If you are going to threaten me, at least play fair and use your name.

Last night a comment posted to my blog. I immediately took it down and blocked the sender. He will find a way around it again, I’m sure.

Here is the comment, the user info, and the (fake) IP address used:

Anonymous post, threat, fake IP.

First of all, Anonymous, I posted some well-researched information about Hakim Bey, aka Peter Lamborn Wilson, provided to me by an unknown researcher through a third party. You know as well as I do that Bey was an unapologetic “public pedophile” with connections to Frank Torey, aka Francis Shelden. You clearly know more about him than I do. So I will tell you the same thing I told blackstonelawyer/Charles Rogers: If you have information, take it to the feds or the Michigan State Police. No one tracked down Dyer Grossman to talk to him, and he is still very much alive and has an online presence. So I’m not sure you are going to get anyone to move on Hakim Bey/Peter Lamborn Wilson. I have no police powers. You know that. And I have no information other than what was provided to me by a third party.

Anonymous ends his comment with “Everyone has groups they are scared to expose. Don’t be too hard on Cooper in the future.”

Is that a threat, Anonymous? I’m pretty sure you are not implying that Cooper is going to go after any big pedophile rings in the future. If you are worried about your friend Cooper you should have boots on the ground at the Michigan State Bar Association.

And I totally get the message you are sending with the IP address that lands in the corner of a Detroit playground. It’s like another anonymous poster whose IP address lands squarely in Vhay Lake in Bloomfield Hills. I get it.

This isn’t 1978. If you try to hurt people, odds are you are going to get caught. This is all too high-profile now. I suggest you lower yours, even if you are just “Anonymous.”

2 thoughts on “If you are going to threaten me, at least play fair and use your name.”

  1. I read the “post”. It IS all too high profile now. Too high for jacka.ses to crawl out of the woodwork and suppress, repress, suggest, threaten or scare. This case is going to get done. Even if the perps are dead.

  2. Lol, OOOPS! These dip shits really think they are slick. Amazing how sad and disgusting some people are. Public or anonymous, still garbage humans.

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