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  1. Yeh but this is nothing but speculation . He knows for a ” fact” yet provides no factual evidence.

    1. This is such an informative and truthful blog regarding the OCCK case. Hope viewers don’t turn this into a political ring.

    1. First, for background read this article from Business Insider about the similarities between the case of Jeffrey Epstein and of Frank Shelden.

      Second, click on the tweet itself in my post to get the longer thread that follows it. Third, click on “show this thread” to get the specific replies to the tweet. That will give you some idea about the theme of this shitshow.

      Here are just some of the points I am trying to make by posting the above from Twitter.

      Leaving aside the obvious corruption at work in the firing of US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey Berman, if Berman’s office was investigating the Jeffrey Epstein case and attorney Alan Dershowitz, the easiest way to slow that down or “disappear” it (if you don’t have a dirty prosecutor who will play ball), is to dump Berman five months before the election. That’ll slow things down, as anyone who has “inherited” the OCCK cold case will tell you.

      There are people in this world who can just pick up the phone and make shit like this go away. People who had the money and prestige to be affiliated with child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein. I am sure H. Lee Busch picked up the phone and called then Oakland County Prosecutor L. Brooks Patterson to make sure his pedophile predator son’s legal troubles went away. I am confident H. Lee Busch threw his executive GM weight around with the Bloomfield Township PD in the wake of his pedophile son’s “suicide.” (“Here’s the receipt for your son’s shotgun, Mr. Busch and we sure will return this to you ASAP as a memento of the big day.”) I am sure current Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper took phone calls from polygrapher Larry Wasser and attorney James Feinberg soon after she took office in the wake of their little “Come to Jesus” meeting in Wayne County Circuit Court, even as she would never deign to speak to a victim’s family members. Can I prove it? No. But it sure as fuck happened and everyone reading this knows it.

      So the guy tweeting can’t prove what he surmises, but we are all adults here–you can make your own judgment. It’s all gonna come out in the wash, even in the OCCK case. Yes it is. It might be a micro version of the freak show, but it’s not going to resemble the bullshit the MSP and Oakland County have been doling out (when pressed) for 43 years.

      And how about Alan Dershowitz’s attorney gaining access to the sealed court depositions of Epstein (and other perps) survivor Virginia Giuffre? So much for a safe, responsive environment for people to come forward. The depositions were sealed for a reason. Captain Underpants wants them opened for his defamation suit, for more intimidation. We will wait to see what happens, Captain. In the meantime, you might want to cool it on the tweets.

      Berman gets the boot and maybe someone who plays ball–who shuts down investigations that are “a problem,” gets in there and shuffles shit around enough until SDNY moves on to bigger and better things. As one person commented in the thread I posted stated: “Guess I am tired of ‘open cases’ and files that go on for many years. Justice delayed vs. justice denied . . . and very possibly another coverup. ‘Prosecutorial discretion’ often leads to corruption.”

      Same deal in the OCCK case. When I see this same kind of shit playing out on a different stage, I am going to call it out whenever I can. We don’t have to agree on everything. But unless you are a child predator, a still-living freak associated with the OCCK crimes, someone who was paid off in this case, or someone who knows and stays silent, I think we can agree on one thing. The lives and deaths of four children were forsaken in this case and it is time for some transparency and an honest explanation of where things went wrong and where they stand today.

      1. I respectfully disagree on the tethering, if you will ,of the horrible crime of kidnapping, raping and murdering 4 (+?) children to the Epstein case which involves high profile adult men having ( possibly non consensual) sex with mostly 16 and 17 year old girls who willing went to compensated sex parties/sex vacations with the perpetrators.

        I realize that you are attempting to show how corruption at the highest levels can derail cases. But these two cases are so dissimilar that it makes no sense and seems counterproductive to the occk case. Just my 2 cents.

      2. I’m writing this statement because I am so angry. I just found out something that took place in my youth that I never knew about. This happened a long time ago.. I was 5 years old and it was 1966. My parents were taking my family to a trip to Washington D.C. it was a great trip full of wonderful memories. Recently I was going through some old photo albums. In the albums there were a few pictures of a young boy about 10 years old in them. I asked my parents who this little boy was and I couldn’t believe the story they told me.

        My father was a dentist practicing in the Lansing area. Every Thursday a group of them would meet downtown near the Capital for lunch. At one of these luncheons my father told his friends about our up coming trip to D.C. there was nothing unusual about the conversation. We arrived in D.C. and we immediately run into one of these dentists accompanied by a small boy. He told my dad this boy was a patient and he was doing his family (who were very poor) a favor taking him on this trip.

        We went our separate ways until we heard knocking on our hotel room door in the middle of the night. It was the boy who was with the dentist. He told my parents that this man had tried to rape him. He fought him off and by the grace of God remembered where we were staying. My parents couldn’t call his parents because they didn’t have a phone. This dentist worked for the health department so the majority of his patients were poor. My dad booked the adjoining room for him and gave him a code word so not to open the door to anyone but him. Then the predator dentist called my dad and said the boy was the one who wanted the relationship. My dad told him the minute he got back to Lansing he was going straight to the police.

        When we arrived home my grandfather brought the young boy back to his family. My dad went to the police and they did nothing. He then went to the prosecutor and they investigated. They wouldn’t arrest him because the head of the State of Michigan health department vouched for him. That was and probably is the culture of no protection for innocent children. My dad is 92 and he cried while he told me this story. It breaks his heart all these years later that he couldn’t have done more for that young boy.

        When will these crimes ever stop.

        1. Thank you so much for recounting this painful and horrible story. It helps for people to read this and understand how this happens. Thank god for your dad and grandfather. Children were truly disposable back then. I sometimes think not much has changed. Especially when it comes to “professional” men who are pedophiles. Of course the head of the State of MICHIGAN health department vouched for this criminal and of course the prosecutor backed off. Imagine how many boys this pedophile disguised as a dentist went on to rape and abuse. Your dad not only saved this boy from being raped, but he and your grandfather may well have saved his life.

          When will these crimes ever stop? Until state and federal prosecutors take these crimes seriously and police are instructed in how to handle these investigations and all of law enforcement stops giving breaks to white collar, suburban, high profile, “well-respected” pedophiles and stops caving in to their expensive attorneys, these crimes will continue basically unabated. The feds seem to be taking some of their investigations to the next level. See my next post.

      3. Again bringing politics

        Funny they fired the prosecutor of the southern district in 2 weeks later they capture Epstein’s ex-girlfriend

        Maybe the southern New York District prosecutor was not doing his job and that’s why he was fired
        You have your theory I have mine in all due respect

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