK kids.
    Please try and rest. I hope you get some peace someday soon.

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