You didn’t think for one minute that the pedophiles were only in Detroit, did you?

IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION THAT COULD LEAD TO THE SOLVING OF THE OAKLAND COUNTY CHILD KILLER CASE, OF COVER-UPS RELATED TO THIS INVESTIGATION, OR RELATED CRIMES IN THE LATE-1970s, PLEASE CALL THE TIP LINE AT 833-784-9425. After you make the call, calendar another call for 2 weeks later if you have not heard back. Silence cost lives in this case. Make it right.

February 2007 in the investigation of Lamborgine and Lawson and information impacting the OCCK investigation:

February 2007

6 thoughts on “You didn’t think for one minute that the pedophiles were only in Detroit, did you?”

  1. I don’t know why I keep reading these posts right before bed – they are all just so horrifying. And the web just gets bigger and more complicated. I know the whole story hasn’t been revealed yet, but I am trying to figure out where Busch/Greene/Hastings fit in with the Lambo-Pedo group. I saw your comment about Tim being dropped off at TL’s house, I must have missed that from the FOIA docs.

    I sure hope someone talks soon as all the suspects are getting older…

  2. It fucks me up knowing these monsters operated in Cass Corridor. I’m a recent graduate of Wayne State, so I’ve spent a lot of time in the area. Makes me wonder whats going on there today…

    1. Nothing happened to any of them. Nothing. Don’t know about Carl and Gina. I don’t think Ralph was of much help to investigators.

  3. People saw a boy in one or more polaroid photos, they say. Someone else saw this boy in a child sexual abuse images movie. Polaroids can be single original image, not copied, and vanish forever if destroyed. The same cannot be said for boy pornography films or videos – they don’t “disappear” off the face of earth. Fortunately, this means the alleged film with the boy in question, never existed.
    People see things in photos, film, video, that are not what they thought or believed that they saw.
    Sometimes people see things in CSA films, because it is of some benefit – somehow – to them, to be able to say they saw this thing.
    When the first copies of “the Bjorn Tape” were seized, before the child victim was identified, even pornography/pedophile specialist police investigators believed the boy victim was murdered. This was purely speculative, however. It was based on the extreme material in Bjorn Tape, which led some investigators to speculate that there must be a missing final portion of the video in which the boy died. They were wrong. Bjorn was ultimately located, very much alive thankfully.
    There was a video, made by two of the most evil pieces of Sh** ever, showing them sexually torturing a 10 year old British boy they had kidnapped and ultimately murdered. Again, the material is so extreme, some perverts (oops, I mean people) who viewed it (copies circulated via the pedo friends of this boy’s killers) concluded that it MUST be a snuff film. This terrible video was also marketed (privately) by equally evil Warwick Spinks, who apparently told his customers it was a genuine boy snuff video…and it WAS true that the child victim was murdered, by the sickos who filmed it, but the boy was not killed during their abuse of him – he was killed in their car long after – and his death was not filmed, THANKFULLY. But that’s still not the end of the story. A supposed child snuff viewing whistleblower, (actually a perv caught with CSA images videos, trying to get his case dismissed by claiming to be a child snuff informant), who appears in “The Boy Business” documentary, claims that he saw a video where a young boy is choked-suffocated to death during forced oral sex. I’ve been told, by someone I trust impeccably, there is a scene like that in this video of the kidnapped & murdered boy, where he appears to pass out. That’s not how, where or when he died however.

    People sometimes see, what they want to see, in CSA materials – even if those things aren’t really there.

    1. That is the case with all witness recollection, not just that of CSA materials, especially decades later. I always imagine someone in suburban Detroit opening their dead “good guy” relative’s safe deposit box and finding this kind of shit. Do they go to police? Never. They protect these animals and the cycle never stops.

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