Another Night and Day Example

Thank you to a reader for sending this link about another arrest by the feds of a man receiving child porn and impeding a federal investigation. Another example of night and day in cases where the job gets done versus the OCCK investigation.

This 52-year-old POS threw his iPad and iPhone into a body of water near his home in New Jersey after being interviewed by law enforcement. FBI DIVERS RECOVERED THESE DEVICES, and the iPad contained child porn videos.

Consider all the evidence that goes “missing” in the OCCK investigation, including Greene’s child porn Polaroids wrapped in foil and buried but recovered intact. The Detroit office of the FBI has a little different take on child exploitation and abuse cases, apparently. The FBI responded (after a very lengthy delay) to a FOIA request regarding Frank Shelden, North Fox Island and also Christoper Busch with the old “catastrophic flood” excuse. Sorry, that facility flooded and all records were lost. No need for divers. The shit’s gone, sorry.

As this reader also pointed out, the Detroit office of the FBI is kind of fond of excavations. Consider all the “digs” on the Hoffa case. LE could unearth Greene’s foil-wrapped Polaroids, just couldn’t keep track of them. Or the suitcase of shit confiscated when Busch was arrested in connection with the child rapes in Flint. Or the ropes found on the floor of his bedroom closet at his “suicide” scene. They couldn’t even file the hair evidence properly. Human pubic hair, dog hair–who cares?

COVER UPS. Blatant cover ups. I agree with this reader that there are many witnesses still alive who have information. I believe this includes people who worked in law enforcement back in the day and know or suspect how this investigation got so sideways. And at this point, you carry the souls of at least four dead children who are buried in the file boxes and cabinets at the MSP. I hope you find the weight crushing.

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  1. Jeremy Press says:

    Cathy did they ever recover Greene’s Polaroids? I always thought they were never found.



  2. crimebuffy says:

    See, it can be done! What is wrong with the MSP?
    Solved: Columbus police solve 1982 homicide with help of podcast, family DNA database

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