4 thoughts on “Turns out there was a lot to clean up when it came to Chris Busch.”

  1. BLK00370 Has always bothered me. Line 04-10 Busch states he was in London, returning home on February 14. He says his path home took him London to New York, New York to Chicago, Chicago to Flint and that his passport would prove that. On BLK 0372 Poly Examiner Cabot’s case history, Busch changes his story – now flying from London to Detroit(different port of entry)

    The passport would only prove that he returned to the United States – port of entry being New York or Detroit and when. It would NOT prove he flew to Chicago and then landed back in Michigan in Flint. That a police officer who was dispatched to verify that scenario said it checked out troubles me. It leads me to believe the officer never really even looked at the passport which makes me question the quality of the rest of the work surrounding the investigation of ANY suspect. Moreover, CABOT didn’t notice the change in story?

    I realize that is a nit picky concern among the rest of his filthy file and that his return date still puts him in place to have abducted Mark Stebbins but passports seem to be a theme with both Busch and Hastings and nobody ever realized the discrepancies in stories when they were accepted as alibis.

    Perhaps I have been socially distanced too long but sometimes it is the little threads that need to be pulled to unravel the ugly tapestry.

      1. Cabot was incompetent and perhaps worse. Thank you, crimebuffy. He had a bad reputation in the polygraph community and probably at the MSP. That’s why, as the FOIA documents reflect, when Busch told his private polygrapher, Larry Wasser, that he had passed an MSP polygraph given by Cabot, Wasser knew he was sitting two feet away from a child killer.

        And don’t you love how Busch is all over taking the MSP polygraph “because he didn’t kill” Mark? Of course he didn’t. That was Greg Green’s job.

    1. These are not nit-picky concerns. The police now know Busch lied about his return to the US. He and Green had their stories wrong–their stories were crafted around the wrong date for Mark’s abduction. One of the newspapers had apparently reported incorrect dates. But how awesome for the Busch, Green and Hastings families that the cops didn’t go the extra mile and Cabot dropped the ball or got paid to hide the ball. No wrongful death lawsuits, spare the family names. Once those errors were made, law enforcement just doubled-down. No mistakes here ma’am. You are reading too much into all of this.

      If you think there are a lot of discrepancies in this batch, just wait. And Cabot didn’t notice the change–he didn’t even bother to use good grammar in his report.

      I am posting a lot more documents today. You can see for yourself what we have been up against. Thank you for your comments, Judi. That is what I am going to encourage–post here. People send me outraged emails pointing out what I already know and asking if the cops know this or that. Right. We’ve been through so much of this so many times. Judi, you and I had our phones and computers tampered with back in 2006 and 2007. They know this stuff. I want THE PUBLIC to know what was there and what did and didn’t happen. Please, keep it up. It would take me thousands of hours to annotate the 3,000-plus documents on my blog. The readers are smart people. You will all see it.

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