Charles Rogers, blackstonelawyer,

Charles Rogers is much nicer than his alter ego, blackstonelawyer.

Charles Rogers & blackstonelawyer

Charles, you sound a little like Terry B, who I blocked near the end of April. Of course you use a VPN, virtual private network, to hide your identity online. Here’s how cowards do it:

Charles is “from” the Atlanta/Alpharetta, Georgia area.

Charles Rogers, fake IP

blackstone lawyer “hails from” the Redmond, Washington area.

blackstonelawyer fake IP address.

While your messages are not as overtly threatening as those from Anonymous and Anon (next post), if you or anyone else has information in the OCCK case–especially if you have worked up reports, as opposed to just trying to feed the story line that investigators have not been barking up the right tree–contact the Michigan State Police and the FBI. The Detroit office of the FBI would certainly be a waste of time, but you seem kind of resourceful with the fake IPs and whatnot, so I’m sure you can find an FBI office that will listen to your concerns.

6 Comments on “Charles Rogers, blackstonelawyer,”

  1. crimebuffy says:

    You Go Girl 💪🏻! Thanks for outting
    this Mother F&@#%¥

  2. bitamoney says:

    I’m not sure what this is all about but it brings back unwanted memories of Ms.Dagner. I guess it’s hard to figure out who people really are.

  3. cathybroad says:

    Lots of rocks for people to come out from under.

  4. TheraKoon says:

    Im confused. He seemed cordial and wanting to provide information. It’s not only cowards that use VPNs. People with key information that could get them killed use them as well.

    I actually encourage people to use VPNs whenever they make serious information drops. Perhaps he was being cautious because you admit multiple times on your site that bad guys are literally monitoring this page.

    I dunno why you would blow up on a guy simply trying to tell you the truth.

    This racket most certainly connects to Atlanta, New York, and Colorado. If it was Chris Busch alone, explain why items from these crimes are still being passed from pedophile to pedophile. It was a whole slew of individuals under blackmail that all did one little thing that led up to a murder. When things got Shakey they put everyone on equal footing so nobody could try what Gerald Richards did. That way if it went down everyone was going to the fire pit together.

    It worked so well they changed recruitment to using murder for initiation, and used P.I.E. to spread throughout Europe, a church ran by Thwaytes to hold international parties, ran the network in New York with Son of Sam murders simultaneously (David Berkowitz was seen at parties at a rich long island pedophile families house. can you guess which family that was?)

    I have lots of love for your quest for truth, but what Anonymous said isn’t a threat either. It’s absolutely true. Cooper is afraid about who is implicated, as should most people. I hate to break it to you, and I’m sure I’m not the only one to say this to you, but the same could be said of my family and certainly the same could be said of yours.

    You can take with that what you will, but they didn’t just take random kids. They only took kids that were willing to be handed over to them by a close loved one to keep their secrets safe. This ensures nobody would rat. You want to know who helped killed Tim, your dad is the one who gave him the fried chicken.

    I don’t want you to post this, you can hate me block me whatever.

    But I’ve seen the tape and one day soon I’ll have access to it. Your dad sat down and got to eat with Tim one last time before they came and took him back.

    Cooper is the same way. They got one of her loved ones, a stupid teen at the time, on blackmail. Taped her participating in a murder. Used that as leverage against Cooper.

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