Genesee County’s GHOST Team (Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team)

This past week the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference on the Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team (GHOST) arrests made since March 12th. Sheriff Chris Swanson named the 17 individuals arrested for various crimes involving alleged child sexual exploitation.

One man was a Burton firefighter who served as a former police officer with multiple agencies in Genesee County. When arrested, Matthew J. Hyde, 40, had two loaded guns, a police ID and a police badge for a department he was not associated with.

City of Burton Mayor Duane Haskins, who previously served with the Geneseee County Sheriff’s Office, said that Hyde was suspended without pay from the fire department. He noted the damage to society as a whole when someone with a badge acts without integrity and observed that when someone pins a badge on their chest above their heart, most trusted servants act with honor and integrity to protect and save people.

Sheriff Swanson continues to hold press conferences about his GHOST team operations so that child predators and traffickers will “know there’s a watchdog out there” and asked those who violate minors to “get professional help and not harm another child.”

Hyde’s attorney, Frank Manley, who has handled several GHOST team cases said “Nobody is for the exploitation of minors.” But in the OCCK case I think you would have to agree that in Chris Busch’s case his attorneys created a situation with judges that paved the way for the continued exploitation of minors. These attorneys include Carl H. Leiter, R. Keith Stark (who handed Busch off to Jane Burgess two days before my brother was abducted), and Jane Burgess. And of course their sole duty was to their paying client, but you should read some of the bullshit Burgess slung at sentencing for Busch’s numerous CSC’s about her model citizen client, and her unnecessarily cruel cross-examination of one of the victims. The judges let the rich boy off easy.

Genessee County arrested Busch and Greg Greene in January 1977 for Criminal Sexual Conduct with minors. They got Greene, but Busch–with his Oakland County connections, was a free man after his father posted $1,000 (down from the initial $75,000). Busch then kept a couple of Oakland County courtrooms busy with his other CSC charges, which were all handled with probation, allowing him to continue his predation and sex crimes. In the ultimate score in favor of the violation of minors, Oakland County officials and police as well as the Michigan State Police, tucked the OCCK case in bed with Busch’s huge, rotting body on November 20, 1978. Problem solved.

No, you will never see a GHOST in Oakland County. How about in November you Oakland County voters get a bad ass like Sheriff Chris Swanson in office instead of your good old boy Mike Bouchard? With an annual budget of $163 million, it doesn’t seem like there’s room in the Oakland County sheriff’s budget for investigating human oppression. But that stuff never happens in Oakland County, right?

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