Why aren’t the Michigan State Police doing everything they can in this case?

Well, that’s a stupid question, right? But take a listen to this podcast (listen to the very end) and ask yourself why, if the MSP were actually serious about (and not afraid or ashamed to) publicly solve and close this case, they aren’t doing everything mentioned in this podcast. It doesn’t require much time expenditure on their part and I doubt it is that expensive.


You don’t get to fall back on, “no more killings happened,” MSP. This is an outrageous case and failure of law enforcement. Time to right the wrongs of your handling of this case and to join the 21st Century.

4 responses to “Why aren’t the Michigan State Police doing everything they can in this case?”

  1. Of course I’m going to listen to it. But before I even click on the link I have to ask WHO DO THEY HAVE TO COVER FOR AT THIS LATE JUNCTURE??? Everybody whose “career” was at stake is DEAD.

    • While there are younger people joining the ranks there, and the old guard is getting flushed out, I am guessing the culture there has merely gone from very fucked to somewhat fucked.

  2. Chris Busch’s family’s money and connections have always been central to my hypothesis as to why a substantive conclusion has never been arrived at. I know this is no big revelation to you and your family Cathy, but the country club seems to have circled the wagons decades ago. It all runs infuriatingly contrary to our perception of justice and I’m frigging tired of us common folk having to roll over and take it while the connected set get off.

  3. WoW! To be able to go back and solve this murder and other cases with these databases leaves MSP with no excuses. Just what the hell is going on?

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