Timely and Necessary. Especially in Michigan.

On Wednesday last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the creation of a Criminal Investigations Division of her office.


That is very good news. Nessel said the division, which will handle complex cold cases among other issues/cases, “is a step forward in implementing best practices as they relate to criminal investigations and establishes an operational structure to provide the autonomy and oversight needed to ensure the completion of investigations that are thorough and done with integrity at all levels.”

Completion of investigations with thoroughness and integrity. Take note, Oakland County.

14 thoughts on “Timely and Necessary. Especially in Michigan.”

  1. That’s great news! Long overdue! Have you seen Genetic Detective the new show with Cee Cee Moore? What she does is what I do with DNA to help adoptees now but I can use DNA matches to tell us the suspect! If MI did dna tests and didn’t get matches from their data base then if run on paragon I can build the results into trees to get us to a suspect!  I’m always here and willing to help in anyway I can!! Love and hugs,  Nadine 

    1. Thank you, Nadine! Someone made contact with the Genetic Detective show on our behalf. Thank you so much for your offer of help. We are trying to get answers about what DNA is useable.

  2. Awesome news Cathy! Hopefully there will be a new Oakland County prosecutor in November that may be willing to help.

  3. Just finished the Snow Killings. It reiterated that the MSP’s Det Robertson blew the interrogation of Lambergine. Robertson & Gray are lazy, unprofessional babies and Jessica Cooper, well, there’s no words for that one. Makes me disappointed in Jack Kalbfleish. It is definitely worth reading. The only new info I learned is about Crosbie, Sloan’s type of vehicle being at KM’s abduction and Drop Off sights and as far as the Tempest and/or a LeMans, clear as mud.

    1. I think you have more inside baseball than most so any new information is a plus. Your take on Robertson and Gray makes me want to buy you a beer right here and now.

  4. BRAVO!!!!
    I am so happy for you and your family as well as the others. And, I agree that the HOUSE of Oakland County needs a good clean out!

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