Cleaning up after Chris Busch.


This teenager and his younger brother turned down the dough. Do you think everyone Elsie and H. Lee approached with a possible similar deal did, too?

11 Comments on “Cleaning up after Chris Busch.”

  1. maggiep1958 says:

    Disgusting to say the least….

  2. Kathleen Firestone says:

    Here is a news clip I found today while doing my historical research on Leelanau County. From the Leelanau Enterprise of feb 19, 1976.
    “maximum terms of life in prison will be sought for two young men who pleaded guilty last week at Leland to the kidnapping of an Oakland County youth. Oakland Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson said he will ask for life terms for Darryl E. Wilson, 22, and Clinton Williams, 19, both of Ann Arbor when they are sentenced on March 11.”
    I don’t know if there is any connection, but I thought I should pass it on. This is probably an abbreviated account, but there is probably more info in the earlier issues.
    Kathy Firestone

  3. weedbegone3468 says:

    It’s highly likely there were more payoffs to Busch’s victims and it worked. Victims of these crimes carry some burden of the guilt and shame. Taking the hush money seems to have sealed the deal of silence for all involved.

  4. Livonia Guy says:

    Interesting. It appears that John Hastings name on line 44 may have been white-out. If it is indeed his name that would change a lot of misconceptions about Hastings and Busch knowing each other.

    • cathybroad says:

      Hard to say if the “Jo” that is not obscured on line 44 is the name John Hastings. But I would bet a ton of money that John Hastings, and at least one of his brothers, knew Chris Busch and Greg Green. I can’t prove it yet and of course LE will not want to go there, after fumbling on Hastings so many times. I believe Hastings was a participant or had knowledge and took credit for more than his “fair share” of participation with Helen. There is no way in Hell these men didn’t know each other. How about they started there, with that obvious lie, and put some pressure on him for once?!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hastings, has too much knowledge to not be at some level of involvement. I believe he was indeed a deeply troubled individual and IMHO the details he allegedly shared with Helen appear to be too particularly specific. He may not have been on the same rung level of the ladder of perversion as Busch or Greene, but he certainly seems to fill in some of the blank spaces that would have come with associations with these suspected, perverted acquaintances.

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